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Who is the prophet Yunus?

Prophet Yunus is known for his wonderful story as the prophet swallowed by fish. He was sent as a prophet to the people of Nineveh with the task of conveying.

Prophet Yunus (pbuh) was sent to his people to inform Allah’s orders and prohibitions and to convey Allah’s religion. In our great book, the Qur’an, Prophet Yunus was mentioned with praise in the pen and in the chapter of Nisa. He was given prophecy at the age of 30. He lived to be 83 years old.

The Story of Yunus Aleyhisselam

The people of Prophet Yunus (PBUH) were a pagan people. Prophet Yunus conveyed to them that they should always abandon that bad habit and turn to the One and Only Allah. But his people did not listen to him. They even mocked him and said, “Let your Lord show Himself to us.”

Allah Jalla celaluhu, the Lord of the worlds, sent Gabriel Aleyhisselam to Yunus Aleyhisselam and warned his people, that if they do not abandon idolatry within 40 days, a great punishment will come to them.

Upon this, Hazrat Yunus Aleyhisselam, O my people, Allah, the Lord of the worlds, warns you. If you do not stop worshiping these idols in 40 days, He will send you a great punishment. Follow the orders and prohibitions of Allah azza wa jalla and do not let this torment surround you. If you repent and believe in him, you will be among the survivors.”

His people did not listen to him again. They said, ‘Tell your Lord to punish us now. It’s been 37 days. Prophet Yunus thought that his people would not give up this bad habit, and he leave he did.

The effects and signs of the punishment sent by our Lord began to be seen. The oppressors of his people lost their power. They began to weaken and their faces turned pale. Thereupon, they said that what Yunus Aleyhisselam said was true, they regretted it and started to repent. Almighty Allah accepted the sincere repentance of Yunus Aleyhisselam’s people.

Yunus Aleyhisselam Left without permission

However, before this event, Prophet Yunus (PBUH) left there and left his people by getting on a ship. After a while, a great storm broke out. The ship was in danger of sinking.

According to the belief at the time, a storm broke out when an unlucky person was on board. They drew lots to identify this person and said that they would throw out the one who got the lottery from the ship and they would get rid of the excess load.

They drew lots and came out to Prophet Yunus, but they looked at him and said that this person would not be unlucky. How many times did they draw lots, it came out to Prophet Yunus (PBUH) and finally they threw him into the sea. As soon as he was thrown into the sea, a huge fish swallowed him. He swallowed it, but God preserved it in the belly of the fish.

Yunus Aleyhisselam’s Prayer

Prophet Yunus (pbuh) realized his mistake when he was in the belly of the fish, he fully understood that there was only Allah to help him, then he called out to his Lord sincerely and sincerely;

Prophet Yunus
Prophet Yunus prayer

O my Lord, I forgive you from all shortcomings. I left my people and became one of the wrongdoers. (Surat al-Anbiya 87) and on the day of Ashura, which is the 10th day of Muharram, Allah accepts his repentance and the fish vomited him to the shore of the Tigris.

Later, he meets a shepherd and the shepherd tells him about the people of Nineveh and says that when the prophet Jonah left his people, his people realized that he was right and repented. He said they all believed.

And Hazrat Yunus Aleyhisselam, hearing this, returns to his people. His people welcomed him with joy and apologized to him. They all said we believed in Allah, we believed in what you said, you are the Messenger of the one and only Almighty Allah. And throughout his life, Yunus Aleyhisselam conveyed Allah’s orders and prohibitions to them. Nineveh Nation After that day, it was about faith and peace. The beauty of faith was reflected in their lives. They became saints in both worlds.

Miracles of Yunus Aleyhisselam

His people asked Prophet Yunus (PBUH) to make Fire out of the Clouds. With Allah’s permission, Yunus Aleyhisselam prayed. Fire coming out of the clouds burned the tree in front of his people.

The voice of Prophet Yunus was very beautiful. Wild animals gather around him to listen to his voice. Once, as a miracle, a lizard spoke to him and said, You are Prophet Yunus, the Prophet of Allah. Some of his tribe witnessed this event.

The ruler of his tribe said to him, “If you turn these door rings into gold, I will believe that you are the Prophet of Allah.” He also raised his hands accordingly and prayed. Door rings turned into gold and the ruler of his people was honored with faith.

When his people were thirsty, he drew water from the Rock on the mountain with his sign. Prophets can do extraordinary things by Allah’s leave. These are called miracles. They carry out these extraordinary events with Allah’s permission in order for people to believe in them and to strengthen their faith.

Prophets are chosen people who teach us about Allah’s orders and prohibitions, and who convey to us the revelation that Allah sent with Gabriel. They are the most valuable people who lived in the way Allah wanted and set the best example for us.

These stories are lessons, not stories. Wherever we are like him, these stories show us what to do and guide us. What should we do if we make a mistake? How to pray. Because these prayers are effective and accepted prayers.

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