Who Is a Believer Called? – Verses in the Qur’an Concerning the Characteristics of Believers


Who is called a believer? In answer to the question, it can be said that our Prophet Hz. He is the one who wholeheartedly, unconditionally and sincerely believes and affirms that Muhammad (saas) is both the servant and messenger of Allah and everything he brought.

This is the definition of the believer and the Muslim who is related to it is the person who fulfills and applies the requirements of his faith with full surrender, and this person is called a Muslim.

Characteristics of Believers in the Qur’an

Verse 2 of Surat al-Maida means: “Help one another in goodness and piety (do not be afraid of Allah). But do not cooperate on the basis of sin and enmity (exceeding the limit). Fear Allah (listen to him). Because the punishment of Allah is very severe.

Surah Müminun, Verses 96, 97 and 98 mean: “Repel evil with the most beautiful thing. We know better what they attribute (attribute). Say: “O my Lord! I seek refuge in You from the delusions of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, O my Lord, from their presence with me.”

Surat al-Qassas, verses 54 and 55 mean: “They will be rewarded twice (in pairs) in return for their patience, repelling evil with good (with a good method) and spending what we have provided in the way of Allah (infaq, alms).

When they hear empty talk (meaningless), they turn away from it and say, “Our works (what we do) are to us, and yours to you. Peace be upon you (no harm will come to you from us). They say, “We do not want the ignorant.”

Surah Kassas, Verse 83 Mealen: “Here is the home of the hereafter. We give it to those who are not arrogant in the land and do not cause corruption. The future (Result) belongs to those who fear Allah.”

Surat al-Hajj, verse 41: “They are such believers that, if We give them a place of power and authority on earth, they would perform the prayer, pay the zakat, enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Allah knows the end (end) of all affairs.”

Surat an-Nur, verses 36 and 37 mean: ” … they glorify Him morning and evening. Nothing prevents them from remembrance of Allah, performing prayers and paying zakat.

Surah Munafiqun, Verse 9 Mealen: “O you who believe! Do not let your wealth and your children prevent you from remembering Allah. Whoever does this, it is they who are the losers.”

The meaning of the 8th verse of the Surah Maide: “O you who believe! Be those who stand firm for the truth (truth) and bear witness with justice. Do not let your hatred for a society lead you to injustice. Be fair.

Surat al-Baqara, Verse 190 Mealen: “Fight those who fight you (those who do wrong) in the way of Allah. Do not go to extremes, do not exceed the limit. Surely, Allah does not love the transgressors.”

Surah Ahzab, Verse 70: “O you who believe! Fear Allah (respect) and be righteous promise Say.”

Characteristics of Believers

Surah Al-i Imran, Verse 186 Mealen: “You will hear many hurtful words from those who were given the Book before you and from those who ascribe partners to Allah. If you are patient/enduring and fearful of Allah, know that these are (worth doing) deeds that show determination.”

The meaning of verse 148 of Surat an-Nisa: “Allah does not like the manifestation of ugly words, except when uttering the oppressed/injustice. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.”

Surah Ra’d, verses 20, 21 and 22 mean: “They are those who keep their promise to Allah (faithfully) and do not break the contract. They are those who respect their Lord by observing the rights that Allah has commanded to be observed, and fear the evil of reckoning.

They are patient to attain the pleasure of their Lord, they perform the prayers, they spend out of the sustenance Allah has given them secretly and openly, and they repel evil with good. It is for them that the worldly home has a good result (the happiness of the hereafter).”

The meaning of verse 58 of Surat an-Nisa: “Allah commands you to give trusts back to their owners and when you judge between people, you should judge with justice. No doubt, how excellent is Allah’s counsel with this! Surely, Allah is Hearing and Seeing.”

Surah Al-i Imran, Verse 92 Mealen: “You will never attain goodness unless you spend from the things you love in the way of Allah. Whatever you spend, Allah knows it well.”

The meaning of verse 280 of Surat al-Baqara: “If the debtor is in distress, give him respite until his hand is wide. It is better for you to forgive (the debt) as charity, if you only knew.”

Surat an-Nisa, Verse 2 Mealen: “Give the orphans their property. Do not exchange the pure for the unclean (halal for haram). Do not add their property to yours and eat them. Because this is a great sin”

Surat an-Nisa, Verse 6 Mealen: “Try the orphans. When they reach the age of marriage (adolescence), if you find that they are of age, give them their property. Do not devour their wealth by wasting and hasty, lest they will grow (and take back their possessions).

Whoever is rich (of the parents) should not condescend (to eat from the property of an orphan). And whoever is poor, let him eat (as much for his service) in accordance with the requirements of reason and religion. Have witnesses with them when you return their property to them. Allah is sufficient as a reckoner.”

Verse 33 of Surat an-Nur means: “Those who cannot afford to marry should maintain their chastity until Allah enriches them with His grace.”

In short, the word

Of course, there are many verses and hadiths about the qualities of a believer, our duty is to apply them by reading. believer He is a believer in the unseen and I recommend you to read our article about the angels, who are like the unseen for us.

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