What is the Meaning and Virtues of the Name Rahman?


The name Rahman is one of the 99 names of Allah, and in this article, we will talk about the meaning and virtues of the name Ar-Rahman.

The name Rahman means the one who shows mercy to all created things, whether consciously or unconsciously, human, animal, believer or non-believer, and bestows all kinds of blessings on them.

How Many Times Is the Name Rahman Mentioned in the Qur’an?

The name Er-Rahman, which is also included in the Basmalah, is mentioned 57 times in the Quran in total.

Is the Name Rahman Given to a Child?

The name Er-Rahman is among the essential attributes of Allah. This name is among the special names of Allah and cannot be used for anyone else. Therefore, only this name is not used for a child, but it is of course appropriate to use it as Abdurrahman.

What is the Meaning of Ar-Rahman?

The word rahman, which derives from the root of mercy (soul, mercy) meaning “to have mercy, to love and to have mercy” in the dictionary, means “compassion, compassionate, merciful”.

Since the root of the word contains human emotional elements such as “kind-hearted, pitying, sharing in someone’s sadness”, if it is attributed to Allah, then it would be “the person who gives grace and benevolence with his infinite mercy”.

Rahman name It includes the meaning of one who treats all creatures with compassion, regardless of whether they are believers or unbelievers in the life of this world. Because he is the one who created the general creatures and he has mercy on his creatures.

In other words, it is said that he is the one who commands goodness and mercy for all creatures, and bestows sustenance and all kinds of goodness.

The name Rahman, in its general meaning, includes the disbelievers. By taking advantage of all kinds of blessings, from giving them the right to life to benefiting from the blessings of the world, even they are under the shadow of the feeling of endless pity reflected by this name.

At this point, it is useful to remind that although the name Rahim, which is used with the name Rahman, has the same meaning to show mercy, the name Rahim will have a special manifestation to Muslims in the hereafter.

In fact, all the good habits that originate from human beings, that is, that are based on mercy, such as being generous, doing good, being beautiful and helping each other, are the “er-belief” of Allah.Rahman” is a manifestation of his name.

In order to understand the mercy of Allah, Hz. The Prophet (saas) says: “Indeed, Allah has a hundred mercy. He gave one of these to his creatures. Creatures’ pity for one another is due to this mercy. Ninety-nine of Allah’s mercy is for the Day of Judgment (the Hereafter).

The Virtue of the Name Rahman

As in other names of Allah, there are many secrets and virtues in the name Rahman. At this point, the virtues of the Essence of Er-Rahman are as follows.

  • The person who continues to chant “Er-Rahman” with sincerity; his heart softens, he becomes safe from his enemies and he attains blessings. both God is loved by him.
  • It helps those who constantly chant this name or especially read “Ya Rahman Celle Celalühu” on Friday, to achieve their wishes.
  • If it is read after the prayer, it will cure the problem of those who have forgetfulness.
  • When a person with bad morals hangs in his house, it is seen that his morals change for the better.
  • The worldly troubles of the person who chant this name are alleviated and peace fills him.
  • If a person who has bad thoughts and lacks a sense of mercy mentions this name, his heart will be widened and filled with mercy.
  • A person who follows the name of Rahman one hundred times a day will be sure of troubles and troubles.
  • When it comes to an oppressor who wants to harm him, he is sure of the evil of that oppressor with the mystery of this dhikr.
  • Those who have needs and those who have diseases will attain their needs as long as they continue this name.

A person who is aware of this blessing and who is aware of these truths should work to submit to this mercy and give thanks for them.

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