Who is Hazrat Osman? Information About His Life


Hazrat Uthman is one of the 4 caliphs of Islam, who was in the caliphate position after Hazrat Umar. He is a Companion who earned the praise of the Messenger of Allah, “Even angels shy away from him,” with his good morals and exemplary attitudes and behaviors to people.

Hazrat Osman has a very beautiful personality and was born in 574 according to the Hijri calendar. He is one of the first believers in the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and is among the first Muslims.

Hazrat Osman

Hazrat Osman was from the Quraysh tribe and his mother was Erva Hanım. Erva Hanım is the daughter of Beyza, the aunt of our Prophet. She died in Medina in 656 according to the Hijri calendar.

Hazrat Osman is 3 years younger than the Prophet. He was one of the close friends of Hazrat Abu Bakr in the Age of Ignorance.

When Hz. Osman became a Muslim, his uncle, who heard this, tied him tightly and imprisoned him and said that he would not release him even if he did not return to his old religion.

Seeing his determined attitude, his uncle later released him. Hazrat Osman (ra) married Rukayye, the daughter of the Prophet.

Hazrat Uthman Is Announced With Paradise

Hazrat OsmanHe bought the Rume well, which belonged to a Jew, for 20,000 dirhams and offered the well to the service of Muslims. This well was of great importance for Muslims because the Messenger of Allah (saas) said, “Whoever opens the well of Ruma, there will be Paradise for him.” he ordered. In other words, Hazrat Osman is one of the Companions who were given the good news of Paradise.

Rukayye, the wife of Hz Osman, could not participate in the Battle of Badr because she was seriously ill. However, he took part in all the wars with the polytheists and the enemies of Islam, except the Battle of Badr.

After our mother’s death, Rukayye, the daughter of the Prophet and the wife of Hz. Osman, married Rasulullah Osman to his other daughter, Umm Gülsüm.

When Ummugulsum passed away in the 9th year of the Hijra, the Messenger of Allah said: If I had 40 daughters, I would have them married to Osman one after the other until there was none left. And again, he said to Osman that if I had a third daughter, he would certainly have been married to you.

Since Hazrat Osman was married to 2 daughters of our Prophet, he became known as Zin Nureyn, which means the owner of two lights. The son of Hz Osman, named Abdullah, who was born from our mother Rukayye, died at the age of 6 years.

During the Medina period, Hazrat Osman always stood by the Prophet’s side. Hazrat Osman, one of the richest of the Companions, provided financial assistance more than anyone else.

He was extremely generous in identifying the armies that marched against the infidels. He alone met one third of the army. He donated 950 camels and 100 horses, 10,000 Dinars in cash, together with their full equipment kits.

Seeing this behavior, the Prophet (saas) said, “O Allah, I am pleased with Osman, and you are also pleased.”

Hazrat Osman was with the Prophet in his Farewell Pilgrimage. Hazrat Osman radiyallahu anh solved many difficulties of Muslims.

Abu Bakr in his caliphate and to Hazrat Omar to which he swore allegiance and always helped them. He was a very moral, very sweet-spoken Companion, and the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to haya.

From the first copy of the Qur’an, which was written on paper and called the mushaf, at the time of Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), 6 more copies were printed and reproduced in his time.


Hz. Our Prophet (saas) said to his daughter Rukiye, “O my dear daughter! Respect Osman. For among my Companions, he is the one whose morals resemble me the most.”

He was one of the revelation scribes of our Prophet (saas). He wrote well, spoke well and was a very strong orator. He always read the Quran and memorized it.

Our Prophet says: “Every prophet has a friend in heaven. My friend is Osman”

In a hadith, he said: “Even the angels in the sky doom from Osman. All angels are proud of me. And I am proud of Osman Bini Affan.”

Caliphate of Hazrat Usman

After Hazrat Umar to the caliphate Hazrat Usman was chosen. When Hz. Osman took over the state administration, the Islamic conquests were continuing rapidly.

Hazrat Osman continued the spreading process of the message of Islam at the same speed. He conquered Armenia, North Africa and Cyprus, suppressed the uprisings in Iran and consolidated the population of the Central government.

Hazrat Osman Masjid enabled the enlargement of his prophet. He had it rebuilt with ornate stones. He erected stone pillars and covered the ceiling with a kind of tree. It increased its length to 160 and its width to 150 Ziraa dimensions.

During his caliphate, the Islamic country became very rich. The level of prosperity has increased. He won victories against Byzantium. He defeated the Byzantines in a naval battle. He served in the Caliphate office for 12 years. The first 6 years of which passed in peace and security, no one complained about the practices of the administration.

The Quraysh Tribe loved Uthman more than Umar. Hazrat Omar has a harsh temperament. On the other hand, the gentleness, tolerance and kindness in his creation allowed people to act freely. But this was a negative situation.

Because the governors, who fully obeyed the rules during the time of Hazrat Omar, began to exhibit irresponsible behavior during the reign of Hazrat Osman. They directed an accusation against Hz Osman. They accused him of bringing his own relatives to the governorship, honoring them and condoning corruption.

Hazrat Ali addressed Hazrat Osman as follows: “Mr. When Omar appointed a governor to a place, he strictly controlled them, questioned them if he saw their smallest mistakes and was severely punished. And you, Osman, are not doing this.”

Upon this, Hz. Osman acted more carefully and started to control what he brought to the administration. Later, the seditionists besieged Hz Osman’s house.

They told Hazrat Uthman to leave the caliphate. Hazrat Osman said that he would not turn a blind eye to sedition, that death does not frighten him and that we will never bow to the rebels.

They besieged Hz Osman’s house for 22 days. On Friday, June 17, 656, they martyred Uthman in Medina. Hazrat Osman’s body was secretly buried at night by his wife and a few of his sincere friends.

The period that started with the martyrdom of Hazrat Osman was a turning point in the history of Islam. After this date, internal turmoil and strife followed each other.

May Allah be pleased with Hazrat Osman, other caliphs and companions.

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