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Hazrat Job’s life in brief

Prophet Job (pbuh) is descended from Iys, the brother of the prophet Jacob. Prophet Eyup lived in Damascus and is the grandson of Isaac Aleyhisselam.

His grandfather prayed to God for him, “Give Job a lot of wealth and children.” Our Lord accepted this prayer and gave Job (pbuh) a lot of wealth and children. Hazrat Job had many servants and lands. Almighty God had given him wealth. He fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and helped the needy. Hazrat Job always thanked Allah and worshiped him constantly.

The Story of the Prophet Job


Prophet Job He was inviting people to believe in Allah and conveying the religion of Allah to people. Of course, in this case, does the demon stand idle? He was trying to discredit Prophet Eyup Aleyhisselam by walking around among people disguised as a poor dervish.

To the believers, “Mr. Job has wealth, he is rich. Of course, he would be grateful, he would not do this if he was poor.” Then, maybe he wanted to show people that he was not what the devil said, but that he was a person worthy of being a prophet in the truth, and he put it to the test.

Almighty Allah took the sheep of Prophet Job from him with the flood and his crops with the wind. Satan came to Hazrat Eyyub in the guise of a shepherd and told the situation with tears. But the result was not as the demon expected. Prophet Eyyüp showed a great example of patience and trust by saying, “My Lord gave them to me and now he took them from me again.”

Later, Almighty Allah took the children of Prophet Eyüp (as) from him in the earthquake. Iblis came to him again in disguise and crying, “Your children died in the earthquake. God took them away from you,” he said. Hazrat Ayyub (pbuh) had tears in his eyes because of his compassion for his children and said, “They were entrusted to me by Allah, Allah gave them to me and Allah took them”. And he was pleased with what came from his Lord. Satan could not revolt against him again.

Hazrat Eyup Aleyhisselam did not stop inviting people to religion. He suffered a lot. Again the devil tried to discredit him. “Of course,” he said, disguising himself as a poor peasant.

Allah Almighty inflicted illness on Eyüp Aleyhisselam. Scars covered his whole body. Everyone turned away from him. He had only one wife left with him. But Hazrat Ayyub never rebelled against Allah from what happened to him. He always remembered Allah and thanked Him.

Prophet Job’s Prayer

He endured this illness for a long time. (7 years) his body started to get worms and emit heavy odors. Now the disease has progressed so much that when it touched his heart and tongue, he prayed like this:

healing prayer
The prayer of the prophet Job

“My God, I will never rebel against you, but the disease has spread to my tongue and my heart. I am afraid that I will not be able to remember you and worship you.”

Almighty Allah revealed, “O Ayyub, stamp your feet on the ground and wash yourself from the water that comes out of the ground.” Prophet Eyüp stamped his feet on the ground, and two springs gushed from the ground. It was washed with cold water from the first spring. All his apparent wounds were healed. Afterwards, he was washed with hot water from the second spring and his internal wounds were healed. She regained her former youth and beauty. Almighty Allah gave Ayyub (as) wealth and children again.

The Hero of Patience Hazrat Job

Prophet Job (pbuh) lived with the awareness that all the disasters that befell him are a test, that this world is the field of the hereafter, and he never rebelled against his Lord despite all the calamities that befell him. That’s why he was called the hero of patience among the prophets.

He was an exemplary person who always kept a poor person at his table and shared the blessings of Allah with those in need. He set an example for humanity with the compassion he showed not only to people who were engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, but also to all living things.

He always duly fulfilled his prophetic duty given to him by Allah, by telling people about Allah’s orders and prohibitions. notification has fulfilled its duty.

Miracles of Prophet Job

When the Prophet Eyyüp prayed, the wool of the sheep would be Ibrisim. One day, he invited the ruler of his tribe to faith. This person said to Hz. Eyyüp Aleyhisselam, “If you are truly a prophet, you will keep this house in the air without a pillar. If so, I will believe,” he said. And that person believed. Prophet Job prayed and the pillars of the house fell. The house hung in the air.

One day, the tribe of Hazrat Eyüp ‘Aleyhisselam was left without water in the desert. Prophet Job prayed. The mirages and smoke in the desert became water. All his people drank from that water.

Prophet Job where is his tomb?

Ömer Nasuhi knows Hz. Eyyub (as) stated that 7 people from his tribe believed and he wrote that he died at the age of 93 or 140.

According to Ayni, who commented on the Bukhari Commentary, Hz. Eyyub’s tomb is in Besne in Damascus. However, different information has been revealed by Islamic historians. There are also tombs in Şanlıurfa’s Viranşehir District, Amman and Iraq.

Yes, of course, there are lessons for us from the stories of the prophets, which are told in our holy book. It wasn’t there as a story. Yes, we must take lessons from these prophetic stories. We must take the lesson of gratitude and patience from Prophet Job.

Yes, how should we behave in the face of the calamities that befall us? How should we not come to the devil’s tricks? When and how should we pray? What happens if we persevere? All these truths are in the story of the hero of patience, Hazrat Job (pbuh), as long as we know how to look.

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