Who is Abdurrahman Bin Awf? – Prayer Surah Verse


The life of Abdurrahman Ibn Awf

Abdurrahman Bin Avf is one of the ten Companions who are given the good news of Paradise and is an exemplary Companion who can sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah.

Abdurrahman bin Awf was one of the first to believe in the Prophet. Hz. He was one of the four people who converted to Islam through Abu Bakr and brought the Messenger of Allah (saas) to the grave. Our Prophet (saas) also participated in a prayer that he led during the Tabuk Campaign. Like Abu Bakr, he became the imam of our Prophet (saas).

While his name was Abdüamr or Abdülkâ’be in the Age of Ignorance, his name was changed to Abdurrahman after he became a Muslim.

This blessed Companion, who was engaged in trade from a young age, was a person who did not drink alcohol even during the time of ignorance and was known as a person with good morals.

Migration of Abdurrahman Bin Avf

Abdurrahman bin afv, one of the first eight Muslims, migrated first to Abyssinia and then to Medina due to the oppression and persecution of the Meccan polytheists.

After he migrated to Madinah, Hz. The Prophet (saas) made him a brother to Said bin Rebi (ra). Said (ra) was one of the richest people in Medina. He immediately wanted to share his wealth with Abdurrahman bin Avf (ra). But Abdurrahman (ra) said to him: “My brother! May God bless your property, property and children. You show me the way to the bazaar, I will be busy with shopping, I will meet my needs”.

When the Prophet (saas) heard these words of Abdurrahman (ra), he was very pleased and prayed for him. Abdurrahman bin Avf (ra), who became rich after a very short time, said: If I reach out to the stone, I will see that I have come across either gold or silver under that stone.

Hero Companions

Participating in the Battle of Badr, Hz. Abdurrahman showed great heroism.

Abdurrahman Ibn Awf (ra), who always served our beloved Prophet with his life and property in the Battle of Uhud, was wounded more than 20 times in the Battle of Uhud, but he never left the side of our Prophet (saas).

“Ceyşül-Usre” He donated all of his property for the Tabuk expedition. Hz. After the death of the Prophet (saas), she served our mothers.

Once upon a time, when a caravan loaded with 700 camels entered Medina, there was a great uproar. That year, there was a famine in Medina. Hz. Our mother Aisha (r.anha) said, What is this noise?

Abdurrahman bin Awf came with his caravan. When it is said that there is wheat, flour and food in the caravan, Hz. Aisha (r. anha): “Allah blessed what he gave in the world. His reward in the Hereafter is also greater. I heard the Messenger of Allah (saas) say: Abdurrahman bin Awf will crawl into Paradise.”

Infaq in the Way of Allah

When this good news came, Abdurrahman bin Afv (r.anha) spent that big caravan loaded with 700 camels in the way of Allah.

This blessed Companion was an extremely charitable person. As his wealth increased, so did his generosity. It was a pleasure for him to spend in the way of Allah. His heart was always filled with the love of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, he was chaste, merciful, kind and very generous. He was a Companion who did not prefer the world to the hereafter and valued living a full Muslim life above all else.

The following words of this blessed Companion are good attention. “When Mus’ab bin Umayr, who was better than me, was martyred, he was wrapped in a cardigan as a shroud, if his head was covered, his feet would be covered, if his feet were covered, his head would be exposed! Such was the case when Hamza, who was better than me, was martyred. Our wealth has increased as much as possible. I am afraid that we will receive the reward of our good deeds in this world and that there will be nothing left in the hereafter!”

He was Undersecretary to the Caliphs

Hz. Abu BakrHe was his undersecretary during his caliphate. So much so that Hz. Before Abu Bakr died, during his illness, Hz. It was the first time he told him about the idea of ​​choosing Umar bin Khattab as the caliph.

Abdurrahman bin Awf, Hz. He continued this duty during the caliphate of Umar. The Companions used to convey to the caliph the issues that they were afraid to say through him.

Caliph Hz. Because of his closeness to Omar, they would sometimes walk with him in the streets of Medina at night and check the public order. During this time, he also served as a pilgrim emir and beytülmal guard.

Hz. When Omar was martyred by a Magi slave, Hz. He appointed Abdurrahman as imam and six persons appointed to determine the caliph to come after him were sent to the council of Hz. He also included Abdurrahman.

To the caliphate, Hz. Osman and Hz. Although he was also a candidate other than Ali, he withdrew from the candidacy and assumed the authority to appoint the caliph.

Afterwards, he met and consulted with the members of the council separately, and according to Ibn Kathir’s statement, he met with the army commanders day and night for 3 days, the gentry, the people of Medina, men and women, and those who came from outside, as a result of these consultations, Hz. He declared Osman bin Affan the caliph.

Hz. During the caliphate of Osman, he continued his duties as undersecretary and pilgrimage emirate, and from time to time he gave various warnings to the caliph.

born in 580 Abdurrahman Ibn Awf (ra) died in 653 when he was 75 years old, and he performed the funeral prayer with Hz. Osman (ra) have made and Cennetü’l-Baki cemetery. We ask our Lord for their intercession.

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