Who is the Prophet Joshua? – Prayer Surah Verse


The prophet Joshua is the nephew of Moses and one of the prophets sent to the Children of Israel. Musa Aleyhisselam appointed him as his deputy.

The sons of Israel called the prophet Joshua Joshua. Joshua Aleyhisselam told people about the principles of the religion that was revealed to Moses. He told people about Allah’s orders and prohibitions, how to worship Allah, and how a believer should be. He lived like that too.

Yuşa Aleyhisselam was born in Egypt. He received his education from Prophet Musa. He served him. He became a very good friend to her. When Musa Aleyhisselam migrated from Egypt to the cruelty of the Pharaoh, Joshua ‘alaihis-salam’ was with him.

Moses Joshua was with Musa Aleyhisselam during the journey of the prophet to meet with Hızır Aleyhisselam. When Musa Aleyhisselam met Hızır Aleyhisselam, Joshua Aleyhisselam returned.

Our Almighty Lord told Musa Aleyhisselam that he would give it to the region of Palestine and Damascus. But the Israelites did not listen to Moses. They didn’t want to go in there. Our Almighty Lord revealed to Musa Aleyhisselam as follows:

O Musa, I wrote this place for you as a hometown and a place of residence, and I appreciated it. Go there and fight any of your enemies. For I am your helper against them. Select a representative from each branch of your tribe. Let them be loyal and obedient.”

Musa Aleyhisselam chose a faithful and loyal representative in his word, who gathered good news on the command of Almighty Allah. He sent these to gather information about the inhabitants of Jericho.

Among them was the prophet Joshua. They all went to Jericho together. The inhabitants of Jericho were a strong and large community. They went back and told their people what they had seen, and they got scared and gave up going to war.

And they began to wail. “I wish we had died there if he had not come from Egypt. They said things like if Allah had not brought us into the land of the oppressors, otherwise our wives, children and property would be gone. Yusha Aleyhisselam and Kalip Bin Yukna, who were among the representatives, told the Israelites that they should not be afraid, and that Allahu Teala would help.

Almighty Allah warned with the verse

Our Almighty Lord says in the 23rd verse of Surat al-Maida, “O Children of Israel, enter the city of the oppressors immediately. Do not be afraid of the size of their bodies. We went to them and saw and learned. Their bodies are big and strong, but their hearts are weak. They do not have the Spiritual fortitude to fight you.

Once you enter through the door, you will certainly be one of the strangers when the help promised by Allahu Teala comes to you. If you truly believe and believe in Allahu ta’ala’s promise that He will help you and Allah’s power and that he will help you, if you believe and believe that Moses was a prophet, do not be deceived by looking at the height and size of the enemies.

Do not be afraid of them. Put your trust in Allahu ta’ala in all your ways and in the coming of divine help to you. Just trust him and do not back down from jihad.”

The Israelites did not believe in Joshua Aleyhisselam despite all the promises and promises of Almighty Allah. They attacked them and wanted to kill them with sticks and stones.

The Israelites stoned Joshua Aleyhisselam and Galip bin Yukna. They opposed Musa Aleyhisselam and rebelled against Allahu ta’ala. Moses was very upset about this situation.

Allah informed the sons of Israel that he prohibited them from entering the region called Arzimevut for forty years. Those who rebelled by saying, “We will not go to war”, wandered in the Tih Sahara for 40 years in a state of bewilderment.

They died within 40 years. Towards the end of 40 years, Harun Aleyhisselam passed away, and 3 years after him, his brother Musa ‘alaihis-salam’ passed away.

Prophet Joshua

After the death of Musa Aleyhisselam, our Almighty Lord appointed Joshua as a prophet. Those who objected to the Prophet Musa saying that we would not go to war died and his sons and grandchildren multiplied in their place.

Allahuteala asked Joshua to gather the Israelites and go to the Arzimevud region from the Tih Sahara and fight the oppressors. Joshua Aleyhisselam gathered the Israelites. He besieged the city of Jericho. The siege lasted exactly 6 months and the city was conquered by showing miracles on a Friday evening.

After the conquest of Jericho, Joshua Aleyhisselam and those who believed in him also took the city of Evliya (Ilya). When this city was conquered by the prophet Joshua, five of the rulers of the surrounding cities came together and entered into a collective war with the Israelites. In the end, they were all defeated and defeated.

After conquering the cities of Jericho and Evliya and their surroundings, Joshua Aleyhisselam marched on the city of Belka. And he also conquered the city of Belka and killed its ruler named Belak. He also conquered the city of Belka.

The conquests lasted 7 years. The city of Jerusalem was also conquered by the prophet Joshua and his believers. Then he came to the land of Damascus. He conquered the towns of 31 rulers who settled there. He killed the pagan and rebellious rulers from Allah and divided their land among the sons of Israel.

Joshua Aleyhisselam, who settled the Israelites in Arzimavud, conveyed the religion of Moses to them. He read them the Torah. He explained his verdicts. He advised them to have faith in Allahu Teala.

After the death of Musa Aleyhisselam, he served as a prophet for 27 years. He fell ill towards the end of his life. He passed away at the age of 127. It is rumored that his tomb is in the city of Maarre, near Aleppo.

Miracles of Yuşa Aleyhisselam

During the Conquest of a city, the conquest took a long time. There was no opening in the walls during the war. Joshua prayed. With the power of Allahu Teala, the ground was shaken and the walls of the castle collapsed, and Yusha Aleyhisselam entered the city and conquered the city with those who believed in him.

The prophet Joshua gathered the Israelites to conquer Jericho. During the journey, they could not cross because the Jordan River had too much water. He wasn’t on the bridge. Upon the prayer of Joshua Aleyhisselam, a road was opened and after the Israelites passed that road, the waters continued to flow from the same place.

Again one day, Joshua Aleyhisselam set out to conquer the city of Jerusalem. On a Friday evening, as the sun was setting, he prayed to Allahu ta’ala so that the sun would not set for a while. “O God, take back the sun,” he prayed. The sun, which was about to set with the power of Allahu Teala, continued during the day when it rose, and after Jerusalem was conquered, the sun set.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) describes this event as follows in a hadith: “The sun cannot be prevented from looking for anyone, but on one of the nights he went to conquer the holy bay, it was prevented from setting for Joshua Aleyhisselam.” he ordered.

Although the name of the prophet Joshua is not mentioned in the Qur’an, it is accepted that there are two references to him. Yuşa Aleyhisselam is a very handsome man of medium height, big and beautiful eyes, and similar in appearance to Yusuf Aleyhisselam. he is a prophet. This blessed prophet was a brave, valiant person and was skilled in war tactics and technique.

Where is the tomb of Prophet Joshua?

There are several different rumors about the location of his grave in the sources. It is stated that the first is in the city of Mearre near Nablûs or Aleppo, and the second is in the Shuniziyye Cemetery located on the edge of the Tigris in Baghdad.

Thirdly, it is stated that it is located on the hill known by his name in Beykoz, Istanbul. However, Hz. Yuşa had never been to Istanbul. As it is told, Prophet Joshua and Prophet Musa came to a place called Mecme-ul Bahrain during their journey. Later, the Prophet Joshua also died here.

Apparently, the rumor is based on this, because Mecme-ul Bahrain means “the place where two seas meet” in Arabic. In other words, this may be the place where the Bosphorus and the Black Sea meet. There is also the possibility that the grave belongs to a guardian or one of the apostles. The area where it is located may even be a mass martyr’s cemetery.

May Allah be pleased with him and all the prophets.

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