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He is the son of Harran, brother of Prophet Lut Ibrahim (as). That is, Hz. He is the nephew of Ibrahim (as). Hz. Lut (as) Hz. He lived at the same time as Ibrahim (as) and migrated with him.

Hazrat Lut (as) was sent to the people of Sodom as a prophet. The People of Sodom were a very fierce and excessive people. The name of the prophet Lut is mentioned in 27 places in the Quran.

The Story of the Prophet Lot

Hazrat Lut (pbuh) was a very hospitable, patient and very helpful person. He was engaged in farming. When the duty of prophethood came to him, he told his people about Allah’s orders and prohibitions.

His people, on the other hand, committed the sin of homosexuality, that is, sodomy. They worship idols. They committed many other sins such as drinking and gambling. From time to time, the Prophet Lut (pbuh) had guests.

One day, our Lord sent three very handsome angels in the form of a young man to Abraham. Hz. Ibrahim (as) hosted them. She immediately cut a calf and our wife Sare cooked it. And he laid a sumptuous table in front of 3 guests.

Hz. When Ibrahim (as) sees that they are not eating the food, why don’t you eat it? He said I prepared it for you. Our Lord sent us to give you the good news of those three young people. We are angels appointed by our Lord. We are going to Lut Aleyhisselam. they said.

Hz. Abraham was 120 years old. His wife, Sare, was also in her 90s. They said, “O Ibrahim, my Lord will give you a child.” Our mother Sare overheard and said to those young people that I am 90 years old and I did not give birth when I was young, so she said that I am sterile.

That Angel said, “My Lord will give you your wish.” And our mother Sare was very happy. He gave them the good news of the prophet Isaac. coming in human form angels We were assigned to Prophet Ibrahim to destroy the people of Lot. Our Lord commanded us to overturn the tribe of Sodom and to rain stones on their heads.

Prophet Abraham said, “There are Lot and the believers there, what will happen to them?” We will take them to a safe area. They will be saved, but Hz. They said that Lot’s (as) wife will also perish.

In the face of the miserable state of this perverted people, Hz. Lot always took refuge in his Lord. She would ask him for help. He used to pray to Allah.

Prophet Lut prayer

“My God! Save me and my family from what they used to do (these ugly things)!” (Sura Sura, verse 169) and “My Lord, help me against this horde of mischief-makers!” (Verse 30 of Surah Ankebut)

When Prophet Lot’s wife came to their house, a young and handsome guest would immediately start a fire and see the smoke from the chimney of the house, and the fierce tribe would wait outside the house. The house had two chimneys. One was the chimney where food was cooked, and the other was the chimney that signaled the raging tribe.

And those three young people went away from there and went to the Prophet Lot and were guests of him. Prophet Lut gave them treats. However, his wife did not stay idle and gave a signal to the horny tribe from the chimney again.

What happened to a perverted people

His wife, on the other hand, did not know anything about this situation, the chimney issue. Seeing this sign, the fierce tribe stood at the door of the Prophet Lut. They said give us those young guests? This blessed prophet, do not embarrass me to my guests, this is a very bad thing you have done.

Repent and I will give you my pure daughters. He said, “Live according to Allah’s will, and Allah forgives those who repent.” Those three young St. Lot said to the prophet without announcing to his wife, “We are the angels appointed by our Lord, take those who believe in you and your two daughters with you and go to this valley, which is a safe zone. They said they can’t do anything to us.

Thereupon, Hz. Lut (pbuh) took his two daughters and believers with him and left at night. Towards morning, this fierce tribe first heard a terrible noise, and then stones were rained down on their heads, and our Lord destroyed them.

The tribe of Sodom was destroyed due to bad habits such as homosexuality, idolatrous gambling and drinking. When Prophet Lot reached the valley, he realized that his wife was not with him. He did not know that his wife was collaborating with them.

He said that my wife also stayed there and Gabriel brought the revelation. He stated that his wife gave them signs, informed them, and helped them. Hearing this, The prophet Lot was very upset. Because his wife also perished there.

Miracles of Lut Aleyhisselam

Once, some people in his tribe asked him to make it rain without clouds. Hazrat Lut raised his hands to the sky and prayed. It rained.

People from the tribe of Sodom who wanted to be believers wanted to see miracles from him. Miracles are extraordinary events given to Prophets. Lut Aleyhisselam used to talk to inanimate objects, stones and sands. They would answer him in a way that everyone could hear.

He knew the events that took place in distant places before the news came. When the news came, people would have witnessed this miracle of Lut Aleyhisselam. And some would have believed. Of course, those who had their share.

Yes, the stories of the prophets teach us lessons, and it is an example that these stories are told in our Bible. They can never be a story. He gives lessons to us, he says, do not go astray, follow the orders of Allah, do not stray from the right path so that you do not perish.

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