Who is the Prophet David in Brief? – Prayer Surah Verse


David is the father of the prophet Solomon. The Holy Book of Psalms was given to him by Almighty Allah. David was born in Jerusalem and lived there.

The name of the prophet David is mentioned 16 times in our supreme book, the Qur’an. Davut Aleyhisselam’s voice was very beautiful and effective. Those who listened to his voice would be impressed.

Almighty Allah sent many prophets to the sons of Israel after Prophet Moses. They followed the principles of the Torah and called people to goodness and salvation. But the Israelites also changed the rules of the Torah book. Our Almighty Lord sent David Aleyhisselam to the sons of Israel, who became very angry. And gave him the Psalms of the Bible.

Our Almighty Lord sent the ruler Goliath as a plague to them. Goliath drove the Israelites out of their homeland. After the death of Goliath, David Aleyhisselam became the ruler of the Israelites. David Aleyhisselam invited people to the religion of Allah.

He told them about Allah’s orders and prohibitions. He was a very fair leader. Conquered Syria Palestine Aleppo, Nusaybin, Armenia. He made Jerusalem his capital. Davut Aleyhisselam, who started the construction of Masjid-i Aqsa, bequeathed it to his son, Süleyman Aleyhisselâm, to finish the Masjid-i Aqsa.

The prophet David fasted during the day and prayed a lot at night. He spent a third of the night asleep. He used to fast on a day called the David’s fast, and not one day. Almighty Allah had given the mountains, stones and birds to the order of Prophet David.

When the prophet David started to read the Psalms with his beautiful voice, the birds would accompany him. David Aleyhisselam is the master of blacksmiths. He used to shape iron with fire and hammer to teach people. But as a miracle, Almighty Allah allowed him to shape Iron with his hand when it was cold.

He used to make armor and make a living by manual labor without help from the state treasury. this ruler Prophet He died at the age of 100.

Spouse of Davud Aleyhisselam

Davut Aleyhisselam’s wife said to him one day that I have rights over you, and as a wife, a woman has responsibilities towards her man. Our Almighty Lord has made it obligatory to cover. The younger blacksmith apprentice Davut set out to bring supplies to the house of Aleyhisselam. He always left the food in front of the house, knocked on the door and left.

Davut Aleyhisselam’s wife stretched out her hand to take the food and was seen by Davut Aleyhisselam’s Apprentice, one span above his wife’s wrist.

He kneaded the iron with his hand and showed miracles. She understood that as wives, men are responsible for what women do, and she apologized to her husband in the evening. Marriage is such a thing where spouses are responsible for each other, and it is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female, to cover for Allah’s sake.

A Court Case

In the Qur’an, a court event belonging to David Aleyhisselam is mentioned. The prophet David had reserved time for certain works. He devotes some of his time to state affairs, people’s causes, preaching and guidance. In some of them, he used to devote seclusion to worship, dhikr and rosary.

When he entered the altar for worship and retired to the solitude, there were guards at the door until he came out, and no one could enter his presence. One day he was busy with prayer in his private room. At a time when no one dared to disturb his loneliness, two men suddenly entered the room he was in.

The following is stated in the verse: “Have you heard of those plaintiffs? Behold, they had climbed the wall of the temple. They had just entered near the wood, and they he was scared. Despite all the guards, these two people described in the incident broke through the high walls and entered.

They violated the time of worship and rest of the blessed Prophet David. When David Aleyhisselam was afraid that these people would do any evil, as if they were going to assassinate him, they said: Do not be afraid, we are 2 plaintiffs who are against each other. One of us wronged the other. Judge between us with justice, do not cross the border that is right. Show us the right way too. (Sad22)

These 2 people who entered were not ordinary people. They were making and using sentences such as going to extremes. Then the plaintiff began to make his complaint. This is my brother. He has 99 ewes. I have only one female sheep. He said, “Give it to me,” he said. And he beat me in this argument. (Sad23)

When the claimant was presented with a pointless and simple solution to appeal to the opinion of a prophet, the prophet David did not like that the friend of the owner of 99 sheep tried to buy a single sheep.

Without saying anything to him, without taking his statement, without presenting his evidence, he ruled that this unwarranted request was unfair and announced the decision. Thankfully, he persecuted you by wanting to add your ewes to his ewes. In fact, most sharecroppers violate each other’s rights. Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, how few they are. (Sad24)

The presence of such unfamiliar people, suddenly entering such a case, created deep impressions on Davut Aleyhisselam. After giving some thought to their intentions and whether they were sincere in their cause, he doubted.

David Audio

Prophet David

Davud Aleyhisselam had a very beautiful voice. He sang hymns with his beautiful voice, which is a great benevolence, and brought the listeners to ecstasy by praising Allah. He used to read the Psalms, one of the four great books that was revealed to him, in a beautiful and impressive way.

When he started to read the Bible, the Psalms, with his strong and beautiful voice, not only people but also animals would come to listen to him, even wolves and birds would listen to him and the mountains would echo from his voice. It is for this reason that the term “Davudi voice” comes from here for the loud and beautiful voices that are famous among the people.

The Prophet David and a Lesson for Us

At that moment, he realized that Allahuteala wanted to test him by sending these two enemies. The following is stated in the verse: David thought that we were testing him and asked forgiveness from his Lord. He prostrated, repented and turned to Allah..(Sad24)

Allah Almighty intended to give a lot of implicit information and experiences about this event. It was closed as an example lesson that did not cause mischief as he thought. Allahu ta’ala informs us in the verse that He accepted this sincere approach as follows. We have forgiven him, no doubt, he has closeness with us and the beauty of the end..(Sad25)

What our Almighty Lord wants to learn here is that both sides of the cases should be heard no matter what. Thus, he gives advice both to his prophet and to us.

Our Almighty Lord not only forgave David, but also favored his closeness, and informed him that his destination would be Paradise, and brought his servant back to peace.

It is a great example for us that Davut Aleyhisselam took refuge in Allahu ta’ala and asked for forgiveness as a result of this incident. The best servitude to Allahu ta’ala prophets he did. Prophets are the guides of our lives.

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