Who is Hazrat Ali? – Prayer Surah Verse


Hazrat Ali (ra) was born in 601 in Mecca. His real name is Ali Bin Ebu Talip. He is one of the first to believe. He was only 10 years old when he converted to Islam. He is the first child and Muslim is Hazrat Ali.

Hazrat Ali is the son of the uncle of the Prophet. His grandfather is Abdulmuttalip, who was also the grandfather of our master. He stood by the Prophet at every stage of his life.

He is the son-in-law of our Prophet. Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, married our mother. He had 5 children from this marriage. Their children are Hazrat Hasan, Hazrat Hussein, three sons named Muhassin, Zeynep and Umm Kulthum.

Hazrat Ali (RA), famous for his heroism, participated in almost all wars, especially in Badr, Uhud, Hendek and Khaybar. He served as the standard bearer of the Prophet in most wars.

He showed great heroism in wars. For this reason, he was given the title of “Esedullah”, that is, “Lion of Allah”. He protected the Prophet with all his might, although he was wounded in many parts of the battle of Uhud and Hunayn.

During the siege of Khyber, he removed the heavy iron gate of the castle by himself and had a great share in the victory. Legend has it that 12 people could lift this door. Hazrat Ali did this alone.

After the Prophet passed away, Hazrat Abu Bakr was elected caliph. Due to the absence of Hazrat Ali in this caliph election, later Shiites started discussions that Ali would be the first caliph.

However, the Prophet always brought Hazrat Abu Bakr as imam after him. After the martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman, Hazrat Ali directed the Caliphate offer to Talha and Zubayr. He offered them the caliphate. But when the people insisted, Hazrat Ali became the caliph.

Personality of Hazrat Ali

Our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Aleyhi and Sallam said, “I am the city of knowledge. Ali is the gate of that city.” he ordered.

Hazrat Ali (RA), who has come a long way in science, has always been a consultant during the time of Hazrat Omar and the period of Hazrat Osman. He has a knowledge that will impress him with the solutions he finds in many issues.

With his sharp mind and great memory, he has always been a guide with his ability to apply the lessons he learned from our Prophet, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Aleyhi and Sellem, to life.

Hazrat Ali Kahraman was a wise, brave, charitable, pious, extremely generous person. He was a fearless warrior. The Messenger of Allah had heralded him with Paradise.

He has a superior position in terms of high moral and human qualities such as knowledge, taqwa, sincerity, self-sacrifice, compassion, heroism, bravery and preaching Islam. He was nicknamed the “Lion of God”. He was completely devoted to the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

He avoided the ornaments of the world and always worshiped for the hereafter. He had never been heard to lie. He didn’t talk nonsense and nonsense. He spoke locally and always treated people patiently and well.

He acts meticulously when he spends money on the nation. He didn’t take anyone’s rights. He dressed so modestly that many thought he was the poorest of the people.

Once an arrow was stabbed in his foot in a war, but they could not remove the arrow because his musculature was very hard and strong. He said to the people there, “Let me stand for prayer, read it and pull it out”. When he started the prayer, they easily drew the arrow. At the time of prayer, his whole body was in such surrender that all his muscles were softening, and he was praying with complete contemplation and awe.

Caliphate of Hazrat Ali

The martyrdom of Hz Osman caused great sadness among Muslims. The rebels dominated Medina and applied to Hazrat Ali and offered him the caliphate.

Hazrat Osman The image of being declared caliph by those who had martyred such a great companion and caliph was rejected by Hazrat Ali.

However, upon the insistence of the Ansar and the immigrants, Hazrat Ali accepted the offer of the caliphate to further the unrest among the Muslims.

After Hazrat Ali became the caliph, some groups opposed the caliphate of Hazrat Ali, claiming that the murderers of Hazrat Osman were not punished.

Hz. Ali (RA), on the other hand, wanted to bring complete justice to the events that took place and was thinking of the innocent. During the period of turmoil, he wanted to act after these events subsided so that the innocent people would not be harmed and the guilty ones would be fully determined.

Because it was a mess, and in the misty weather, Muaviye, Hazrat Aisha, Hazrat Talha and Hazrat Zubayr wanted the criminals to be caught as soon as possible, no matter what.

This situation caused the parties to fight. According to Hazrat Ali, it was best to clear the chaos and then punish the criminals.

Internal Conflicts

This event, which took place in 656, goes down in history as the Camel Incident. Hazrat Ali could not persuade those who were against him. They wanted the murderers of Hz Osman to be punished as soon as possible.

Hazrat Aisha, Hazrat Talha and Hazrat Zubayr took action with the forces they gathered. Thereupon, the two sides faced each other. Hazrat Ali won the war.

Talha and Hazrat Zubayr were martyred in the war. Since the fiercest battles of this war took place around the camel on which Hz.

After the war, Hazrat Aisha was sent to Medina. After that event, the center of the state was moved from Medina to Kufa.

The governor of Damascus, Muawiya, was against the caliphate of Hazrat Ali. Those who were against Hazrat Ali united around Hazrat Muawiya and declared him caliph. Unfortunately, at the end of all kinds of games, in 657 Hz. Ali and Hz. The battle of Siffin took place between Muawiyah.

Kharijites, on the other hand, claim to put an end to pensions in the Islamic state. Hazrat AliThey decided to kill Prophet Muawiya and Hazrat Amr Bin As.

According to their decision, the three assassins would be killed by attacking at the same time. Hazrat Muawiya and Hazrat Amr Bin As survived the assassination. Hazrat Ali, on the other hand, survived this assassination by being injured while going to the morning prayer. But a few days later he was martyred because of those wounds. With the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, the period of the Four Caliphs came to an end.

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