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Prophet Noah (pbuh) is a prophet who lived in Mesopotamia. Prophet Noah (pbuh) is considered the second ancestor of humanity.

Human life, which started with Prophet Adam, ended with a flood, and started again with Prophet Noah (pbuh). Hz. Noah (as) has 4 children. Hz. After Idris (pbuh) was lifted into the sky, people worshiped idols.

Prophet Noah (pbuh) invited people to the religion of the one and only Allah. People made fun of him. But he worked tirelessly for the religion of Allah. The name of Prophet Noah (as) is mentioned 43 times in the Quran.

This blessed prophet lived for 950 years and spent his life conveying what came from his Lord to people. He fed the poor, clothed the naked, and set an example for his people with his behavior.

The Story of Prophet Noah

Prophet Noah (as) is a very good carpenter. Also considered as sailors’ pir. He was very upset that his people worshiped idols. He did his best to make them believe in Allah, and he was tirelessly fulfilling his duty of conveying the message.

Unfortunately, one of his children did not believe in his prophethood. The name of his son, who did not believe him, was Kenan. An order came to Prophet Noah (pbuh) from his Lord and he was ordered to build a ship. He warned his people and said, “Come, believe, or a flood will come and destroy you.” He built the ship, and those of his people who did not believe him mocked him as he passed by the ship.

The Ark of Prophet Noah

But he told them to believe in the one and only Allah, turn to him and follow his orders. He said, “Do not worship these idols that do not even benefit him.” They did not listen and insulted them. They even battered him, but he never shied away from his duty and ship completed.

On the ship, which has three floors, a couple of wild animals were taken to the bottom. A couple of pets were placed on the middle floor. On the top floor, 72 believers got on. Prophet Nuh (as) said to his people, “O my people, these places where you are will be flooded, come, believe in Allah and get on the ship. said. but khis son Kenan and his wife and many did not believe in him and did not embark on the ship.

They said, “You’re being ridiculous, we’ll go to a high place and get rid of it.” On board the ship were his three other sons, Ham, Japheth, and Sam. Then suddenly a flood broke out. This flood was so severe and effective that water covered the earth in a short time.

Those on the ship moved with the waters. Those who did not know about the ship, however, could not escape, and they drowned and perished. For this reason, Prophet Noah (pbuh) is called the second ancestor of humanity.

The Story of Ashura

After the flood, the ship remains on the water for months. Prophet Noah puts the food left on the ship in a cauldron and cooks them. This dish, which is still made today, is called ashura.

10th day of Muharram It is distributed to spouses, friends, and the poor. Muharram is very important in our religion. Almighty Allah created the sky and the earth in this month. Hz. Moses split the Red Sea in two in Muharram. Jesus Christ was born on the 10th of Muharram and ascended to the sky on the 10th of Muharram.

Hz. Yusuf Aleyhisselam got rid of the well today. Prophet Yunus was saved from the belly of the fish today. The eyes of Hazrat Yakup (alaihis-salâm) were also opened today. The son of Prophet Ibrahim, Ismail Aleyhisselam, was born today. Eyüp Aleyhisselam has also found healing from his illness today. The repentance of Hazrat Adam Aleyhisselam has been accepted today as well.

Miracles of Prophet Noah

Some of his tribe asked him to ground large rocks as a miracle. Hz. Noah pointed to the rocks with his hand. The rocks became soil. 12 people from his people who saw this came to faith.

One day, a family of his tribe lost their child. They were looking everywhere. Prophet Noah (pbuh) came to the Prophet and said, “If you know where our children are, we will believe in you.” Allah Almighty gave him the ability to see far away. He saw the child from afar and told where he was, and his family believed.

A group of your people came and said, If you are the Prophet of Allah, let it rain without clouds and let’s see. Prophet Noah raised his hands to the sky. As soon as he began to pray, it rained in the cloudless air. These people from his tribe believed in his prophethood. They obeyed the commands of Almighty Allah and were honored by faith.

May Allah be pleased with this blessed prophet, the second ancestor of humanity, who conveyed the message tirelessly in a long life of 950 years.

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