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Hazrat Omar is one of the 10 Companions who became famous for his justice and was given the good news of Paradise when he was alive. He is from the Benu Adiyy branch of the Quraysh tribe, and unites with his great ancestor Ka’b Ibn-i Lüeyde and the pure lineage of our Prophet.

Hazrat Umar is 10 years younger than the Prophet. Our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saas) wished that one of the two powerful and respected Omars among the polytheists would become a Muslim.

He prayed to God for this desire. May Allah strengthen Islam with Omar bin Hisham or Umar bin Khattab. One of these two Omars was Omar Bin Hisham, that is, Abu Jahl. The other Omar was Omar Bin Khattab, that is, Hazrat Umar, who would be famous for his justice.

There are verses in the Qur’an confirming the ideas defended by Hazrat Umar. Therefore, it is not permissible to talk about him back and forth. For, it is not befitting for a Muslim to gossip about the person whom Allahu ta’ala calls Paradise and to whom he sent down verses to confirm his view.

Hazrat Umar has a very important place in the science of fiqh. The solutions he found to many of the problems he encountered in the field of law and the methods he applied are things that should be appreciated.

Hazrat Umar was very meticulous about the hadith narration. He asked the companions who narrated hadiths for witnesses, questioned them, and narrated 539 hadiths himself, leaving no room for doubt.

Becoming a Muslim of Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Umar became famous among the people of Quraysh for his courage. He would do whatever he said and no one could stop him. He took up his sword and set out to kill the Messenger of Allah. While on the road with all his fury, he came across Nuaym, who had just become a Muslim.

Nuaym said, “O Omar, where are you going?” Omar Bin Khattab replied. “I am going to destroy the body of Muhammad, who invented a new religion among the Quraysh and broke up the Separatism,” he said.

Nuaym said to him, “O Omar, your sister and brother-in-law also entered his religion. Do you know about him? You first return them to that rest,” he said. Hazrat Umar became even more angry and in a fit of anger he moved towards the house where his sister and brother-in-law lived.

When he got home, he stopped at the door and heard his brother-in-law reciting the Qur’an with a burning voice. She rushed in. Her brother-in-law and sister immediately hid the page of the Qur’an they were reading.

He said, “Bring Hazrat Omar, let me see what you read.” They said nothing Omer angrily “So what I heard was true. You also slept with him,” he said.

Right behind him, he grabbed his brother-in-law’s collar and pinned him to the ground. Her husband left her in blood with the blows he inflicted on his sister Fatima, who wanted to save him. He battered his sister and brother-in-law. This pathetic scene relieved Hz Omar’s anger.

And the acceptance of a prayer

Bring it, he said, let’s see what you read. Her sister said clean up first. Then they started to read Surah Taha from the beginning. As the verses were read, Hazrat Omar’s heart softened. The Qur’an began to flow warmly into his heart. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He said what a sweet word.

He asked where the Messenger of Allah (saas) was and went straight to Darül Erkam’s house. The Prophet was chatting with his companions. The Companions, who saw the coming of Hazrat Hamza Omar, got worried.

The Messenger of Allah said, let Omar come, and in the presence of our Master, Hazrat Omar, he declared that he had become a Muslim. The Companions were delighted and started shouting with joy with the voices of Takbir.

The prayer that the Messenger of Allah made the day before for one of the two Umar to become a Muslim was accepted. Hazrat Umar was the 40th Muslim. With his heroism and courage, he would have a very important place in the cause of Islam.

Hazrat Omar, who was a Muslim, said, “What are we waiting for, let’s go and openly pray at the Kaaba. Hz. Seeing that Hazrat Omar was on the right of the Prophet (saas) and Hamza on his left, the polytheists were terrified and surprised.

Muslims began to pray openly in the Kaaba for the first time. The fact that Hazrat Umar became a Muslim made not only believers happy, but even the angels in the sky. As a matter of fact, after a while, Gabriel (pbuh) came to our Prophet and said, “They are giving each other good news that the People of Heaven, Omar, will become Muslims.”


Hazrat Omar

From Hazrat Abu Bakr Then the caliph was Omar. The second caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar, had a very harsh temperament but was a very humble companion.

After Hazrat Umar was elected caliph, he climbed the pulpit and said the following words. “The Almighty Allah has appointed me as your representative for your affairs. I hope it will be useful to you.

I pray that Allah Almighty will help me and inspire me to protect our rights. Because I am a weak servant. Only God’s help can give me strength.

I hope that my taking the post of caliphate will not change anything from my morals. Greatness belongs only to Almighty Allah, servants have no right to be arrogant.

Let none of you say that Omar changed when he became the caliph. I think of the right before his own self. I always take it up. I explain my work to you. If any of you are wronged or persecuted, let me know. Because I am a person like you. If you don’t tell me, I don’t know.

After saying this, he prayed: “My God, I am a tough and violent person. Grant me softness. I am weak, give me strength. O my Lord, give me strength and power to guide this ummah, whose administration I have taken over, to the right path.”

Hazrat Umar, who helped Hazrat Abu Bakr the most during his caliphate, also ruled the Islamic country with justice during his own caliphate. During his caliphate, the Arabian Peninsula came under Islamic rule.

The Muslims defeated the Iranian army. He started expeditions to Byzantium. He conquered the territory of Armenia. He conquered Syria. besieged Jerusalem. He conquered the lands of Iran.

People who saw that Islam was a religion of peace and everyone was treated fairly in the places they conquered were converting to Islam. The peoples, who were oppressed for centuries under the oppression of Byzantium and Iran, rushed to Islam.

Hz. The most important feature of Ömer is that he ensures that the rights are given to the owner without any discrimination such as position, rank, and nobility. For him, there is no difference between a slave and a master in this regard. Ask yourself the most important word when you go to bed at night. What did you do for God today? It’s the word.

Death of Hazrat Umar

Hazrat Umar was the caliph of the believers and he was a Companion who received many compliments from the Messenger of Allah throughout his life. The Prophet himself gave him the name “Faruk”, which means “dividing the truth from the false”.

The Prophet (saas) said to him, “If a prophet would come after me, he would be Umar” (Tirmidhi) from his queen described as one. The other is Hz. Abu Bakr (ra) was our master. So much so that he was the one who was given the good news of heaven while he was on earth.

Who was Hazrat Umar martyred by?

He always prayed as follows in the prayers of Hz. “O Allah, I want to die in your way and in the land of your Prophet.”

Finally, his prayer was answered. In the 23rd year of the Hijra, during a morning prayer, Ebu Lü’lü was martyred by a slave named Firuz. Hz. Ömer was lying on the floor. Everyone was at their bedside and the sobs were stuck in their throats.

Hazrat Umar said, “Don’t cry! Whoever is going to cry, get out of my way. Haven’t you heard that the Prophet said, “The dead suffer with the crying of their relatives”?

Hazrat Umar stood right next to Hz. He said to Abbas, “Look who shot me.” Hz. Umar himself Mughira b. When he learned that Shu’ba’s slave, Firuz, had been stabbed, he said, “Praise be to Allah, he did not have me killed by a Muslim hand.”

Hz. Ömer had an idea for a long time. He said to his son Abdullah, “Go say hi to Aisha for me. But don’t say that Emiru’l-mu’minin has a greeting. Because I am not the commander of the believers right now.

Tell him, “Omar, I wonder if you will let him sleep with his two friends,” he asks permission. Quickly, Mr. Aisha went to our mother’s house. She saw him sitting in a corner crying.

When he said his father’s wish, he said, “By God, I thought of it for myself. But today, I prefer Omar to my own self,” he said. Hz. When Abdullah (ra) returned with this good news and told his father, Hz. Omar was suddenly relieved and said: “By God, that was my problem.”

May Allah be pleased with you and the blessed Companions and grant us the ability to follow in their footsteps. Amine.

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