Which Surahs to Read During Pregnancy?


Surahs and prayers to be read during pregnancy are very important. Because the good and healthy of the child is our wish. In addition to going to the doctor, praying and reading the Quran is of great importance at this point.

Behaviors that a mother does while pregnant, before or after pregnancy have a positive or negative effect on the mental and physical health of that child. A mother who wants her child to be a good son must first change her own behavior to the way Allah wants and pay attention to the Surahs and prayers to be read during pregnancy.

Along with the prayers made with the tongue while pregnant, the prayers made with the tongue (hal language) play a big role in the child’s being a good son.

Surahs to Read During Pregnancy

Yasin-i-Sharif for Worship During Pregnancy is a key to open many auspicious doors. 41 Scholars also said about reading Yasin, “it is a key to open good doors”.

Hz. Anas (ra) narrates: Our Prophet (saas) said:

“Everything has a heart. The heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Whoever reads his age, Allah (swt) will give him the reward of reciting the Qur’an 10 times because of this reading.” (Tirmidhi)

In order for the child to be born to be smart and robust;

A person who writes and wears Surah Al-Ala on Friday will protect himself against all kinds of disasters. This surah is written for a pregnant woman. If this writing is done in the first days of the month, the child will be smart and robust. (Arif Pamuk)

For the Child to be Patient;

The Asr Surah is read by placing the hands on the stomach.

For morality to be good;

70 human surahs are read.

In order for the child to be born to have the morality of the Prophet;

Surah Anbiya is read once every day, those who cannot find the opportunity try to read at least 70, it is essential to reach this number in the first four months.

For the child to be gentle;

Surah Ibrahim is read a lot.

To protect the child from the harm of the devil;

Read Surah Al-i Imran.

In order for the child to be born to be “Lokman-spoken Yusuf-faced”;

Each day of pregnancy, 1 Surah Yusuf and 1 Surah Lokman are read. Those who cannot find the opportunity to read as much as they can read as a single number, it is better to read it within the first four months.

Whether it is Surahs and prayers to be read during pregnancy or other our prayers As long as we do it with sincerity and sincerity, the more we do, the better. May God bless you with good children.

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