Who is the Prophet Salih in Brief? – Prayer Surah Verse


Prophet Salih is one of the prophets mentioned in the Qur’an and was sent to the people of Thamud as a prophet.

We continue with the Prophet Salih, describing the lives of the Prophet. Hz. After the death of Hud Aleyhisselam, the Thamud tribe settled in the North Arabian region. The Thamud tribe built palaces, mansions and houses. They carved stones, shaped them. They decorated their roots and palaces with stones.

The tribe of Thamud forgot about the One God and set up partners with him. They worshiped idols. Almighty Allah sent Salih Aleyhisselam to warn the people of Thamud. The Thamud tribe did not listen to him and persecuted the Prophet Salih. They kicked him out.

Prophethood of Salih Aleyhisselam

The Prophet Salih was the most understanding and patient exemplary person of his people in terms of morals. When he was 40 years old, he was given the mission of prophethood. He told the orders and prohibitions of Almighty Allah to his people. religion to them notification he did. He invited them to the right path.

The Prophet Salih (pbuh) called his people: “Indeed, I am a safe Prophet sent to you. Fear Allah and obey me. I am not asking you to pay for my notification. My wages belong to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”

And do you forbid us to make his people obsess over what our fathers worshiped? he reacted. However, before he was a prophet, he was superior to them, they loved and respected him. They respected him very much.

Our Almighty Lord said: “Tomorrow they will know who the spoiled and the liar is at the Day of Judgment, but it will be too late. Their begging and begging will not benefit them.”

The raging Thamud tribe also reacted to the Believers who believed in the Prophet Salih. They wanted to divert them from their path as well. But the Believers said, “We believe in everything that is sent to us with it.” The unbelievers of the tribe of Thamud were stunned by this undoubted belief. But they also persisted in disbelief and did not come to believe.

They struggled with the Prophet Salih. They accused him of mischief and defended the idols against Allah and said do not listen to Salih (pbuh), he is a liar, we worship idols and do not believe what he says.

The Story of the Prophet Salih Camel

Prophet Salih

The unbelievers said to Salih: “If you are a prophet, bring a miracle so we can see.” What they wanted was a miraculous female and a pregnant camel. As a miracle, Allah gave a female camel to the people of Thamud.

Seeing this miracle, some disbelievers believed. Some of them persisted in their denial and said, “What a great magician Salih is,” they made such a cowardly accusation.

The tribe of Thamud started to feel uncomfortable with the deniers this time and the camel. They complained that the camel was drinking too much water. Almighty Allah has decreed between the water camel and the Thamud tribe as follows: “Drinking water is your right one day, your camel’s right one day”.

However, the unbelievers were very disturbed by this camel. Because every time they saw the camel, the faith of the believers was renewed and the Prophet Salih and his miracle were remembered. The anger of the angry was growing even more.

With the permission of our Lord, the Prophet Salih knew the situation and warned his people. He was saying, “Do not touch this camel with anything bad, if this happens, you will be caught by the punishment of a great day.”

But the unbelievers did not listen to the words of Salih Aleyhisselam, and they decided among themselves to kill the prophet, the believers and the she-camel. First, they killed the camel that Almighty Allah sent as a miracle. With these actions, they wanted to intimidate the Prophet Salih and the believers. They spew their rebellion and hatred.

They came to the Prophet Salih and said, “If you are a sent prophet, bring the torment you promised.” But he did not give up. “O my people, I conveyed the advice of my Lord to you, I gave you advice. But you do not like those who give advice.”

Salih Aleyhisselam did not break his goodwill towards his people. He also showed them the ways of salvation and counseled them to repent. “O my people, why do you want evil quickly before repentance? Shouldn’t you have asked God for forgiveness? Maybe you would be merciful.” But the disbelievers turned a deaf ear to these words. They said, “We have been bad luck with you and with you because of this.” And they showed this blessed prophet and believers as bad luck.

God’s Wrath

There were 9 people in that city, and they are making mischief on the earth and doing evil. The men who killed the camel intended to continue their evil cause. The disbelievers gathered. They said let’s make a night raid and kill Salih Aleyhisselam and his family. Indeed, we are of those who speak the truth.” They made this decision among themselves.

Allah, the Exalted, describes this event as follows. “They thought of a trick. And we turned their tricks upside down without their knowledge.” Saleh The prophet was informed of the deception of the deniers. He also left this city, taking his family and believers with him. Thus, the Hijra incident took place.

In order to carry out their plan, the unbelievers besieged the house of the Prophet Salih at night. They were stunned when they could not find anyone inside the house. The wrath of Almighty Allah seized them. Thereupon, a violent jolt took hold of them, and they fell facedown in their homeland.

No matter how many deniers there were, they all perished. The city turned into a ruin. After a while, the believers came to the city, which was in ruins. They watched the doom of the deniers. They thanked Almighty Allah for being believers.

The name of Salih Aleyhisselam has been mentioned 8 times in the Qur’an. The Prophet Salih used to raise a herd of camels and sell camel milk. He lived with her. He was an exemplary, patient, determined and very respectful person in every way.

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