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Yahya is the son of the prophet Zekeriya Aleyhisselam and is one of the prophets sent to the Children of Israel. Her mother’s name is Elisa. His lineage is based on David Aleyhisselam. He is the son of the aunt of the Virgin Mary. Yahya Aleyhisselam was born 6 months before Jesus.

Hz. The prophet Zechariah wanted to have a child, and despite his advanced age, he prayed: “At that time, Zechariah prayed to his Lord and said, “O Lord, grant me a pure and auspicious offspring from your side. Surely, you are the hearer and answerer of prayers.

Hz. Zekeriya Aleyhisselam was 99 years old and his wife Elisa was 98 years old. Even though they were past their age, who could prevent them after my Lord’s will?

Who is Yahya Aleyhisselam

Our Lord accepted this prayer of Zekeriya Aleyhisselam. Gabriel (as) came and said to him: “O Zekeriya, Allah gives you the good news of Yahya, who will confirm a word from himself (Hz. Jesus), a master Sayyid, a chaste self-controlled, and a prophet from among the righteous”

This issue is stated in the 38th and 39th verses of Ali Imran Surah. In the 7th verse of the Surah Maryam, it is mentioned as follows.” O Zechariah! We give you the good news of a son named Yahya, and we did not give this name to anyone before him.”

Zekeriya Aleyhisselam’s wife became pregnant. After a certain time, Yahya Aleyhisselam was born. From his birth, Zekeriya Aleyhisselam raised him exceptionally. The prophet John began to read and understand the Torah at a young age. From a young age, he worshiped a lot and read the Torah.

He would tell the Children of Israel about what he learned and inform them of Allah’s orders and prohibitions. He lived a simple life, did not set his heart on the world, and drank like a poor person. He cried a lot because of the fear of Allah. He used to worship Allah a lot day and night. The following is stated in the Qur’an:

“O Yahya, hold the book firmly! We gave him Wisdom while he was still Sabi, and we gave him a softness of heart and cleanliness from sins. He was in Mut, and he was obedient to his parents. He was not a thug and a rebel. Peace be upon him on the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he is raised alive. ” (Mary 19/12-15)

The Sincerity of Yahya

Zekeriya Aleyhisselam would look around while he was preaching, if the Prophet Yahya (pbuh) existed, he would not talk about Paradise and Hell. One day, while he was preaching, he could not see John in the crowd. He was talking about the states of hell and his fears.

Gabriel informed me from Allahu ta’ala that there is a mountain called “Sekran” in Hell. At the bottom of this mountain is a valley called “Gadban”. That valley was created for those who suffered the wrath of Allahu ta’ala. In this valley, there is a well with a depth of a century, in which there are chests of fire, clothes and chains of fire.”

When the Prophet Yahya (pbuh), who was in a corner, heard these words, he raised his head and cried out loudly, “How did we become heedless of Sekran and the wrath of Allah?” He left the mosque crying. Headed to the Sahara. He sat at the bottom of a hill and began to worship his Lord.

Zekeriya Aleyhisselam got up from the assembly where he was preaching and giving advice and came home sadly. He said to his wife, “O Yahya’s mother! Get up, call Yahya. I’m afraid he will be dead. Yahya Aleyhisselam’s mother went out to find him.

On the way, he met two young people. They are the mother of Yahya Where are you going? she asked. Yahya Aleyhisselam’s mother said, “I am looking for my son Yahya. He came out because Hell was mentioned next to him. I don’t know where he went,” he said.

Yahya Aleyhisselam

John the Prophet

Hazrat Yahya’s mother passed through those young people and met a shepherd. Tell your shepherd, o shepherd, have you seen Yahya here? she asked. The shepherd said to him, “I saw him on a small hill, his feet in the water, his eyes fixed on the sky.” My Lord, I will not drink anything cold and cool when I do not see my degree in your sight.”

Yahya Aleyhisselam’s mother headed that way, came to her son’s side and patted his head affectionately. He asked her to go home with him. Prophet Yahya came home with his mother. Mother, would you like to wear a wool dress instead of a hair dress? “Because it is softer,” she said.

He then prepared something to eat for his son. The Prophet Yahya (pbuh) ate it. He fell asleep to rest. While he was sleeping, it was said to him, “O Yahya, do you want a better house than my house, a better neighbor than my neighbourhood?

The Prophet Yahya (pbuh) got up from sleep and begged God Almighty and said, “My Lord, protect me from mistakes, I swear to your honor and majesty that I will not be shaded anywhere but in the shadow of Beytül Makdis”.

Then she turned to her mother and asked for a dress made of hair. Her mother brought her the dress she wanted. At that time, Zekeriya Aleyhisselam wore it to his wife, “O Yahya’s mother, let him go. The veils of Heedlessness were removed from it. This worldly life will no longer benefit him, ”she said.

After that, Prophet Yahya got up and came to Beytül Makdis. He continued to worship Allah together with the scholars who were here.

John the Prophet

John the Prophet

When Yahya Aleyhisselam came to be a prophet, he was first taught that he had to obey the principles of the religion announced by Moses. Yahya Aleyhisselam conveyed the provisions of the Torah and the orders and prohibitions of our Lord to people. Later, the Gospel was revealed with Jesus Christ, and when the provisions of the Torah were abolished, he conveyed the provisions of the Gospel to the people, the orders and prohibitions of Allah. And he urged people to obey him.

Then he went to Damascus and invited people to the religion of Allah. There were many who opposed Yahya Aleyhisselam. Although they saw His miracles, they denied Him. The Israelites wanted to kill Jesus Aleyhisselam.

After raising our Almighty Lord Jesus Aleyhisselam to the sky, Yahya Aleyhisselam continued to explain the provisions of the Gospel. Herod I, the grandson of the cruel ruler Herod, loved Prophet Yahya. He treated her well.

Herod the First had his own brother’s daughter. He wanted to marry the girl. He wanted Yahya Aleyhisselam to perform their wedding. But the Prophet Yahya Hz. He said that this situation was forbidden in the Bible book conveyed by Jesus (pbuh) and that this marriage was impossible.

Following them, Herod ordered that Yahya Aleyhisselam be captured, killed and beheaded. And Herod’s men killed him by beheading Yahya Aleyhisselam.

As a miracle, the Prophet Yahya cried out even though his head was cut off. He said this over and over, saying, “It is not halal for you to take this girl.” Our Almighty Lord sent calamities to these oppressors who martyred Yahya Aleyhisselam. Herod and the girl whom he wanted to marry, like Croesus, was devoured, and the oppressors were destroyed.

Miracles of the Prophet John

After the prophet John came to Damascus, people said to him, “If you are truly a prophet, show us the stars in the daytime”. Then the Prophet John prayed to Allah and pointed to the sky, and the Stars around the Sun began to appear.

The Israelites were looking for the martyrdom of Yahya Aleyhisselam upon the order of Herod I, the Jewish ruler, while a Rock said to Yahya Aleyhisselam “Come to me”. The rock was hollow. he went into the rock. As the infidels approached to kill him, arrows began to be fired from the rock at the infidels. Seeing this situation, the Jews began to flee.

Yahya Aleyhisselam is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Anbiya, Surah Maryam and Surah Ali Imran.

May Allah be pleased with all the prophets together with Yahya and grant us their intercession.

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