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Who is the Prophet Idris and we have gathered information about his life in this article. The first prophet Hz. After Adam became Hz. Şit came and as the third prophet after him, Hz. Idris has arrived.

Prophet Idris is one of the prophets whose name is mentioned in the Qur’an. There are four verses in the Qur’an regarding this. For example, in the 56th and 57th verses of the Surah Maryam, it is as follows. “(O Muhammad)! Remember what we said about Idris in the book. Because he was a righteous prophet. We raised him to a lofty place.”

In addition, verses 85 and 86 of Surah Anbiya say, “(O Muhammad)! Also remember what we told about İsmail, İdris, Zü’l-kifl; each of them was one of the steadfast. We have added them to our mercy. Indeed, they were of the good ones.”

These verses tell us It states that Idris (pbuh) was a prophet, held a lofty rank, and attained Allah’s mercy.

Hz.  Idris Prophet
Hz. Idris Prophet

Hz. Life of Prophet Idris

Prophet Idris Hz. He is one of the grandchildren of Şit, and his pedigree is that of Hz. It is based on Shit. His father’s name is Yerd, his mother’s name is Berre or Eşvet. Babylonian beta is rumored to have been born in Egypt.

According to Islamic scholars, his real name is Uhnuh and it is expressed as Honuk in the Bible. According to rumors, he had white skin, tall, broad chest and a thick beard.

The most basic feature of Hazrat Idris’s life, known for his life, is that he is sincere, that is, he is truthful and patient. This feature is already expressed in the verse. His people made all kinds of verbal and physical insults and attacks against him, did not run away, resisted and became one of those who were patient. Buddha brought patience to him.

Idris (as) called his people to his side and gave them advice, and ordered them to obey Almighty Allah, not to follow the devil, not to rebel, and not to quarrel with the sons of Kabul.

Angels used to visit the Prophet Idris (pbuh) in congregations and chat with him. He had a believing congregation of approximately 1000 people who were subordinate to him.

With the passage of time, those who did not listen to him began to go to the sons of Kabul, one after another and in groups. Finally, Idris (pbuh) fought them in the way of Allah for the first time and took captives from the sons of Kabul and set them free.

Hz. Some of the features of the prophet Idris can be listed as follows;

  • Hz. He was the first to write with a pen after Adam.
  • He is the first person to review the science of the stars and hisab.
  • Prophet is the first to sew and wear clothes
  • He was the first to build houses to worship Allah.
  • He is a Prophet to whom suhuf was revealed.
  • Elevated to a lofty place.
Hz.  Idris Prophet

How Many Suhuf Was Prophet Idris Given?

Hz. A 30-page Suhuf was downloaded to Idris. Suhuf means pages and we can think of it like a small booklet. He also invited his people to the truth and guidance by reading and telling the truths he received from this suhuf.

What is the Profession of Prophet Idris?

Even without the Prophet, Idris (pbuh) would engage in worship, sit with righteous people and earn his living with manual labor. The tailoring profession, which is sewing for the first time in human history, started with this prophet.

Those who deal with the tailoring profession Hz. They regard Idris (as) as their pir. So much so that Allah sent the Prophets to people as spiritual imams, as well as as guides for their material needs.

Is Prophet Idris in Paradise?

Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Prophet Idris (as) sigh It is not certain that he died on earth. “We elevated him to a lofty place.” Those who interpret the verse above are Hz. They said that he was raised to heaven like Jesus.

By the way, is Idris (as) alive or not? There is a scientific conflict that has been going on for a long time. Another prophet who was taken to the sky, like Hadrat Idris, is Hazrat Isa (pbuh). It has been said by many scholars that both are still in heaven and alive.

But this life is not a life as we understand it. In this regard, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, where he describes the levels of life, declares that they are alive, that this life is different from ours, that it is in the form of an angel, and that Prophet Idris is in the third floor of the sky.

In a hadith on this subject, “When I ascended to the 4th floor of Mirac, I met Idris (the prophet). Jibril told me: This is Idris you see. Greet him!” said. I saluted him too. He responded to my greeting and said, “Hello, Salih brother, Salih Prophet!” said.” (Bukhari)

Hz. We are of the opinion that he is in the heavens like Jesus (pbuh) and that he is in a paradise-like place, which is one of the realms of the hereafter, and that he is alive. Because after the apocalypse, you will go to heaven. It is a fact that every living thing will taste death. Idris (as) will also taste death. For this, it is not necessary to descend to the earth.

Miracles of Prophet Idris

As a miracle given to him by Allah, he knew how many leaves were on the trees and loved to recite the rosary by saying, “As much as the leaves of the trees.”

He could talk to the clouds. Whenever he wanted to make it rain, he would talk to the clouds and order them to rain, and the waters would run out. If there was too much snow and rain in a place, he would talk to the clouds and make the clouds go away. Those who believed and believed in him once demanded to see his miracles. Hz. İdris ‘alaihis-salam also spoke to the clouds and showed a miracle.

Worshiping before he became a prophet, Hz. Idris often met with angels during his worship. He knew the names of all the angels.

Hz. Another miracle of İdris ‘alaihis-salam’ is that he speaks with grains of sand. The grains of sand gave information about things he did not know or wanted to know. Hz. Idris takes the grains of sand in his hand and says, “O Sands, speak for Allah.” and grains of sand spoke the truth.

God is a prophet from İdris (pbuh) be pleased with both other prophets. May Allah grant us their intercession. Trust God.

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