What is Mocking? Verse and Hadith About Mocking


To ridicule means to humiliate, underestimate, or make fun of someone else for their faults. Mocking can be verbal as well as signs, writings and verbs. It is referred to as sarcasm in our religion.

When it comes to mocking, it actually means that you don’t see yourself as great and look down on the person in front of you. It means ignoring the mocked and looking down on him. Maybe if he goes further, a sign of arrogance and pride will appear in the person who makes fun of him.

Mocking and Islam

In the religion of Islam, every Muslim’s dignity and honor are guaranteed, that is, they have immunity. The chastity, honor, dignity, honor and feelings that express the spiritual life of a person cannot be tainted.

In that case, ridicule comes at the beginning of the actions that will tarnish his dignity. Islam, on the other hand, rejects this act of mocking and focuses on protecting human dignity and honor.

a verse

The 11th verse of the Hujurat period warns us about mocking the galilee as follows; “O you who believe (believers)! Let not one group of you mock another group; maybe those who are mocked will be found better than they (the one they despise). No woman should make fun of other women. maybe they are better than themselves. And do not blame each other (yourself) and do not call (bad) nicknames.

Verse About Mocking
Verse About Mocking

It weakens the bond of brotherhood

Since Islam makes all believers brothers and sisters, it also forbids immoral acts that disrupt their relations. Mocking hurts this fraternity. A mocked believer never wants to be the subject of wit and therefore has a depressed mood.

Persons who engage in behavior that degrades and degrades a person’s mental health are entitled to use them. Even if he has repented for his sin, the account will remain in the hereafter as long as he does not get halal from the ridiculed person.

Hadith About Mocking
Hadith About Mocking

Relationships in social life are built on sincerity and kindness. Mocking breaks this intimacy. Islam strictly forbids mocking in order to preserve the bonds of brotherhood.

Under no circumstances is it permissible for a believing believer to make fun of people and make them the subject of amusement and wit. No matter what, making fun of another person, calling him bad and unloved nicknames is a very ugly thing from both a human and a moral point of view.

Wow to that person…

The religion of Islam, which was sent to glorify human dignity, cannot tolerate oppression and insults of any kind. See what the first verse of the period of Hümeze says, “Woe to every person (who seeks fault) who has a habit of backbiting, mocking and reproaching the face!”

It can be deduced that the torment that will be suffered by people who make fun of this address and quarrel will be unimaginably great and severe, and perhaps not worthy of forgiveness.

It is pointed out that those who make fun of themselves are persecuting themselves, and that they are the weakest when making fun of the weaknesses of others.

Every human being created in the sight of Allah has a value, value and specialty. Allah created man in the most beautiful way and made him the vicegerent on earth with the most beautiful traits.

In fact, every person is both a caliph and a special person. Such an man’s Making fun of him by looking at his outward appearance can bring him face to face with his Lord, who created him. God, who created that human being, will not be pleased with this mockery.

We all know how sensitive our religion is to the subject of the right of the slave. Who wants to leave this mortal world with the right of use caused by such acts? How can we sleep comfortably if we have broken someone’s heart, if we have hurt, offended, and when we have the right to use it?

If we witness and see that someone is being made fun of, let’s try to intervene immediately. Without breaking it with our hands and tongues, without breaking it, without spilling it. This is the duty of every believer. If we mocked and realized, we should immediately repent and get halal. Let’s not forget that even if it is difficult to get halal, this difficulty is easier than the difficulty in the hereafter.

May our Lord grant us all foresight and foresight and protect us from bad morals! Amine. With greetings and prayers..

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