Who is Musab Bin Umair? – Prayer Surah Verse


Musab Bin Umayr was a very handsome young man who belonged to one of the most populated families of Mecca. He was someone who everyone looked at with admiration, and he was a name similar to our prophet with his outward appearance.

Yes, there are lessons we can take from every companion, and Musab bin Umayr (ra) is one of these distinguished Companions. This blessed person was one of the most beloved, young and prestigious figures of Mecca before he converted to Islam.

Mus’ab, who is almost the apple of his family’s eye, lives a rich, prosperous and ostentatious life. One day, while living such a dazzling life, he learned about the religion conveyed by our Prophet (saas).

In a curiosity, Mr. visited the Prophet (saas). He stayed with her for a while and listened to her conversation. Then the light of guidance began to illuminate him, and he came out of the presence of the Messenger of Allah, to whom he came as a polytheist, as a Muslim.

However, at first, he had to hide from his family and everyone else that he was a Muslim due to the pressure of the Meccans on Muslims. When Osman bin Talha saw Musab bin Umayr praying, his family was told that he had converted to Islam. Thereupon, he was imprisoned by his family.

He migrated to Abyssinia

With the emergence of the emigration to Abyssinia as a result of the pressure of the polytheists, Musab Bin Umayr was among the names in the first convoy. Musab Bin Umair, who went to Abyssinia to live the religion of Islam comfortably, did not change anything when he returned to Mecca. His family and relatives were again enemies.

While our Prophet (saas) was chatting one day, Hz. Musab Bin Umair (ra) came to them and greeted them. After receiving the greeting, our Prophet (saas) said, “Praise be to Allah, who can change the world with all its people!

See that young man over there? He was once the most beloved possession of his parents. The love of Allah and His Messenger preceded the love of his parents. He preferred Allah and His Messenger over his parents.” Hz. Receiving this compliment of the Prophet (saas), Mus’ab bin Umayr had indeed sacrificed everything, his house and his lavish life, for the sake of Islam.

It was the first Allegiance of Aqaba. When the religion of Islam spread rapidly in Medina, the new Muslims here came to Hz. They asked the Prophet (saas) to send teachers to teach them about Islam.

First Teacher: Musab Bin Umair

Musab Bin Umair

Thus, my first teacher was Musab bin Umair. He went to Medina and settled in the house of As’ad bin Zurare (ra). So much so that Es’ad’s house became an Islamic classroom and anyone who came there became a Muslim.

The rapidly increasing number of Muslims wanted to perform Friday prayers in Medina. They informed our Prophet (saas) about this and obtained his permission. After this permission, the Muslims of Medina performed their first Friday prayers together under the leadership of Mus’ab.

Then Hz. Musab had visited the Messenger of Allah to explain the development of Islam to Mecca. Musab’s mother, who heard about this, got very angry and sent a message to her son saying, “Unfortunate son, how can you come here and visit someone else before me? He said.

Musab said, “I cannot visit anyone before our Prophet (saas)!” Then, taking leave, he went to his mother and asked her, “Are you still superstitious?” He answered the question as follows.

“Mother, I am Hz. I am on the religion of Muhammad (saas), which is a true religion sent by Allah. You know well my fondness for you. I sincerely want you to believe in Allah and His Messenger, whom I believe in.” said. His mother, on the other hand, refused his offer, saying that if he became a Muslim, they would make fun of me. Later, she would no longer interfere with her son.

He was also remembered for his heroism in the Battle of Badr. In the Battle of Uhud, he was assigned by our Prophet (saas) to carry the banner of Islam. On the one hand, he was fighting, on the other hand, he was reciting the following verse against the withdrawal of some Muslims.

“Muhammad is a prophet. Prophets had come before him. Now if he dies or is killed, will you turn from your religion or flee from the war?”

He Looked Like Our Prophet

He was fighting against the polytheists heroically. A polytheist named “Ibn Kamie” who came to him for a while, compared him to the Prophet, attacked him suddenly and cut off Musab’s (ra) hand holding the flag. He immediately took the banner in his left hand. However, he could not save his hand from being cut off. But he is blessed Companions this time he grabbed the banner with his teeth and tried to hold it to his chest.

A Companion who came to him immediately caught up and took the standard from him. In fact, he was an angel and continued the war in the guise of Mus’ab. At one point, the Messenger of Allah called him, but that angel said, “I am not Musab, O Messenger of Allah!” He realized that he was a martyr.

Thereupon, Hz. The Prophet (saas) recited the following verse with tears: “There are many believers who remain true to their promise to Allah that they will be with the Messenger of Allah. Some of them fulfilled their promises and attained martyrdom, while others await such a beautiful fate. They did not change their words in any way.

Musab Bin Umair was 40 years old when he reached the rank of martyrdom. This Companion, who lived a rich life, had nothing but a small piece of cloth that could be used as a shroud.

So much so that when his head was covered, his feet remained uncovered even if his feet were covered. When the Messenger of Allah saw this, he said, “Pull that covering over your head! Cover your feet with grass! said. Sacrificing everything he loves for Allah Mus’abThis is how he met his God, whom he loved more than anything.

God bless him forever! Amine

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