What is the Importance of Believing in the Books?


What is the importance of believing in the books? In this article, I hope we will focus on the importance of this truth, which is one of the principles of faith.

The fact that Almighty Allah sent books to some of the Prophets He sent to people shows us the importance of believing in books. Because in these books, Allah (cc) informed people about his orders and prohibitions, taught the good and the beautiful, and showed the right path.

These books that were revealed to the prophets are called divine books, heavenly books or holy books in the sense of Allah’s book.

Belief in these divine books, as in the 136th verse of the chapter of Nisa, “O you who believe! Believe in Allah, His Messenger, the Book He revealed to His Prophet, and the Book He revealed before. Whoever denies Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets and the Day of Judgment, he has gone astray”.

In fact, according to the continuation of the verse, those who do the opposite of this belief are accused of perversion.

The Wisdom of Believing in the Books

Let’s start with an example, when we buy a new computer or device, we are given a user manual, so that we can use them more efficiently or not break them. And let it be used longer.

Isn’t that what humans are like? Man is a creature created by Almighty Allah in the most beautiful form. If we liken the human being to a perfect device, a guide suitable for every material and spiritual state is necessary so that it is both suitable for its purpose and long-lasting.

We can say many things such as what a person needs to be happy, what he should stay away from, how his life should be, how he should treat his self, family, state, nation and other beings. This guide is the divine books sent by Allah.

Here comes the importance of believing in the Books. In the holy books, there is how to make people happy and how to reach the consent of the Creator.

How to protect himself from evil personally and socially, the world and Hereafter How the bliss will be has always been written in this guide, and a prophet has been sent to show that these are applicable.

Who are the People of the Book?

Yes, we Muslims believe in the Qur’an. However, we also believe in the books that were sent before. Of course, they are not tampered with. In this state, we become people of the book by believing in all of the books.

This is very important. Because Hz. The last Prophet from Adam, Hz. The suhufs and books that came to all prophets up to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are in a unity.

These books confirm each other. They give strength to each other. Each book confirms the previous one. This is where the importance of believing in the Books is revealed. faith is in unity. There is never a contradiction. There is no distinction between books. (it is at the point of not tampered)

I hope from Allah that we will be among those who experience the beauty of believing in books.

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