Who is the Prophet Seth in Short? – Prayer Surah Verse


Hazrat Shit is the 5th child of Prophet Adam. The name Şit means “gift of Allah” and is the second prophet after Prophet Adam.

After Cain, one of the sons of Prophet Adam, killed Abel, Allah gave Adam and Eve a righteous son. Gabriel (pbuh) said to our mother, Hazrat Eve, “Allah Almighty gave you the prophet Seth instead of Abel who was killed.”

Hazrat Şit was a very respectful and loved person. He was good-natured, good-natured benevolent. He was also loved by the Prophet Adam and Eve.

Hazrat Adam (as) taught Shit what he knew. He taught the sciences that Allah Almighty gave him. He raised him very well. After the death of Prophet Adam, our Almighty Lord sent down a 50-page page to Şit and taught him chemistry, mathematics and sciences containing many wisdoms.

During the time of his prophethood, people multiplied and spread throughout the earth. It is rumored that around 1000 cities were founded in his time. He conveyed the orders and prohibitions of Allah to the people and the duties of servitude. This blessed person is the master of the weavers.

Hazrat Set (pbuh) was one of the other sons of Hazrat Adam, who was beautiful and virtuous, and he resembled his father Adam (as) in his way of life and appearance. It is rumored that the prophet Seth lived for approximately 912 years. It is said that he was buried in Abu Kubeys near the Kaaba.

Family of the Prophet Seth

The name of the wife of the prophet Seth is Hazura. It is rumored that he has a son named Enoush and a daughter named Namete. The lineage of this prophet continued with Enoush. Hazrat Shit the prophet The prophetic light shining on his forehead passed on to his son Enuş, and from him to his son Kaynan’s forehead.

This light, which changed places in this way for centuries, passed from Abdulmuttalip to Abdullah and from him to the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Aleyhi and Sellem, and found its last owner.

Death of Şit Aleyhisselam

When the Prophet Set passed away, he left his son Enus in his place. He ordered his father Adam (pbuh) to protect his body in the coffin, to fulfill Allah’s orders and prohibitions, and to give his people worship and advice to Allah. And he prayed for his sons blessings.

He swore on Abel’s blood that they would not come down from the holy mountain in which they resided, that they would prevent their children from descending, and that they would not meet with Cain’s children. Then he died.

He was 912 years old at the time of his death. Prophet Idris was then in his 20s. Enoush scented his father’s body with special wood gum and the scent of a cinnamon-smelling tree.

When the Prophet Set passed away, his sons, sons and daughters of his sons, sons of his daughters came and performed the funeral prayer. His body was buried in a cave on Mount Abu Kubeys, one of the mountains of Mecca.

The Prophet Seth (pbuh) did not hesitate to tell about Allah. He also ordered his people to avoid Allah’s prohibitions, to fulfill Allah’s orders, to keep Allah away from all kinds of deficiencies and incomplete attributes, to always do good deeds and to be righteous.

The home of the prophet Seth and his family was at the top of the mountain, and the home of the sons of Kabul was under the valley. He always warned his sons to stay away from the sons of Kabul. After the Prophet Adam, Hazrat Shit was the first to repair the Kaaba with stone and mud, one of his sons.

He did not refrain from staying in Mecca and performing Hajj and Umrah until his death. 11 days before Prophet Adam’s death, he advised Şit to walk in taqwa by saying “O my son, you are my caliph after me”.

He left him as a proxy in a will. He ordered him to keep it secret from Cain and his sons. He used to tell the hours of the night and the day that every creature worshiped Allah at what times. He also gave information about the upcoming flood.

The Will of Prophet Adam to His Son

Tell people not to stare as if they will not leave the world. Let them think that one day they will pass away from here. Let your sons think carefully about the end of their work. If I had thought about where this business would lead while I was eating the fruit of that forbidden tree, maybe what happened to me would not have happened.

Tell people not to take anyone’s word without thinking. Let them think a little and examine the degree of accuracy. When starting a job, if there is a concern and reluctance for that job, let them think about the job again and re-examine it.

If they do not know the exact degree of accuracy, they should ask someone who knows. Let them act according to the decision they will come to as a result of consultation with those whom they believe to be honest. If I had talked and decided the end of my business with the angels, maybe I wouldn’t have had to put up with what had happened to me.

Second Ancestor of Humanity

Hz. Since Abel, one of the children of the Prophet Adam, did not have a descendant, and Cain’s offspring was destroyed in the Flood of Noah, humanity became the Prophet. Hz. Shit is considered to be a prophet. Muslim scholars Within the genealogy of the Prophet (saas), Hz. They also include Sit (as).

Saint holy prophet and other from the prophets May Allah be pleased with him and may Allah allow us to reach their intercession.

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