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Who is Prophet Musa briefly?

Who is Prophet Musa briefly? Hz. Moses (pbuh) is descended from the prophet Jacob. His brother’s name is Harun, and his mother’s name is Imran.

If we say briefly who is the Prophet Moses (pbuh), one of the four great books, the Torah, was revealed to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). The title of “Kelimullah” was given to Prophet Musa (as) because he spoke to Allah on Mount Tur.

As the Prophet who saved the Israelites from the tyranny of the Pharaoh, he is a great leader in divine religions. The prophet whose name is mentioned the most in the Qur’an is Prophet Moses (pbuh).

Who Is Prophet Musa Briefly?

Hz. the story of Moses

Pharaoh, ruler of Egypt, had a dream. She is told that a newborn boy in her dream will bring about her demise. Thereupon, Pharaoh orders all male babies born at that time to be killed.

The mother of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) put him in a chest and left him in the Nile River. Drifting in the river, the chest reaches the palace of the Pharaoh. Asiye Hanım, the wife of the Pharaoh, finds this beautiful baby in the Nile river and adopts it.

And so he begins to live in the palace. In his youth, he sees two men fighting and intervenes. And there accidentally the man dies as a result of the blow he received from Prophet Musa. Upon this event, he went to the city of Madyan from Egypt.

There he married the daughter of the Prophet Shuayip. He stays in Madyan for many years. Shepherds. Because of the pharaoh’s cruelty to the Egyptian people, Almighty Allah assigns him the duty of prophethood.

Prophet Moses (pbuh) Becoming a Prophet

The Prophet Moses (pbuh), who left Madyan with his family, saw a fire while passing by Mount Sinai. And he told his family that he could bring warmth from this fire. He thought he could hear from those who lit this fire on the mountain.

When the Prophet Moses (pbuh) arrived there, Allah addressed him from a tree. O Moses, I am the Lord of the worlds (Qasas Surah 30. Verse) take off your shoes, you are in the holy valley Tuva. I have chosen you.

Then listen to what is revealed to you. Indeed, I am Allah, the Lord of the worlds. There is no god but Me. So worship me and pray straight to remember me. (Surah Taha, verses 11-14) This is the first revelation that came to the Prophet Moses (pbuh).

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) said, “My Lord, let me see you, show me yourself.” Our Lord, O Moses, look at that mountain over there, if the saddle stays in place, you can see me. The mountain was shattered in an instant. Hazrat Musa (as) fainted.

When he regains consciousness, our Lord tells him what is in his hand, Musa of course. here wisdom was that he started a conversation with our Lord, the All-knowing Prophet Moses (pbuh). You know everything, my Lord is the staff. I shake branches to my sheep with it, it supports me when I climb to a high place, and he told me about its different features.

Because the Maliki of everything has had the opportunity to chat with our Lord, would he miss this opportunity? Such are the Prophets to whom our Almighty Lord bestowed great intelligence. God bless them.

Our Lord said, O Moses, throw your staff on the ground. As soon as the Prophet Moses threw the staff on the ground, the staff became a dragon. Prophet Musa was afraid. Our Lord said, do not be afraid, O Moses. He held out his hand to her, and it became a staff again. O Moses, put your hand in your bosom and come out.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) did as he was told, and when he removed his hand, his hand became light, it was radiating a wonderful light. Our Lord, O Moses, you will go to Pharaoh’s palace and warn him. You will remove his oppression.

The Prophet Moses asked his Lord for help so that my Lord, I cannot speak fluently, make my brother Aaron help me there. Our Lord made his brother Aaron help him.

The Prophet Musa (as) going to the Palace

Who is Prophet Musa briefly? Let’s continue, Prophet Moses appears before Pharaoh. And “I am the messenger of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Give up your cruelty to people.” Pharaoh claims divinity. My god. Prophet Moses said to Pharaoh, “Then don’t blink your eyes”. Looks like he can’t.

Prophet Moses said to Pharaoh, “How can you call your god, who can’t even control your eyelids? Well, it’s daytime right now, let’s see it at night.” Pharaoh is helpless. But it is stubborn. Prophet Moses throws his staff on the ground and turns into a snake.

Pharaoh’s magicians throw their wands and they turn into snakes, but the snake of Prophet Moses swallows them all. The magicians say that this is a miracle, not magic, and immediately prostrate. But Pharaoh kills anyone who believes in him.

Journey to the Red Sea

Hz. Moses reaches the Red Sea with his believers. Pharaoh and his soldiers are after him. Pointing with the staff in his hand, the Prophet Moses divides the Red Sea into two. He and his followers pass, but Pharaoh and his soldiers are drowned and destroyed.

Our Lord revealed the holy book of the Torah to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). And the Prophet Moses called the people of Egypt to believe in Allah. It has been through very difficult and grueling times. When he went to Egypt, his people worshiped the calf.

When Prophet Musa returned, they did not listen to him, and his people were destroyed. Prophet Musa, who is the most mentioned prophet in the Qur’an, is one of the 4 great prophets to whom the book was sent down.

We wrote briefly who is Prophet Musa. Of course, this great prophet cannot be explained in such a short way. We gave brief information.

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