Why Did God Create Man? – Prayer Surah Verse


Why did God create man?

The question of why did God create man has always come to our minds? Yes, why were we created? Questions such as why we were born and where we will go always occupy our minds.

Yes, why did God create man, why did we come, why are we leaving, and where are we going? We ask ourselves questions like why don’t we stay here. Then we see that we have made a research effort to find the answers to these questions.

Why Did God Create Man First? Let’s answer the question. Our Lord is a in the verse He says, “I have only created jinn and humans so that they may know and serve me.”

That is to say, the purpose of worship is only for Allah with sincerity, praying because He has commanded, fasting, etc. are prayers. Of course, these are not the only ones, of course, everything that Allah orders and forbids is essentially worship.

Why Did God Create Man?

Why Did God Create Man? When we say that, an explanation can be made. Think of a sultan or a king. If the sultan does not declare himself, if he does not have soldiers under his command, if he does not have thousands of emirs who do what he wants, who is he?
know, who knows? Even if he is the strongest in the world, if he is not known, does his greatness and strength have a meaning?

Here, it would not be wrong to say that, except for humans (jinn), there is no one who has a partial will. That is, we recognize and worship him of our own free will, without any pressure or coercion.

Other creatures, yes, do not do it by force, but they do not have the specialty of choice. Of course, they take pleasure in what they do and in the remembrance of Allah. But our ability to choose and reject severely separates us from other creatures and
it makes a saint or a disgrace.

As an example, think of a Sultan when he comes to a place, where is the crowd who came by force and without choice, where is the applause of the crowd who came with their free will.

As asked in the title, why did God create man? The roughest answer to the question is that the reason Allah created us is to be known, recognized and worshiped in the face of it.

For example, angels do not go hungry, do not get sick, do not sleep, etc. At this point, the names that meet these things, of course, people know better and feel better.

If Allah had not created us and the jinn, who would know him properly and who would worship him properly? As stated in the Hadith-i Kutsi, “I was a hidden treasure, I wanted to be known.” commanded.

Because Allah wanted to be known, He created existence and created us so that we can know and recognize Him.

Then, we have a duty to know him with our faith, to make an effort to make ourselves love him through worship and to use our will at this point.

A sincere, sincere and heartfelt faith and worship with a small will is of course very valuable. It has great meaning, reward and punishment.

It is also worth emphasizing that here. Did God send us with a will and left us alone? He never sent prophets, he sent books, he sent righteous people, he gave wisdom and said to us, Know and worship Allah.

In short, the word

So he didn’t tell us to see what you’re up to. It did not leave us helpless on our own. He told us that I am closer to you in your jugular vein. He told us that my mercy has exceeded my wrath, even he said, “Come to me one step, I will take 10 steps.”

So there are many ways and occasions to know and get to know him. There is the Qur’an, Hz. There is a prophet and there is this universe in which names are manifested. As long as we use our will to recognize him. Knowing and knowing God faith May we be among those who worship and worship.

As an answer to the question why Allah created man, faith in god We recommend that you read what.

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