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Talha Bin Ubeydullah is one of the ten Companions who were given the good news of Paradise, and we have prepared for you in this article his life, virtues and information about him.

Talha Bin Ubeydullah The tag of His Excellency Ebu Muhammed Talha b. Ubeydullah b. Osman et-Teymi is al-Kureyshi and there is no clear information about his birth date.

His lineage is Hz. In Murra with the Prophet (saas), Hz. Abu Bakr and Amr b. It converges in Kaab. His mother was Sa’be bint Abdullah and his companion was Ala b. She is Hadrami’s sister.

Before Islam, one of the important merchants of Mecca, Hz. Talha from a priest in Busra, where he went to trade, Hz. When he learned that Muhammad (saas) was a prophet, he immediately returned to Mecca. Hz. He became one of the first Muslims by accepting Islam with the hand of Abu Bakr (ra).

Talha Bin Ubeydullah He also served as a revelation scribe. this is blessed Companions He is one of the 12 people who were both given the good news of heaven and known as the apostle of our Prophet. In addition, he is one of the 6 people in the Companions of the Council.

Hz. During the Battle of Badr by our Prophet (saas), Said b. He was sent to the Damascus road with Zayd for intelligence, so he could not join the war. However, he took a share of the booty as if he had participated in the war.

He is one of the ten Companions who were promised Paradise.

He took part in all wars after the Battle of Uhud. He fought heroically in the battle of Uhud, Hz. While protecting the Prophet (saas), he was injured in many places and his hand was crippled.

Hz. Prophet Talha Bin Ubeydullah (ra) stepped on the back of His Excellency. For this reason, “Talha-heaven- has become obligatory” (Tirmidhi) about him. His hadith has been inherited and many hadiths have come about his virtue.

When our Prophet (pbuh) loved him very much and could not see him, he said, “What happened, I can’t see our good and corrupt friend.” he said.

Talha Bin Ubeydullah and loyalty

During the Battle of Uhud, our Companions tried to protect him against the attacks of the polytheists by building a wall around the Prophet (saas). They shielded their bodies against the arrows, stones, and swords that came at him.

Talha Bin Ubeydullah, who fought so hard in this war, was wounded in more than thirty places. Hz. He met a sword that came to the Prophet (saas) with his arm and was left alone after it.

Our beloved Prophet (saas) said, “O Allah to Talha heal and strengthen him.” He prayed and anointed his whole body with his blessed hand, so that he recovered and immediately rushed to war even though he was healed.

About his heroism. The Prophet (saas) said, “Talha has become Paradise.” they had the gospel. They also gave him the nicknames “Talhatü’l-hayr,” “Talhatü’l-cud,” and “Talhatü’l-Feyyaz”.

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) said: “During the Battle of Uhud, I saw that there was no one closer to me than Gabriel on my right and Talha bin Ubeydullah (ra) on my left. Anyone who wants to look at someone who travels on earth and is in heaven, should look at Talha bin Ubeydullah!”

The Living Martyr of Uhud

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) “Whoever wants to feel joy by looking at a martyr walking on earth, should look at Talha bin Ubeydullah (ra)!” he is the Sahaba.

His sacrifice in the battle of Uhud, Hz. Aisha (r. a) our mother: “Whenever Hz. If the battle of Uhud is remembered alongside Ebubekir (ra), “That day is completely Talha’s day.” He said.

Hz. Ali (ra) said about him: “This is Abu Muhammad Talha (ra), who mostly gives without being asked for anything.” he said.

Hz. Ali (ra) Hz. Hearing the news of Talha’s (ra) martyrdom, he cried a lot and said;

“O Talha! “We have removed the hatred and enmity in the hearts of the people of Paradise. They now sit on mutual thrones as brothers. (Hijr: 47) I hope that we will be one of the lucky ones in Paradise”.

Hz. Our Master Ali (ra) said, “I hope that Osman, Talha, Zubeyir and I will be one of them.”

Again, Hz. Ali O Talha, it was very hard for me to see you lying on the ground under this star-filled sky. I wish I had died twenty years ago to see this dayif i didn’t said.

Feyyaz Got His Nickname

Everyone was giving something for the Tabuk campaign, and he was diligently doing his best to equip the army. This blessed person, as if competing with everyone, spent what he has and what he did not have, and therefore he got the nickname Feyyaz.

He participated in all the wars fought during the caliphate of Hadrat Abu Bakr. When Hazrat Abu Bakr became ill, he consulted with Hazrat Talha who should be the caliph in his place.

He is also the person most deserving of this rank. Allah asks you, “To whom did you leave the affairs of the Muslims?” If he asks, you can say with an open forehead and with goodwill, “I left it to Hazrat Omar,” he advised.

Member of the Companions of the Council

Talha bin Ubeydullah is one of the 10 Companions who were given the good news of Paradise, and one of the 8 people who became the first Muslims. He is one of the six persons elected to the Companions of the Council, appointed by Hazrat Umar (ra) when he was on his deathbed.

Although he was sixty years old, he was martyred by Mervan’s arrow in the Cemel Incident. His ID is Abu Muhammad.

Many Companions made an offer to marry a woman named Ummi Eban. But he did not accept any of them. When Talha bin Ubeydullah made an offer to him, he accepted. When asked why;

I know his morals. When he enters his house, he enters with a smiling face, and when he leaves his house, he smiles. When he is asked for something, he gives it, and when he is given a favor, he thanks. If he sees a fault, he forgives, he replied, and married her.

Where is Talha Bin Ubeydullah’s Tomb?

This blessed Companion was martyred at the age of 60 near Basra in Iraq in 656. His grave is located outside Basra.

We ask Allah for their intercession along with all the Companions and the sacrifices he made for the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) to set an example for us.

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