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Inshallah, we will briefly explain who Prophet Ibrahim is. Ibrahim (as) is one of the grandfathers of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAV). He was called Halilullah or Halilurrahman because our Almighty Lord called Abraham my Halil (my friend).

We wanted to explain the Prophet Ibrahim briefly, otherwise, of course, many things can be written. Ibrahim Aleyhisselam is the prophet whose name is mentioned the most in the Qur’an after Moses. Ibrahim Aleyhisselam was sent as a prophet to the Chaldean people.

Taha, whose father is Mumin, is named Emile. When her father died while her mother was pregnant, her mother married her uncle, Azer, according to the custom of her tribe. His uncle, Azer, was a pagan. He used to make a living by making idols and selling them.

Who is Prophet Ibrahim in Brief?

From an early age, he grasped the existence of Allah with his mind. He was a very intelligent person. He always opposed idols and believed in the one and only Allah. The cruel Nemrut, who was the ruler during his lifetime, made people worship himself and idols.

Nimrod had a dream one day. He interpreted his dream to his magicians and seers. The seers and magicians said that a newborn boy will bring your end. Thereupon, Nemrut ordered all newborn children to be killed.

Prophet Ibrahim’s mother gave birth to him in a cave to protect him. She grew up there in secret from everyone. When Abraham received prophethood, 10 pages of suhuf were sent down to him. Ibrahim Aleyhisselam, who served to convey the message to people, was a very generous, honorable and generous person.

At a time when the Prophet Abraham went to the Fair Square, he broke the idols they worshiped with an ax in his hand. He left the biggest idol intact. And he hung the ax in his hand around his neck with a rope.

When his people came back, they saw that the idols had been broken. They said, “If he did this, Abraham did it.” Because he was always against them. They called the Prophet Ibrahim, did you break the idols we worshiped? they said.

In response to them, the Prophet Ibrahim Aleyhisselam said, “There will be a fight between them, they all said that I am superior to the other and they got into a fight. Those biggest ones broke them all. “Look, the ax is hanging around your neck,” he said.

Nimrod to him O Ibrahim, do idols talk or do they ever fight? said. If the Prophet Ibrahim Aleyhisselam told them, why do you believe in these idols that do not even benefit him? Look, they can’t even defend themselves. I smashed them and they couldn’t do anything to me. He said, ‘Are these your gods?

However, he said that my Lord is the one and only Almighty Allah. Hearing these words, Nemrut went crazy and ordered the Prophet Abraham to be burned to death. A very big fire was lit in a very large place, and a fire was prepared to burn Prophet Ibrahim. The fire was so big that they were going to throw Prophet Ibrahim into the fire with catapults.

The Surrender of Prophet Abraham

Just at this time, Gabriel (pbuh) came to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). He asked him, do you have a request, he said, O Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim, what should I say to you when Allah sees me? “Hasbinallahi and nimel deputy,” he said. I mean, God is my guarantor, and what a wonderful agent he is.

Thereupon, our Lord said to the fire, be cool and safe. The fire did not burn the Prophet Ibrahim (as) and did not harm him. Upon this event, Prophet Abraham migrated to Babylon, and then to the Harran Region of Urfa, together with those who believed in him and his wife.

Almighty Allah destroyed the remaining pagan people of Chaldea by sending a flock of mosquitoes. Nimrod fled and a fly followed him. It went in his nose and started buzzing in his head. Nemrut, who could not stand it, died by hitting him on the head. With the wisdom of Almighty Allah, Nemrut, who saw himself as a god, was destroyed by a tiny fly. There is a great lesson in this for those who understand.

Testing of Prophet Ibrahim with his son Ismail

Prophet Abraham promised that if I have a son, I will sacrifice him to Allah. Almighty Allah reminded Abraham of this promise. Prophet Ibrahim briefly sharpened the knife without hesitation and told his son Ismail about the situation.

Ismail Aleyhisselam daddy, the promise made to Allah must be kept, he said, tie my hands and feet so that your job will be easier, he put the knife in the throat of İsmail Aleyhisselam, but the knife did not cut it.

Stone hit the knife there, and the stone split in two. Almighty Allah witnessed this submission of Ibrahim Aleyhisselam. He sent him a ram, asking him to sacrifice the ram. Prophet Abraham sacrificed the ram and our Lord spared Prophet Ismail.

Profession of Prophet Ibrahim

Hz. Ibrahim built the Kaaba with his son Ismail. We can call him the first architect, as he built this enormous structure. As soon as he finished the construction of the Kaaba, Gabriel came and showed him how to perform the Hajj.

After that, Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail fulfilled the duty of Hajj. The Prophet Abraham climbed on the Kaaba and invited people to pilgrimage.

Outflow of zamzam water

About the Prophet Abraham
The story of zam zam water

While Ibrahim Aleyhisselam was advancing with his son Ismail, who was still suckling his mother, Ibrahim Aleyhisselam left them at one point. There were no settlements there.

He went after Hazrat Hacer İbrahim and asked why he left them. Realizing that this was the order of Almighty Allah, Hz. Hagar went to her son Ismail. Hazrat Ismail was very thirsty and was crying.

Hz. He could not bear the cries of Ismail (as) any longer and went to Safa Hill to see someone else and looked to his right and left. But he did not see anyone. At that time, he started to run between Safa and Merve.

When he finally went to the top of Merve hill, he heard a voice that Hz. He had seen Gabriel. Gabriel (as) was digging the ground with his foot (in one narration, with his blood). When the water appeared, Hz. Our mother Hacer is very, very happy for this and “Stop, stop” meaning “Ground ground” said.

He blocked his way so that the water would not flow behind him and built a pool. On the other hand, he was filling his pitcher for fear that the water would be cut off. But as he took the water, the water was boiling in place. He filled the jug and drank from the water, and then Hz. She fed Ishmael by feeding him.

This is how the Zamzam Well came into being. Our Prophet (pbuh) described this situation as follows in one of his hadiths. “May Allah have mercy on Ismail’s mother, Hagar. If he had left Zamzam alone or had not grasped it; Surely Zamzam would flow, it would be a river.”

Prophet Abraham and the HereafterPresence of

Hz. Abraham wondered how dead living things would be resurrected, and he appealed to Allah to show him how this would happen.

As Allah Almighty told him in the 260th verse of Surah Al-Baqara, or did you not believe? Abraham: No! I believed, but he said for my heart to be satisfied. Then God, if you catch four birds and take them with you, then cut them into pieces and put a piece of them on the top of each mountain. Then call them to yourself and they will come running to you. Know that Allah is holy and sovereign.

Indeed, he did as it was said, and those birds were sent to Hz. Resurrected by the call of Abraham, they came to him. In other words, Prophet Abraham briefly saw the resurrection, that is, the resurrection itself.

Halil Ibrahim Blessings

Hz. Abraham’s generosity became famous. He loved to feed and treat everyone, familiar and unfamiliar. He was also sad when he had no guests at his table. For this reason, the term Halil İbrahim Sofrası and its abundance became famous. Because although this table is open to everyone, it is called Halil İbrahim Bereketi because it never runs out.

When Did Prophet Abraham Die Where Is His Tomb?

In our holy book, the Qur’an, Hz. Where and when Abraham died is not mentioned. However, according to other religious sources, the angel of death came in the identity of an old person, Hz. Abraham also gave him treats. But he has no need to eat from old age.

Thereupon, Hz. Abraham asked him his age. When he learns that she is 2 years older than him, he asks for his soul to be taken in order not to be like him, and the angel of death fulfills this request. death when you The Prophet, who was 200 or 175 years old. Ibrahim’s tomb was buried next to Sare in Hebron (Al-Khalil, located in Palestine).

We tried to explain the Prophet Abraham briefly, even though it was long.

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