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He is one of the prophets whose names are mentioned in our great book, the Qur’an. To herself “zebihatullah” that is, he was nicknamed the Sacrifice of Allah. Hazrat Ismail (as) Hz. He is the eldest son of İbrahim Aleyhisselam born from our mother Hacer. His name is mentioned in 12 places in the Quran.

Hazrat Ismail (as) is one of the 313 Messengers. He is both a Rasul and a Nabi. The monument of righteousness is referred to as a prophet. There is a grave inside the Kaaba. This is a trait that not every Rasul will be able to grant.

It is stated in Surah Baqarah that he received revelation. It is said that he informed his people about the orders of Allah, such as prayer and zakat.

In the same way, it is seen that Hazrat Ibrahim is one of the ancestors of Hazrat Yakup Aleyhisselam together with Hazrat Isaac, and Ismail’s father, İbrahim, is described as the people who raise the foundations of the Kaaba and are responsible for its cleanliness.

Hazrat Ismail

Prophet Ismail is a very good archer. He learned archery in his childhood and developed it a lot.

In a Hadith of our Prophet, O sons of Ismail, shoot arrows and your ancestor Mahir was an archer. he ordered. In another hadith, he says, “Throw an arrow, take it as an inheritance and leave it as an inheritance. Because this is the legacy of your father Ishmael to you”.

By the order of Allah, Prophet Abraham took his wife Hacer and son Ismail from Palestine and took them to a Hejaz. Hazrat Ismail Aleyhisselam was still a baby. He left them near a large tree near where the Kaaba was later built.

He put some dates and some water next to them. At that time, the city of Mecca had not yet been established. It was deserted everywhere. There wasn’t even any water.

The Story of Hazrat Ismail Zamzam

About the Prophet Abraham
The story of zam zam water

While Hz. Abraham was returning, Hagar said to our mother, Abraham, “Where are you going, leaving us in this desolate desolate place?”

Then, Ibrahim, did Allah order you to leave us here? said. When İbrahim Aleyhisselam said to him, yes, as Allah had ordered, our mother Hagar put her trust in Allah, saying, “If Allah is enough for us, He will protect us.”

Hz. When Abraham (pbuh) arrived at the senior position, he turned towards the direction of the Kaaba and prayed as follows. “O our Lord, I have placed some of my offspring in a never-growing valley near your Holy house. This is so that our Lord can perform their prayers there. Now, make the hearts of some of the people incline towards them and provide themselves with some fruits so that they may be grateful for the blessing You have given them.” It is commanded in Surah Ibrahim.

Days passed. Our mother Hacer, who had water and dates with them, looked around and there was no one. The child was crying from thirst.

Hagar began to look for water for our mother, Prophet Ismail. He went to the top of Safa. He looked around, could not see anyone, came running to Merve. He looked around. He couldn’t see anyone.

Our Mother Hacer

He repeated the commute 7 times between Safa and Merve to find a sip of water. When he went to Marwa 7 times, he saw an angel in the place where the current Zamzam well is located.

He was scratching the ground with the heel of his foot. According to another rumor, the child started to scratch the sand with his feet, and a water came out from there. Hacer came to our mother and drank blood from this water. He also gave a drink to his son, Prophet Ismail.

Hz. Our mother Hacer was trying to conserve the water by building a pond so that the water would not flow in vain. At the same time, he was filling his whip with his palms.

The Prophet (pbuh) expresses this situation as follows. “May Allah have mercy on Ismail’s mother Hacer, if she had left the zamzam to herself and had not scooped up the water, the zamzam would have been a flowing spring.

After our mother Hagar found water, a group of people passing through Mecca saw a bird above the valley. These people, who knew that this bird flew where there was water, there was no water source here. They went there to check if a new water source was found.

When they heard about the water, they asked our mother Hacer for permission to come and settle in the water. Provided that he does not claim a right to water, Hz. Our mother Hacer gave them permission.

Visit of Prophet Ibrahim

Hz. Ismail learned Arabic from these people. When he reached the age of youth, he married a girl from the Gurhumi tribe. After this marriage, our mother Hacer passed away.

Prophet Abraham, Hz. He came to Mecca to check on Ismail’s condition. When Hazrat Ismail Aleyhisselam came to his house, the following conversation took place with his wife, whom he could not find at home. “Where is Ishmael?” he asked.

Ismail’s wife, Ismail said, went hunting to provide sustenance. He asked how is your livelihood. “We’re in trouble, we’re in bad shape,” she replied.

When your husband comes, Prophet Ibrahim said to say hi and change the threshold of the door. And it’s gone. When İsmail Aleyhisselam returned from hunting, the following conversation took place between him and his wife.

Has anyone come to our house? Yes, an old man came. He replied that he asked about you. He asked about our livelihood. I said we are in trouble. Did Prophet Ismail tell you anything? said. He asked me to say hi to you and warned him to change the threshold of the door.”

Hazrat Ismail Aleyhisselam understood the situation and it was my old father who came and he wants me to leave you. He said go home now. Thus, İsmail Aleyhisselam divorced his first wife.

After a while, he married another girl from Gürhumiler. Ibrahim Aleyhisselam came to Mecca. Again, İsmail Aleyhisselam went hunting. He and his wife had a conversation similar to the one above.

But the woman said that their livelihood and her husband are fine. Then, Ibrahim Aleyhisselam said, “When your husband comes, say hello to him and he will keep the threshold of the door nice.”

When İsmail Aleyhisselam came, he told his wife what had happened. Ismail Aleyhisselam said that the Prophet Ibrahim came. So it was my father. He commands me to please you.

Hz. From time to time, Abraham came from Damascus to visit the graves of his son and wife Hagar.

Test of Prophet Ibrahim

Prophet Abraham saw that he sacrificed his son Ismail once in a dream. Because he promised that if I had a son, I would sacrifice him to God. When I had this dream three nights in a row, my child, I dreamed that I was sacrificing you. He said how about this?

Father Ismail, do what you are commanded to do. I hope you will find me among those who are patient.” he replied. This situation is mentioned in Surah Saffat.

Hadrat İsmail Aleyhisselam said, “My father, you have to keep your promise to Allah, tie my hands and feet so that your job will be easier.” He drove the knife to İsmail Aleyhisselam’s throat, but the knife did not cut it.

Ibrahim Aleyhisselam struck the knife against the stone. The stone shattered in two. Ibrahim Aleyhisselam Ismail Allah rewarded the surrender of Aleyhisselam. A ram sacrificed instead of İsmail Aleyhisselam.

However, the Jews They claimed that it was Prophet Isaac, not Ismail, the son of Ibrahim Aleyhisselam sacrificed. But this is completely fabrication.

Prophethood of Prophet Ismail

After his father, Prophet Ibrahim Aleyhisselam, Hz. Ismail became a prophet to the people of Hijaz. This issue is stated in the Qur’an as follows. In the Qur’an, Ismail Aleyhisselam was a faithful Messenger and Prophet in his current promise.

He used to order his people, that is, his people, to pray and give alms. He was acceptable to Allah with his words and actions. This situation is mentioned in Surah Maryam.

His father, Hz. After the death of Ibrahim, he carried out services related to both the Kaaba and the pilgrimage.

The first thing to do is to cover the Kaaba with a cover. He prophesied for about fifty years.

After Hazrat Gabriel taught him how to make a pilgrimage, Hz. Ismail reported this to the people of Hejaz and the service and protection of the Kaaba remained under his responsibility until the end of his life.

According to rumors, Prophet Ismail died at the age of 137 and his mother Hacer was buried next to our mother.

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