When and How to Perform the Accident Prayer?


How to perform the accident prayer in this article? When is it done? and we will convey information about the provisions of the qada prayers. Praying is an obligation on all of us.

Let’s start with a bit of information, to perform an obligatory prayer on time, to perform it after the time has passed is to make a mistake, and to repeat an invalidated prayer is called return.

The accident prayer is performed in the same way as it was missed. That is, qada is made as two rak’ahs in the morning, four in the afternoon, four in the afternoon, three in the evening, four rak’ahs at night, and three rak’ahs of witr.

Information about the qada prayer

First of all, we should know that we Muslims should not leave our prayers to accident unless it is an obligatory and vital issue. Because Hz. Even during the war, the Prophet (saas) prayed without interrupting the prayers (only one accident). If prayer was performed at a serious time such as war, it is necessary to think about which reason could be valid for us.

There is no specific time or place for qada prayers. In other words, there is no such limitation as “the accident of the noon prayer is performed at noon”. We can perform these prayers whenever you want.

The point we will pay attention to is not to perform it when we call the time of karaha. These times are 45 minutes after sunrise and 45 minutes before sunset. the time before and when the sun is directly overhead, that is 30 minutes to noon. Praying before the prayer is not tolerated by Islamic scholars.

It should be noted here that if it is not the accidental and supererogatory prayers but the obligatory time of the time, then these prayers must be performed in obscurity, even if they are kerahat. For prayer While it is fard to perform it on time, prayers performed at the time of kerahat are makruh. Besides, in order not to be responsible for the fact that we do not know when death will come, the time prayer should be performed whenever it is.

Our Prophet (saas) said, “If a person falls asleep or forgets and cannot perform a prayer on time, he should pray that prayer when he remembers; At that time, it is the time of the missed prayer’.

Yes, in the difficult moments of the Battle of the Trench, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) could not find the opportunity to pray 4 times a day. Afterwards, when the conditions became suitable, he led these prayers in congregation.

However, even though we have paid our debts by making a missed prayer or making an accident, we should also repent and seek forgiveness from Allah for the sin committed because we could not perform it on time. For this, we must both perform the qada prayer and repent.

There are some excuses that the prayers that are not performed at these times are not made later. For example, women’s menstruation and puerperium, five-time epileptic seizures or state of insanity are such excuses.

Accident Prayer Provisions

Accident Prayer

The accident of the prayer that is not performed on time is fard, the accident of the witr prayer is wajib, and the accident of the sunnats is sunnah.. It is only the sunnah of the morning prayer that is sunnah to make up for it. If it is late in the afternoon, circumcision is not performed, only fard al-qada is performed.

If the sunnahs of some times are not performed on time, they can be made up later. For example, if the first sunnah of the noon prayer cannot be performed in order to catch up with the congregation, it is performed with the congregation and followed by two rak’ahs of the sunnah.

If the first sunnah of the Friday prayer cannot be reached, it can be performed after the two-rak’ah fard of Friday after the sermon. When the sunnahs of the time prayers other than these sunnahs cannot be performed, it may not be made up. For example, if the sunnahs of the afternoon and night prayers are not performed before the fard, they may not be performed later.

How to Perform the Accident Prayer?

It is necessary to determine the time when performing qada prayers. However, since it will be very difficult to determine day by day, it is necessary to choose the easy one.

E.g “I intended the first noon prayer for the sake of Allah, which I could not attend” Or, if we intend to “perform the last noon prayer”, then the missed prayers will either be started with the first missed one or started with the last missed one.

It is better to start with the last prayers as it will be intention in both ways. Thus, the previous prayers are reduced according to a certain order.

When a missed prayer is to be performed, first an azan is recited, followed by an iqama. If more than one accidental prayer is to be performed, one adhan is sufficient for all of them, while it is sunnat to recite iqama for each obligatory prayer separately.

If someone does not know exactly how many times the missed prayers are, he will act according to his estimation of the winner. Thus, he performs his prayers until he comes to the conclusion that there is no accident prayer left on him.

Can qada prayers be performed in congregation?

Provided that he prays at the same time as the imam. to accident The remaining prayers can be performed in congregation.

Yes, we will pay attention to our prayers and be careful not to let them go to accident. Even if there is a force majeure, we will make the accident without wasting time, at the same time by repenting.

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