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Flattery is expressed as flattery against the person who will gain some material benefit. Flattery against scholars, opinion leaders or bosses can occur in such a way as to deviate from one’s honor, truth and justice in order to obtain material benefits.

Flattery is seen as disgraceful because it leads to different immoral behaviors as well as being of bad morality. Instead of telling the truth in front of a cruel sultan, scholars and scholars who flattered him were destroyed.

Is interference permissible?

The religion of Islam is a religion that draws everything down to the smallest detail and answers every possible event that comes to mind. It is an intervention for a person to not prevent a mistake, injustice and evil despite his ability, to approve solutions that are not suitable for Islam, and to approve everything other than religion by flattery.

In other words, behaviors that occur due to flattery can be called interference. This is not permissible. However, there is also a mudara. In the hadith, it is stated, “Allahu ta’ala ordered me to perform mudara just as He ordered the fards”.

So what does mudara mean? Is it permissible?

In Islam, getting along is stated as the head of reason. In times of intense strife, a Muslim may not have the power and strength to enjoin good and forbid evil.

A Muslim who gives from worldly interests out of fear of harming himself, his family or people around him means mudara. In a hadith, it is stated that “Mudara is charity”.

Therefore, those who are compelled to approve of an injustice out of fear of death or fear of harming their religion and self, take action to correct it. not passed A Muslim is not considered a flatterer. This is mudara which also has a place in our religion.

If a person remains silent, not out of fear of harming himself or his religion, but for the sake of gaining material and high benefits, he will not be doing mudarah. A person who stays silent in order to get promotion to injustice in a workplace is not considered to have protected himself from harm.

Of course, attention is paid to the fact that the person has the power to correct the injustice in question. Despite having such a power, an intervention that is not done is not mudara.

Be silent in the face of injustice…

The religion of Islam commands a Muslim to act responsibly in the face of injustice and injustice. He says that a believer, who remains passive despite knowing the truth and having power, is doing evil. While this is the case, the state of a Muslim who approves and defends an injustice for the sake of material gain, let alone remain silent, describes a situation much worse than mute evil.

It is essential for a Muslim to be moral and to continue his life in this state. So to be on the way. May Allah Almighty equip us with good morals and protect us from disgrace, like flattery.

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