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In this article, we will deal with the worship of Friday, I hope. Friday is the most virtuous day of the Muslim world. Worship performed on this day is rewarded twice as much.

Friday prayers What are they? We researched this topic and brought it together. Worship always has value. always has significance. However, there are times when it becomes more valuable. Such as blessed nights and places. Here is the Friday prayer and it is one of those precious times on Friday.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) says, “Shall I tell you from a chapter? His majesty (size) filled the space between the sky (sky) and the earth (earth). 70,000 angels have sent him off? That is the Surah Kahf. Whoever recites the chapter of al-Kahf on Friday, Allah (swt) will forgive him until the next Friday, and at the end there is more than three days.

And a light that reaches the sky (sky) is given, which is protected from the temptation of the antichrist. When he goes to bed, reciting five verses from the end of the kahf sura is hifz (protected) and is removed at any time of the night. (Suyuti, al-Jamiu’s-Deaf)

There is also a hadith that says, “There is an hour on Friday when a servant asks for something while praying and if it comes across that hour, Allah will definitely respond to him. The Companions of Hz. What time is this hour for the Prophet? When they ask, it is the time between the afternoon prayer and sunset. (Tirmidhi)

Whoever recites Surah Ihlas, Felak and Nas 7 times after the Friday prayer (without talking to anyone and without getting up), Allah (swt) will protect him from anything that could harm him until the next Friday.” (Mahmud Sami Ramazanoğlu Prayers and Dhikrs)

What To Do On Friday

to bring salawat

One of the most important things for Friday prayers is to bring salawat and repent. It is very valuable to read the prayer of repentance, which is Sayyidul istighfar, today.

Sayyidul istighfar prayer
Sayyidul istighfar prayer

Allahumma enta Rabbi la ilaha ente Halaktani wa ene Abduke wa ene ala ahdike wa va’dike mesteta’tu. Euzü bike min şerri ma sana’tu Ebu lek bin ni’metike aleyye ve ebu’u bi zenbi fağfirli, fe innehu la Yağıfiruz – zunübe illa ente

My God, you are my Lord. There is no god (except) you. You created me and I am your servant. And I am on your covenant (my promise) as much as my obedience (power) is sufficient in my faith and servitude. My God! I seek refuge in You from the evil that I have done: And I confess (openly) the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I also admit (openly) and confess my faults and sins. O Lord! make me afv ü forgiveness (afv). Because there is no one who can forgive these sins except you.

Preparing for Friday Prayer by Performing Ghusl

friday time
What to do on Friday

Listening to the Friday Sermon

During the Friday prayer, the congregation should not talk to each other, even greet each other, and should not engage in any work, such as voluntary prayers. The person who comes to the Friday prayer after the sermon has begun to be read should sit down and listen to the sermon without performing the first sunnah.

Regarding this sermon, our Prophet (saas) said, “While the imam is delivering the sermon in Friday prayer, if someone (just) says to his friend, ‘listen’ (even if) he is talking useless and useless.” (Bukhari)

The khutbah is also read during the eid prayers, while the eid sermons are sunnah on Friday. sermon it is fard.

Performing Friday Prayer

It is a fard month to perform the Friday prayer. Its being fard is fixed by the Qur’an, Sunnah and Ijma. Almighty Allah says in the 9th verse of Friday Surah, “O you who believe! When the call for prayer (adhan) is called on Friday, stop shopping immediately and run to the remembrance of Allah (dhikr). That is better for you if you know. he commands.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) said, “Going to perform the Friday prayer is obligatory for every Muslim man who has reached puberty.” (Abu Dawud) said. Friday prayer, St. It has been performed from the time of the Prophet (saas) until now, and there has been no difference of opinion as to whether it is fard.

Worship and Dhikr on Friday

100 times before prayer on Friday “Ya Allah, Ya Hu” whoever reads and again towards the evening that day “Yâ Veliyy” Good wishes of those who read his name are accepted.

100 times after performing the Friday prayer “Ya Rahman” Just as the reader gets rid of forgetfulness and heedlessness, even their hearts are illuminated.

100 times after performing the Friday prayer “Ya Gaffar” Those who read the name-i sharif will be forgiven by forgiveness.

1000 times on Friday night “Yâ Muhsi” Whoever reads his name will be easy to calculate on the Day of Judgment.

1000 times on Friday “Yâ Vali” The prayer of the person who reads his name will be accepted and his work will be easier.

10 times on Fridays continuously for 10 weeks “Yâ Ganiyy, Ya Mughni” A person who reads the name-i sharifs becomes rich.

100 times on Friday nights “Yâ Darr” Continuing to recite his name, he becomes close to God Almighty and is sure of things that harm him.

100 times after performing the Friday prayer “Yâ Gafur” Anyone who reads his name will be forgiven.

100 times during the sermon in Friday prayer “Ya Basir” Whoever recites his name, Allah Almighty will guide him and his heart will be opened.

That day “Ya Veliyyu Ya Allah” A person who reads his poem (1000) times will get everything he wants.

that day again “La Ilahe Illallahu’l Meliku’l Hakku’l Mu Bin” A person who remembers it (200) times is given whatever he wants from Allah.

Friday prayers are very precious to us. Let’s know its value and make use of these times by doing our best. I hope our prayers and prayers will be accepted.

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