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What is Thanksgiving? It means being grateful and praising all kinds of blessings that Allah has given us. For example, when we see a good or a disaster, we are grateful that nothing worse happens, that is, we thank Allah.

what is gratitude When we ask, many people think that gratitude is a word used only in good and beautiful situations. But this is definitely not the case. If we are grateful for something, it should not be limited to just a good thing for us. In other words, when people are in bad situations, they can be thankful that nothing worse happened to them. In this way, we can show our love and respect for Allah in every situation.

Everyone should be thankful for what he is. Because there are definitely people in the world who are in a much worse situation than you. Especially if we are in good health, making money, and if our family and friends are with us, we have the wealth of the whole world.

It has been revealed in many cases and deed that while the blessings of those who give thanks increase, the blessings of those who rebel and complain decrease and become unhappy.

Giving Thanks for Blessing

A person what is gratitude If he does not know, the result is ingratitude for the blessings that Allah has given him. However, there are countless blessings that we can see. We can only see them by looking down, not above ourselves.

Look, those who are in hospitals, prisons and graves envy our blessings. Many people who are apparently rich but unhappy envy their backs because they are not grateful for the blessings you have.

Maybe they can’t find peace in a poor person. For this reason, every person should always be grateful for his situation and accept what Allah deems appropriate for him.

And some will say that we are crawling with blessings. Asal, let’s not say that, let’s change our perspective. Let’s look at people who are more in a position to ask than us, at countries. Let’s look at those who are hungry, thirsty, sick, let’s look at those who died but would sacrifice everything to be in your place. I’m sure thousands would like to be in your place.

What gratitude is, is to be consciously grateful to God by noticing them. It is knowing the value of your life and condition.

It is also told that a guardian tests his students. If you had the power of Allah in your hands, what would you do? Some heal the sick. Some say things like I can make everybody rich.

If he was a student, I wouldn’t do anything anyway, isn’t God merciful, can’t he think what you think? When he said it, the others realized his mistake. Allah knows everything and is merciful. Let’s not forget that we are in the world of testing.

Sustenance and God

He states that people who are constantly grateful to Allah bless their wealth by giving them abundant sustenance. For this, if our mouth is full of gratitude, we can also take advantage of these blessings by being grateful.

what is gratitude If you are asking, “Thanksgiving” means knowing that God gave him that property or anything as a favor, that is, knowing the one who gave the blessing. Whoever finds the one who gives the blessing can be thankful.

Thank god it’s not right to just talk. So we have to do it both with language and with verb. It is the reflection of what we say as a verb in our lives. Allah gives blessings to those who work, to those who are deserving, to those who are grateful, and those who do not work and do nothing, do not spend their wealth in the way of Allah and do things that Allah does not approve will not find any blessings.

What is Thanksgiving?

what is gratitude If we look at the question from another angle, we would say that we should not be limited to only gratitude for the outward blessing. In other words, we should be grateful for the success you have achieved by working hard, the gains you have made for a long time, mental health, and dozens of material and spiritual blessings.

We should know that all of them were given to us by God. so thankful important and it is something that should be at the center of our lives. Our prayers, prayer Our remembrance of Allah is also a form of gratitude.

People who say that they did everything, who pretend to know, get involved in things that are not pleasing to Allah, and do not see the blessings given to them, will never be thankful. Then they will be the losers. Be grateful, find favor and be grateful that salvation is a formula.

what is gratitude If we ask the question, is there a concrete measure of this? In terms of being an indicator, Opinion, Economy, Consent and Satisfaction can be shown as positive actions, and as negative, Ambition, Waste, Disrespect and not recognizing what is haram and halal can be shown.

Types of Thanksgiving

Yes, when we say types of gratitude, we can process it under 3 headings.

Thank you with the word; To say alhamdulillah with the language we all know is to give thanks with the tongue. That is, to know the giver of blessings and to praise him.

actual gratitude, is to use the material and spiritual organs of our body for the sake of Allah.

Thank you with the heart, it means to know the one who gave the blessing and to approve him.

Be grateful for the blessing and we should never disrespect the blessings that Allah has given us, this is undoubtedly a very bad thing. God is always with those who are grateful.

In this article, we covered the subject of what is gratitude, I hope it was useful. Stay with love…

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