Who is Saad Bin Abu Waqqas?



Who is Saad Bin Abu Waqqas

Saad Bin Ebu Vakkas was born in 592 in Mecca. He is one of the ten Companions from the tribe of Beni Umayya who accepted Islam when he was only 17 years old and was given the good news of being in Paradise.

Saad Bin Abu Vakkas was only 17 years old when he had a dream. While he was in a dark place in his dream, a bright moon suddenly rose and he was walking on the road illuminated by that moon.

While walking on that road, he saw that Zayd bin Haris, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Abu Bakr were also advancing on that road. “When did you come here? she asked. They replied, “newer”.

Three days after he had this dream, Hazrat Abu Bakr told him about the religion of Islam and took him to our Master, the Prophet Ekrem (saas).

Hz. Saad Bin Abu Vakkas, who spoke with our Prophet (saas), immediately converted to Islam. Sa’d Bin Abi Vakkas, who was related to the Prophet from both his father’s and mother’s side, was also the uncle of our Prophet (saas). Sometimes our Prophet (saas) would say, “Here is my uncle, if anyone has such an uncle, let him show me” and compliment him.


The mother’s name of this blessed Companion was Hamna, and her mother’s conversion to Islam did not please her. He was quite disturbed that his ancestors had abandoned their religion.

He sought ways to renounce his new religion and return him to paganism. He made a plan and said to her: “I swear that unless you convert from the religion of Muhammad, I will not put anything in my mouth until I die of hunger and thirst. If you don’t come back, you will become a mother-killer and will be condemned by everyone.”

Until that day, Saad Bin Ebu Vakkas had done everything his mother wanted. However, he had believed in Allah now, and his consent and love had penetrated into his heart. She surrendered to him with all her sincerity.

He came to his mother and said, “Mother, if you had 100 lives and you were to give every one of your lives for me to leave Islam, I would not renege on my religion. So from now on, eat it or not.

Upon this answer, her mother Hamne’s stubbornness stopped and she started eating and drinking again.

This movement became the subject of the verse.


Hz. This incident, which took place between Saad Bin Ebu Vakkas and his mother, was given by Allah as a measure to the believers in the 8th Verse of Ankebut Sura. “We commanded people to treat their parents well. If they force you to associate something with me for which there is no proof of deity, do not obey them. Your return is to me. Then I will inform you of what you have done.” he ordered.


However, his mother did not give up to dissuade her son from Islam and started to try other ways. One day, Mr. While Saad Bin Ebu Vakkas was praying at home, he took his neighbor with him, closed the door together and imprisoned him in the house.

At that time, Hamne, whose shirk had hardened his heart, was saying, “Either you turn from your religion in this house or you die.” This situation showed that a mother who lacked mercy and compassion did not hesitate to persecute her own child. However, he was not successful in that either.

Hamne always wanted to turn his son away from Islam. But it could not be prevented. Hz SaadHis son Amir also became a Muslim. When Hamne heard this too, this time she grabbed her Amir by the collar and said to him: “If you do not abandon this religion, I will no longer be under the shade of the date tree you see, nor will I eat or drink.”

Hz. As soon as Saad Bin Ebu Vakkas heard this oath of his mother, he went to her and said, “O my mother, don’t let me eat and drink until you become a stop for hellfire.” Said his mother, Hamne, remained silent, unable to say anything more.

Saad Bin Abu Vakkas and His Courage

Muslims were tortured intensely by the polytheists at such a time. Saad Bin Abi Waqqas was praying in Mecca with a few of the first Muslims.

Abu Sufyan and a few polytheists came to them, belittled their worship and said something. They suddenly clashed with each other and Hazrat Sa’d cut off the head of one of the polytheists there with a bone he took in his hand.

The polytheists, who did not expect this, suddenly broke down and started to flee, losing their courage. The Muslims chased them. Thus, Hazrat Sa’d became the first Companion to shed blood in the way of Allah.

Hazrat Saad Bin Abu Vakkas was a generous and honest person. He is one of the 10 Companions who were given the good news of Paradise and participated in all the battles during the time of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh).

He was honored by the words of our Prophet, “May my parents be sacrificed for you”.

During the Battle of Uhud, he shielded our Prophet (saas) with his body and shot arrows at the polytheists so much that the Messenger of Allah (saas) said to him the following words that will not be granted to any mortal. “May my parents be sacrificed for you, don’t stop sad”


Hazrat Ali says: The Messenger of Allah (saas) used the sentence “May my parents be sacrificed for you” only on the day of Uhud. Said for Saad Bin Abu Waqqas. During the Battle of Uhud, the Messenger of Allah was praying as this blessed Companion shot arrows. “Divine this is your arrow. O Allah, when he prays for you, accept his prayer. Even point your shot.”

With this prayer of our Prophet, Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Vakkas found fame with his heroism, courage and skill in shooting arrows, as well as with the acceptance of his prayer. Both the polytheists and the believers always refrained from his prayer.

He spent his whole life in service to Islam, both when the invitation to Islam was secret and from his young age. He was the commander of the army sent to Iran during the time of Hz. For this reason, he was given the title of “Conqueror of Iran”.

God bless him and all Companions May he have great mercy on our masters..

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