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Hazrat Zayd bin Harise was born in 581 in Hejaz. He belongs to the Kelb tribe. He is the son of the Prophet. He is 10 years younger than the Prophet. When it was stated in the Qur’an that adopted children should be named after their father, as stated in the 33rd verse of Surah Ahzap, Hazrat Zayd bin Haris (RA) began to be called by his father’s name.

He began to be called Harise, after his father’s name. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved Hazrat Zayd Bin Harise (RA) very much. That’s why the Prophet gave him the nickname “Hibbu Rasulullah”.

The Life of Zayd Bin Harise

Zayd bin Harise was among the first people to become Muslims after Islam. He is the only Companion whose name Zayd is mentioned in the Qur’an. His father’s name is Haris bin Şurahbil and his mother’s name is Su bint Salebe. He has one child named Osama Bin Zayd.

Hazrat Zayd Bin Harise (RA) died in 629 in Busra, which was the territory of the Byzantine Empire at that time. Although he was 10 years younger than our Prophet, he was loved by the Prophet Ekrem throughout his life, as he lived with him as an adopted son.

He was kidnapped with his mother during the period of ignorance. At this time, Hazrat Zayd was going to visit his relatives. Later, they were sold as slaves in the Ukaz fair by the abductees. Hazrat Zayd Bin Harise (RA) was sold to the niece of Hazrat Khadija, the wife of our Prophet, in the slave market.

His niece, who bought Hazrat Zayd Bin Harise, gave it to Khadija as a gift, and he even gave it to his beloved wife to our Master the Prophet (saas). After seeing Hazrat Zayd bin Harise as a slave, they informed his relatives about this situation.

After the father of Hazrat Zayd bin Harise (ra) learned about this situation, he came to Mecca and asked him back, saying that he was the father of Zayd bin Harise (ra). Zayd bin Harise saw that his family wanted him back. He refused to return to his family, saying that he did not want to leave the Lord’s side.

After that, our Prophet Muhammad (saas) took Hazrat Zayd to the place of Hijr. Witness by showing Zayd Bin Harise to the people living there. Zayd is my son. He said he is my inheritance, and I am his heir and freed him there.

According to some narrations, he never left the side of our master. Even during his journey to Taif, our Prophet took Zayd with him. The people of Taif started throwing stones during the Journey to the Prophet. Then, he shielded his own body to prevent these stones from coming to our master. He was injured while grinding.

Our Master the Prophet declared Zayd and Hazrat Hamza as brothers in the first years of Islam. Hazrat Hamza told Hazrat Zayd (RA) about his will and what they should do before he was martyred in the Battle of Uhud. He participated in many expeditions, migrations and wars alongside the Prophet Zayd. He was the first to reach Mecca that the Muslims were victorious in the Battle of Badr.

Zayd Bin Harise Martyrdom

Hz. While the Prophet (saas) was setting out the army for the Battle of Mute, he gave the banner to Zayd and said, “If Zayd becomes a martyr, the banner will be sent to Ja’far b. Let Abu Talib take the banner, if he is martyred, Abdullah b. Let him take it” he said.

These 3 Companions were martyred in this order. It’s like watching the martyrdoms live in Madinah. to his companions He told in tears and prayed: “O Allah, forgive Zayd! Forgive Zayd! Forgive Zayd! O Allah, forgive Jafar! O Allah, forgive Abdullah!”

Sa’d b. Ubade, who forbade crying after the dead, He found it strange that the Prophet (saas) shed tears for Zayd, and when he said what was this, the Messenger of God said: “This is the longing of the beloved for his beloved.” It is recorded that Zayd was martyred at the age of fifty-five.

Hz. The Prophet had great confidence in Zayd. Pointing to this, Mr. “When our mother Aisha sent Zayd on an expedition with an army, the Messenger of Allah would definitely appoint her as a commander. If he were alive now, he would have left himself as the caliph.” (Musnad)

Hz. Zayd was an exceptional example of the high morality of our Prophet. His renunciation and self-sacrifice were at a high level, and his son Usama bin zayd, who was brought up in the home of the Prophet, continued these traits and became a worthy successor to his father.

May Allah bless us with such love and he is the Messenger of Allah. of your lovers may he attain his intercession. Amine.

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