What is the Meaning of Allah Name? – Prayer Surah Verse


If we say what is the name of Allah, it means the owner and owner of all the realms, whatever we know or do not know. It is the most comprehensive personal name that gathers all the characteristics of the 99 names of our Almighty Lord, who is the only creator of the universe, the only deity worthy of all praise and worship.

Words are not enough for the name of Allah, because all of Allah’s names, attributes and manifestations are gathered in the name of Allah.

The characteristics of Allah are clearly written in the Qur’an, and his existence is obligatory, that is, necessary, all praise is worthy of him, he is one, unique, has no equal, neither was he born nor did he give birth.

His existence has no beginning or end. He does not need anything, on the contrary, everything needs him. He is not like anything, and nothing is like Him. He is blessed with all kinds of most perfect attributes and is free from all kinds of deficiencies. These are also Tawhid is the expression.

The first verse to be revealed in the Qur’an is basmala, the name of Allah is the first of the three names in the basmala and the first name revealed in the Qur’an.

Just as the name of Allah can never be given as a name to any being, any word in any language, including Arabic, can never be “God” cannot take the place of his name.

If we expand a little more, the Arabic one “god” and “ma’bud” whether in Persian “huda” and “beyond”; used in old Turkish “God” and “play” whether in English “god” whether in french “dieu” etc. in any way whatsoever “name of god” cannot replace his name.

It is interesting that the Arabic God Even if the letters that make up the name are removed one by one, the mana still remains intact.

The Name of Allah is Unique

god name In the Holy Quran It passes in 2697 places. The most beautiful names belong to him. Though God He is one in Himself and His name is Allah. In the divine address, “We testified, we created.” It is used in plural form to express magnificence and magnificence, and it also expresses the majesty and sublimity arising from the combination of divine attributes and names, which is a sublime name that encompasses all of these adjectives and names.

The name of Allah is such a name that it cannot be similar either in person or in name. The multitude of names and attributes do not express the abundance of the essence, and each of those names and attributes points to each and every one of Allah’s unique features.

The name Allah is his personal and personal name. Other names are related to verbs and adjectives are related to their manifestations. allah name, 99 names and it is a magnificent diamond that encompasses its attributes.

Only he knows the true meaning and majesty of the name of Allah. No human being, not even prophets God name He cannot fully understand and comprehend his greatness in this worldly life. Because human beings are limited and he is unlimited.

Hz. The first name taught to Adam is Allah, and Muslims most often open their hands and pray to him in the name of Allah.

When Allah’s name is spoken or heard or written, it is wajib to say or write one of the words expressing respect, such as Subhanallah, Tabarakallah, Jalla-jalaluhu, Azza-ismühü, Jalet power or ta’ala at first, and mustahab if repeated.

In this case, what falls to us as humans created out of nothingness to god We must connect with all our hearts and truly serve him. We should not be servants to anyone other than Allah and we should not kneel to anyone but Allah. We should ask for our wishes and desires from Him and not be afraid of anyone other than Him and take refuge only in Him.

Because while Allah does not need anything, we need Him with everything. We pray that we will lead a life worthy of the honor of being a servant to him and the Ummah of the Prophet (saas).

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