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If we are asked what is the importance of prayer, we can briefly say that it is the greatest truth that comes after faith. For this reason, the verse tells us that prayer is the pillar of religion.

When we say the importance of prayer, it has a meaning for all of us. Because it is clearly made obligatory in the Qur’an and is the essence of all worship. In other words, a sample of the worship performed by all created creatures is in the worship of prayer.

Prayer, which is a Persian word, is expressed in the Qur’an with the word “salat”. Salat means prayer, that the rukns in prayer are also an actual and verbal prayer. In other words, St. It is a form of universal worship that we do with our heart, tongue and body, as the Prophet (saas) did.

Almighty Allah (swt) was the first human and prophet, Hz. He held all people from Adam (as) responsible for “prayer” and ordered them to pray. Prayer has been one of the basic conditions of the religion of Islam.

What is the Importance of Prayer?

Importance of PrayerA believer needs to establish and maintain contact with Almighty Allah in order to work at the point of preserving the faith, to reach the perfection of his spiritual life, to attain happiness in this world and in the hereafter, and to live in peace. Because by knowing Allah and worshiping Him, a person can reach complete peace. Otherwise, if there is no prayer and worship, which is like spiritual food, he will always feel a problem in his soul.

See, if we have to meet some biological needs such as eating, drinking and sleeping in order for our physical body to continue and be healthy, we have to worship in order to nourish the vitality and vitality of our soul and our feelings in it, which is the greatest worship prayer.

Yes, prayer is the pillar of religion, even this statement is sufficient for the importance of prayer. It is prayer that keeps us Muslims in constant and alive contact with Allah. We come before him five times a day and present our wishes. It becomes a fulcrum for us. At this point, it is necessary not to show slackness in prayer.

In addition, the following hadith about the importance of prayer is very important. Yes, prayer is the first deed for which a servant will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment, and our Prophet (saas) expresses this truth as follows.

“The first deed for which a servant will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment is prayer. If a believer performs his prayers as Allah wishes, he will be successful and achieve his desire. If he does not perform his prayers or performs them heedlessly, he loses and becomes one of the losers.

If something is missing from his obligatory prayers, see if my servant, our Lord, who is Aziz and Jalil, has supererogatory prayers. commands. The shortcomings of fards are filled with nafilahs. Then the servant will be held accountable for his other deeds in this manner as well.” (Tirmidhi Salat, 188/413)

Verses About the Importance of Prayer

There are statements and orders about prayer in about 100 places in the Qur’an, which shows the importance of prayer. We give four verses below as examples.

O you who believe! Ask Allah for help with patience and prayer. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient. (Baccarat 153)

Seek help (from Allah) with patience and prayer. Surely, prayer is heavy except for those who deeply respect Allah. (Baccarat 45)

However, those who pray are different. They are people who continue their prayers. (Mearic 22-23)

They are those who establish prayer and spend in the way of Allah from what We have provided for them. Those are the true believers. They have high ranks with their Lord, forgiveness and generous sustenance. (Anfal 3-4)

Benefits of Prayer

  • A person who performs prayers purifies them from material and spiritual impurities. prayer cleans people.
  • The one who prays is with his Lord and with the angels.
  • Prayer expiates believers’ faults and is a means of Allah’s forgiveness.
  • Prayer is like the key to heaven.
  • Prayer is the food of the heart, the life and respiration of the soul.
  • It includes a complete gratitude to Allah.
  • It increases the psychology and morale of people and is a means of health and well-being.
  • It prevents people from evil and breaks the self-conceit and reminds them that they are servants.
  • It is a means of happiness in the world and the hereafter.
  • Prayer is like a match for us
  • Prayer is a spiritual force in the world, food and light in the grave, a sign of salvation in the apocalypse, and a burak on the Sirat Bridge. All these show the importance of prayer and give us enthusiasm.

Let’s watch a short video about the benefits of prayer.


Information About Prayer

We should know that our life is not eternal and we should continue in the prayer that will benefit us there. In fact, it is the feeling of praying for a long time that gives us weariness. In return for this share, who has a guarantee for 1 minute later that we will suffer from the times that have not come, maybe the prayer we have done is the last. our prayer.

Besides, is this worship inconclusive or is our income so small that we get bored? Yes, it is necessary to work diligently, not for prayer, which is the key to eternal bliss and earns Paradise.

If someone comes and says to us, that’s a lot of money for you to work until the evening. We do our best for this extra money. We work with confidence while this man is likely to lie and not give in. But is there a possibility that Almighty Allah will lie to him and return from his promise? It can never happen, so let’s pray to earn what is in return for that promise.

There are rumors that both our prayers and other works are considered as worship. Working without prayer and calling it worship would not be the right approach. These expressions can only be possible with prayer and good intentions. On this subject, I recommend you to read the 4th and 9th words in the Risale-i Nur book of words.

We hope to be one of those who know the importance of prayer and perform it in the direction of Almighty God.

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