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What is belief in the hereafter? Believing in the existence of the Hereafter is one of the basic principles of belief. At this point, it is obligatory and obligatory to believe in this truth.

What is belief in the hereafter? Before the subject, let’s say a few words about faith. Yes, faith is to believe from the heart in everything that needs to be believed. Faith comes from the root of belief. It expresses conscious subordination to a thought, an attachment to an emotion. If it is connected with sincerity, it is called Ihlas.

The Hereafter is the unit of time that will start again after the life of the world ends and will continue forever. The beginning of this time is with the apocalypse, which is the end of the world for us.

If we say what faith is in the Hereafter, the resurrection of people, that is, their resurrection, are the events that will be experienced by people, which will consist of processes such as reckoning, questions, crossing the Mizan and Sirat Bridge, and entering Paradise and Hell.

Believing in the Hereafter and the events that will happen today has an important place in the principles of faith. Belief in Allah and the Hereafter is very important in the Qur’an. Because the world is the field of the hereafter. If a decent life is led by obeying Allah’s orders and prohibitions in this world and by applying them to life, Allah Almighty promises people Paradise in the Hereafter and especially promises beauty.

Belief in the Hereafter

God, who created man from nothing, will create him a second time on the Day of Judgment. Of course, the first creation was from nothing, of course, the second creation is not difficult for our Lord, whose power is infinite. By returning the soul of man to him, he will resurrect him and take account of what he has done in the world and give him the punishment or reward, the merits and sins of the servant will be weighed in the scales called Mizan, the rights and deeds of the servant on the servant will be weighed and an evaluation will be made.

Thus, people will go to the place they deserve in the process that starts with the end of the world, which we call belief in the hereafter. If he has sins and is a Muslim, he will go to hell, but after he is punished, I hope he will enter paradise again. But if he is not a Muslim, that is, if he does not have faith, he will not be able to enter Paradise.

Almighty Allah has emphasized this in the Qur’an. He promised that “the only religion in the sight of Allah is Islam” and promised that he would put those who follow all the prophets he sent and believe in them to Paradise.

The prophets, who called people to goodness and salvation in all periods, informed people about the orders coming from Allah and conveyed them to them to live properly. Those who follow those prophets and believe and accept the truth of what came from Allah are believers, and their place in the Hereafter is Paradise.

It is known that the unbelievers, on the other hand, ignored the messages of the prophets, disregarded Allah’s orders and prohibitions, persisted in sin, and did not accept the existence of Allah. Their place is eternal hell.

Prophet This hadith of the Prophet is very important. “Work for the world as if you will never die, and for the hereafter as if you will die tomorrow.” It is understood from this that we live by obeying Allah’s orders and prohibitions in this world and earn the approval of our Lord by performing our prayers and worship in the Hereafter. Otherwise, it is unthinkable that working without prayer is worship.

Belief in Almighty Allah and the Hereafter, which is the land of eternity, is a blessing for us because it is both the eternal hour and the answer to our desire for eternal life. Besides, someone who has such a faith will respond to the calamities that befall him with patience. He does not despair in the face of disasters that befall him, and he works diligently to overcome obstacles. Belief in the Hereafter, which states that good deeds and worship will be rewarded, is yes, a blessing.

There are two good things about belief in the Hereafter. The first is to give thanks to our Lord, who will give the continuation of the blessings he has given forever, and the second is to be rewarded for everything we have been patient with in times of distress.

What is Judgment?

Mahshar is the place where people who enter the grave will rise from their graves and gather. People will be questioned in this place and their deeds will be given to them. Here, after weighing his good deeds and sins on the scales called Mizan, he will pass through a bridge called Sirat, which is made of a thin sword, and eventually, Paradise or Hell will be entered.

What is the Book of Deeds?

It is the notebook in which each person’s good and bad deeds in the world are written. Two on the right and left shoulder called Kiramen Katibin in human Angel The angel on his right shoulder writes his favors ten to one (at least), the angel on his left writes one to one, and as soon as he writes it down, he waits for repentance.

Our Lord is so merciful to us that it is very difficult for a believer to enter Hell mathematically. While being taken into account on the Day of Judgment in the Hereafter, If these notebooks are given to a person’s right hand, they indicate that they belong to the people of Paradise, and if they are given to the left hand, they indicate that they are people of Hell.

What is trial balance?

Mizan in the hereafter refers to a scale for weighing everyone’s deeds in the Judgment Day. Mizan measures the amount of good and bad deeds. Because the causes of evil and sins are many and they are easy to do, Allah Almighty will sometimes forgive many bad deeds and sins because of a good deed that his servant is pleased with. He has stated in the hadiths that he erased many of his sins with a good deed.

In a hadith, our Prophet stated that our Lord forgave his sins when a sinful woman, who gave water to a dog that was dying of thirst, at the wellhead, took water from the well with her shoes and made the dog drink. Our duty is to do our duty without falling into despair and to trust in Allah.

What is Sirat?

It is a bridge that is difficult to cross until there is hellfire under it. Not everyone will be able to cross this bridge as they wish. It will be passed according to the multiplicity of good deeds and the strength of Faith. Some will pass by walking, some by car, some by plane, that is, according to its degree.

Unbelievers and believers with bad deeds will not be able to cross this bridge and will fall down. While the unbelievers will stay there forever, the sinful believers will receive their punishment and enter Paradise again.

What is the Havz-ı Kevser?

It is the name of the river and pool in the home of the Hereafter and given to our Prophet (pbuh) by Allah, the water of this pool is very sweet and refreshing. Righteous believers will drink water from here and soothe their heat, which comes from the horrors of the apocalypse, in this pool.

When we say faith in the hereafter, we pray to God that all the added faith will drink blood from this well-known pool.

What is the Apocalypse?

One of the most important elements of belief in the hereafter is the apocalypse and the death of the world. Sooner or later, the order of the earth and sky will definitely be disturbed, and everything in the heavens and earth will die, except Allah. This is called Doomsday.

By Allah’s command, the angel named Israfil will blow the wall horn, the ground will shake and everything will be turned upside down. Those huge mountains will scatter like cotton wool, those big masses in the sky will be scattered, even the sun, which illuminates the world with its light, will darken and spill, the seas will boil and mix with each other, and what is under the ground will always be revealed. In short, the order and order of the earth and sky will be completely destroyed and everything will be destroyed.

The Day of Judgment will now be the beginning of the hereafter. Then, when Israfil blows the second trumpet, people’s bodies will be recreated and their Souls will be returned to their bodies, so that the dead will be reborn again. will be resurrected. And they will gather in the Square of Judgment.

As you can see, the world is the field of the hereafter. Whoever has done an iota of evil will be punished, and whoever has done an iota of good will be rewarded. Allahu ta’ala loves justice and judges with justice. For this reason, let’s fulfill the orders and prohibitions of Allah in the life of this world, have a place in heaven in the hereafter, and most importantly, let us deal with Allah’s Jamal.

Yes What is belief in the Hereafter? We tried to write a very broad subject briefly. After all, after tawhid, the most frequently mentioned subject in the Qur’an is the hereafter. I hope we will deal with this subject in different dimensions in other articles.

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