Wish Prayer and Wish Prayer Advices of the Prophet


Wish prayer or wish prayer, actually, we all want something, we demand it. This is how we pray and perform prayers, together with actual work, for the realization of these demands and wishes.

In this article, we have prepared for you the prayer of wish recommended by the Prophet (saas) to a person who asks for help, and the prayer of wishes narrated by Ibn Mas’ud (ra). Surely, Allah (swt) knows the best of everything. May He grant us the best for all of us and please us with what is good for us. (Amen)

Advice for the Wishing Prayer from the Prophet

The Youth of Our Prophet

Our Prophet (saas) said to a person who had trouble in managing his children and had problems, “Why don’t you ask for forgiveness? I ask for forgiveness a hundred times a day”.

Again, one of the greats of nature and Hz. A person came to Hasan-i Basri, to whom Ali had given his ratification, and he said in a respectful way, saying that there is famine and we are in poverty, and he complained that we are very poor.

That blessed person said to him, “Pray for forgiveness a lot.” Then Surah Noah 10-12 from the Qur’an. He read his verses. These verses are as follows: Ask your Lord for forgiveness (forgiveness) a lot, because he is the most forgiving gaffar. So that He may send you abundant rain from the sky and help you with abundant wealth and children (with sons), give you gardens, vineyards, rivers and rivers.

We have to ask for forgiveness a lot. ; Here is the prayer of forgiveness:

wish prayer
repentance prayer

“Estagfirullah minkulli makerihallah, Estagfirullahel’azimellezî lailahe illâ huvel hayyel kayyume ve etûbüileyh”

The meaning of this prayer is as follows: “Forgive what I have done from the things that you do not agree with and protect from what I have not done! I seek forgiveness (repentance) from Allah, the Hay, the Trustee, and the Azim, who has no god but Him, and regret my sins and seek refuge in Him.”

Wish Prayer – Hacet Prayer

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “When a person wants something or something from Allah or a person, he should first make a good ablution and then pray two rak’ahs. Afterwards, let him recite Allah and send salawat on the Messenger of Allah and pray as follows.

wish prayer

Lâilâhe illallahu’l-halîmu’l-kerîm. Subhanallahi Rabbi’l-Arshi’l-Azim. Alhamdu lillahi rabbi’l-alamîn ve Es’eluke mucîbâti mercy and azâime mağfiretike vel ganimate min kulli birren ve’ssalamete min kulli your name. La teda’ lî zenben illa ğafertehü ve lâ hemmen illa ferractehü velâ haceten hiye stain ridan illâ gadaytehü. Ya Erhame’r-rahimin!” (Tirmidhi “Salat”, 140, 348)

There is no god but Allah, the merciful (gentle) and generous (generous). I absolve Allah, the Lord of the Supreme Throne, from all imperfect attributes. All kinds of praise and praise are due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

O Allah, you are the most merciful of the merciful! I beg You for the deeds that will cause your Mercy, the reasons that will lead to your forgiveness (forgiveness), to obtain all kinds of goodness and to be saved (protected) from all kinds of sins.

Do not let go of any of my sins that you have not forgiven and any of my troubles that you have not removed! Accept all my wishes and requests that are in accordance with your consent! Give whatever deed you are pleased with, O Merciful Lord!’ After this prayer, he demands whatever he wants, both worldly and otherworldly.

The wish prayer or the need prayer is performed as 4 or 2 rak’ahs. There are also rumors that 12 rak’ahs are performed. If this prayer is to be performed in four rak’ahs, that person recites Surah Fatiha in the first rak’ah, then recites Ayetü’l-kursi 3 times, and recites Surah Fatiha and Surah Ihlas, Felak and Nas in the other three rak’ahs after bowing and prostration. Then he does the above prayer (Source religious)

What Should Be Considered While Making a Wish Prayer

  • Before trouble or calamity comes, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness a lot. So nothing should be expected for forgiveness
  • Before prayer, it should be done with praise and salawat.
  • I pray that he should not say that it is not accepted. Because these prayers are also considered as worship and the real reward of worship is in the hereafter. Let’s ask with sincerity, hoping for your grace.
  • Those who want a wish will be accepted more easily if they make a vow with them.
  • in prayer Sincerity and sincerity are very important.

When we pray the prayer of wish or the prayer of need, and in our prayer, let’s ask sincerely with our helplessness and poverty, but also insistently. Trust God, my dear.

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