What Is The Meaning Of The Name Rahim Sharif?


The name Rahim is among the 99 names of Allah and means the most merciful, the merciful, the merciful. The plural of the word womb is “ruhama”. Compassion also means goodness and blessing. The word “rahman”, which comes from the same root, also means plenty of mercy.

Esma-ül Hüsna means the most beautiful names, and the name Rahim is among these names. It has been revealed in various places in the Qur’an that Almighty Allah names Himself with such names.

The number of these special and perfect names is 99.God‘ comes the word. Praying to Allah with these beautiful and special names causes the prayer to be accepted. In this sense, the meaning of the verse is as follows. “His names are the most beautiful, so pray to Allah with those beautiful names” (Surah Araf 180)

How Many Times Is The Name Womb Used In The Qur’an?

The name Er-rahim, which is also included in the Basmalah, is used together with the name “Graham”, which most often means very forgiving, in 115 verses of the Qur’an.

This situation shows us how forgiving and merciful Allah is. In addition, the phrase erhamurrahim, that is, the most merciful of the merciful, is used in 4 verses.

Basmala, which is the beginning of every good, means “I start with the name of Allah, the merciful and merciful”.

In the Qur’an, Hz. When calling him to the true religion in the letter of the Prophet Solomon, he said: “That letter is undoubtedly from Solomon and (begins) with the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful” (Surah Humid 30)

Differences Between Rahman and Rahim Name

The name of Rahman is related to ezel and the name of womb is more related to eternal. For this reason, the expression of the most merciful of the world and the merciful of the hereafter has been used for Almighty Allah.

It is the manifestation of the name Rahman that Allah Almighty created the creatures, kept them alive, gave their sustenance to all of them without making any distinction between believers and unbelievers, and bestowed the result of working and striving.

The fact that people are allowed to use their minds and wills without interfering with unbelief, oppression, evil and evil in the world, and that even non-believers receive full reward for their work in the world is a result of the name Rahman.

Although mercy and compassion are seen in this world for those whose name is manifested in the womb, they will be seen more in the hereafter, that is, the bounties and favors of Allah Almighty will be more for believers.

If we summarize, Private Rahim is the one who is merciful, forgiving, and infinitely merciful. It also means the one who will reward those who believe in him and fulfill his orders in the life of this world, who are mortal, with endless blessings in the eternal hereafter.

Rahim Name Sharif in Verses and Hadiths

womb nameThe name Rahim is mentioned in many verses in the Qur’an and it is stated that Allah Almighty will forgive the believers with this name.

For example, “Indeed, Allah is the most accepting of repentance and the most merciful” (Surat an-Nisa 16). Again, Surah Furqan 70-71. The verses are as follows. “… Except those who repent, renew their faith, and do good works. God turns their evil into good. Allah is very forgiving and very merciful. And whoever repents and does good deeds, he will return to Allah with his repentance accepted.”

“He sends his mercy on you with his angels to bring you out of the darkness into the light. Allah is Most Merciful to the believers” (Surah Ahzab 43)

Hz. In the hadiths, the Prophet (saas) expressed the greatness of Allah’s mercy and compassion as follows: Rahman He is a part of Allah” (Bukhari) Another hadith-i qudsi; “Indeed, my mercy outweighed my wrath” (Bukhari)

It has been declared as follows that people’s merciful behavior is also instrumental in Allah’s mercy. “Allah, the Most Merciful, will also show mercy to those who show mercy to the weak (Abu Dawud)

Is the Name of the Womb Given to the Child?

As in every name, it can be used in the same way as Abdürrahim as a US jewelry. Directly uterus It is not permissible to name it.

Virtues of the Name Rahim

Repetition, that is, chanting, of the beautiful names of Allah, while feeling his spirituality in the heart and spirit, knowing and thinking about their meanings, of course, has many material and spiritual benefits. The important point is to feel it with all our heart and to do it with sincerity, as it should be in all our prayers.

The person who remembers this name after the prayer will attain the blessings of the hereafter. The financial and moral problems of the world are reduced. A person who makes it a habit to chant the name of the womb will improve his morals and become a loved one around him.

If a nervous person remembers Private Rahimi, his anger will decrease, and the one who is sad will be relieved and his troubles will decrease. If people who are in distress read it as ‘Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim’, their troubles will go away and they will receive various blessings and treats.

At the end of the five daily prayers, the morals of those who read the name Ya Rahim 269 times will improve, and their sustenance and abundance will increase. I hope the patient finds healing.

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