What is Selfishness? Verses and Hadiths


What is Selfishness? – Verse and Hadith About Selfishness

What is selfishness and stinginess? Selfishness is one of the most important problems stemming from the modern life model’s conception of man as a mere individual.

Self-centered people, who take a self-centered life, selfishness as a reference and reject almost everything that is not suitable for their own interests, cannot be interested in our ancient moral values ​​such as generosity, appreciation, loyalty and charity.

Relationships with people who can lie easily, are arrogant, have an aggressive attitude, and are out of respect or love for others are not healthy.

What is Selfishness?

What is Selfishness? One of the important dimensions of selfishness is stinginess. The atrophy of the sense of sharing due to some vital concerns can cause even a wealthy person to behave extremely selfishly.

It is difficult for a selfish person to consider concepts such as sadaqah and zakat, which point to sharing some amount of property and acquiring morality, acceptable.

The feelings of pity and compassion are dulled by selfish people who have firm and strict rules that rational behavior and opinion are in their own interests.

Such people, those who are selfish, can reach the spirit of not caring that human life, which is considered sacred, is harmed at the expense of protecting the things they love most.

Verses and Hadiths

Bad character: The following is stated in the 92nd verse of the chapter of Ali Imran: “You will never attain goodness unless you spend from the things you love in the way of Allah.”

The fondness of a wealthy person for his wealth makes him stingy and selfish. This person cannot be a perfect believer unless he spends his wealth and wealth in the way of Allah and performs the zakat he has to give out of his wealth, hoping only for his approval.

This is not just a property issue. The most loved thing can be spent in the way of Allah in different ways. Escaping from all kinds of bad desires in order to gain Allah’s approval means moving away from a self-centered life.

What is Selfishness? and Miserliness: Every society that defines human as economically and maintains relations depending on the capital system has to deal with a bad habit such as selfishness.

Despite the warning in the hadith, “He who sleeps full when his neighbor is hungry is not mine”, the tendency of many people to act selfish is painful.

Selfish people or nations are weak in living and keeping the concepts of “ansar-muhajir” alive. Because selfish nations accepting the position of being an “ansar-muhajir” which requires donation and isar is reasonable in terms of their interests. prone is not.

In this regard, it is an attitude stemming from selfishness to exaggerate the opportunities offered to those who had to take shelter in our country in order to protect their most precious lives, let alone being hungry, to not accept them and not want them here.

In short, the word

It is a self-centered vision of life. Selfishness, I’m good at whatever anyone else is understanding. DIt is not to think about anyone but only his own benefit in his world life. However, many incidents bear witness that the benefit of such an action is not in the end.

So, is it possible for such a person to be happy and at peace? Of course not. Many experiences and cases show that those who live only for themselves are always in stress and restlessness.

Those who share, those who help people, those who do charity work are more peaceful and more profitable. Both in this world and in the hereafter.. We see many examples of this in our social life. Those who reach the needy, help the poor and take water from country to country are our witnesses. While they are happy even with the laughter of people and children, in selfishness they cannot even approach them with their wealth.

May God Almighty make you and us among those who think of themselves, not only those who are stingy and selfish, but also those who share and are generous, and those who always help those in need materially and morally. Amine. With greetings and prayers..

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