What Were Our Prophet’s Physical Characteristics Like? – Prayer Surah Verse


Physical characteristics of our Prophet

What was the physical appearance of our Prophet, namely his scheili? In this article, we will explain the physical characteristics of our Prophet (saas).

There are many narrations regarding the physical characteristics of our Prophet. The expressions in these narrations are summarized as follows.

The Shamail of Our Prophet

The Prophet was close to tall and was of medium height. His creation was extraordinarily well-balanced, and he had a body that was in harmony with each other.

His chest was broad and his shoulders were open. He was both handsome and charming. Her nose was beautiful. The seal of prophethood was located between the two shoulder blades. Her skin, on the other hand, was pinkish-white like a rose, luminous and bright, and soft as silk.

Blessed her body it was always clean and its fragrance was refreshing. Whether he was wearing a scent or not, his skin and the smell of his sweat were better and more subtle than the most beautiful scents.

If someone hugged him, he would stand on his (pbuh) sweet scent and feel his pleasure throughout the day. It was as if she had smelled the rose flower scent from him. If he caressed a child’s head with his blessed hands, that child could be distinguished from other children by that scent.

When that blessed skin was sweating, it would be like dew on rose petals.

His beard was bushy. When he grew his beard, he did not grow more than a strand. He had about 20 whites in his hair and beard when he died.

His eyebrows were like crescent moons, the distance between his two eyebrows was open. There was a vein between his two eyebrows that would swell when he was angry for Allah.

His teeth were like pearls, he always used the miswak and they recommended using the miswak.

His eyelashes were long and black, his eyes were large, the black was pure black and the white was pure white. There was a rue in his eyes, as if from time immemorial. His face would shine like the fourteenth of the night at night.

Companions said that the blessed face of the Messenger of Allah was the most beautiful and cleanest of faces.

When the Messenger of Allah (saas) did not want something, it would be noticed by his face. When he liked something, his satisfaction was felt on his face.

His blessed and luminous body has not undergone any change even after his death.

Narrated by Hazrat Ali

He was neither excessively tall nor short, but of medium height. His hair was neither curly nor straight; It was slightly wavy.

His face was reddish-white, his eyes were black, and his eyelashes were thick and long. Shoulders were large. He was the most generous of people, truthful, gentle and friendly.

Those who see him suddenly get excited by his fierce majesty; those who knew him loved him more than anything. Someone trying to explain their superiority and beauty would say; ‘I have never seen anyone like him, neither before nor after him.’ He would confess his inability to introduce Him.

The Companions would compete to see and kiss the seal between his two shoulder blades, which is the sign of his prophethood. When he died, this seal was lost and he went to the realm of the unseen. (Tirmidhi)

Today’s people, especially young people, some people sample They take care of them, they emulate their speech, style, clothing style, they want to be like them. However, the vast majority of these people they admire are not on the right path in terms of their attitude and moral beauty.

We need a person who will bring us happiness both in this world and in the hereafter, worthy of our embarrassment, and whose morals are perfect, and that is the Prophet. Muhammad (saas) is our prophet.

Because our Prophet’s physical characteristics and moral beauties are unmatched. Our duty as Muslims is to emulate him, to resemble him, to follow his path. Salam and salutation be upon him, my vessel.

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