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Deism is a word that has been on the agenda lately and is frequently heard. So what is deism? Is there any basis for this belief? We will stay on the issues.

What is deism? While accepting that Allah exists and is the first cause of the creation of the universe, it is a rational understanding of religion that accepts that he did not intervene in the universe afterwards.

That is, deism generally believes that there is only one god who does not interfere with the Earth or the workings of the Universe. They say that religious knowledge can only be reached through reason and therefore rejects all forms of belief based on revelation.

Those who believe in the school of deism are called deists. In this article, we will explain how we can respond to this idea of ​​deists, I hope.

What is Deism?

Deism is actually a sign of the period of ignorance. For, some of the Arabs of that period also said that there was a God who created man, the earth, the sky and the universe. God has. However, he does not send a prophet, he did not send a book. Besides, we will not be resurrected and we will not be tormented!..” However, they also served idols.

As can be seen when examining the essence of the idea of ​​deism; This superstitious belief supposedly accepts the Creator, but in this belief they imaginatively accept a being that they have invented and that does not exist in reality, rather than the real God.

Responses to Deism

This idea of ​​deism is, at best, nonsense. Because the universe we see rejects this idea. Because when we look at the universe, we see an order and order. This order is clearly visible from particles to galaxies.

There is an order that prevails in the human body, plants, animals, and stars. For example, let’s look at flowers, they are in order and balance, let’s look at apples, there is order, and whatever we look at, this order and balance can only be achieved by Allah’s power, knowledge and will.

It can only be folly to say or think that creatures with no mind, consciousness and will come together and make this marvelous works of art. Let us know that the things called causes are helpless, weak, unconscious, mindless and willless.

In other words, how do we explain how a dry stick can drink muddy water and make a perfect grape? How do the heat, light, water, etc., which are necessary for that grape, come together and how are these conscious things? Come on, people say, we need a grape, let’s do it? With what knowledge and power? endless Questions. But if it was given to Allah, all our problems would be easily resolved.

If Allah’s names and attributes are not manifested in this universe for a moment, everything will disappear instantly. Order and balance show us that Allah is one and has no partners (which would still be confusion if there were), and that Allah’s intervention is continuous.

Prophets are a Necessity

What we call the history of humanity is also the history of the prophets. Prophets were “reliable” moral and virtuous people of that society at the time they lived. They prove their prophecy both by the miracles they brought and their personalities.

Let’s think, if it is a great book, but if it is incomprehensible, unreadable, is it worth it? It remains as a useless piece of paper. But if there is a teacher who teaches it, then its value will be revealed that those teachers are prophets.

When we look at the contents of the books that came with revelation, there are millions of witnesses that these are compatible and acceptable with both the physical world and the mind. Scholars and mutakallims have openly shown the wisdom and perfection of these divine books to everyone.

Let’s look at it to understand that there is no basis for the understanding of deism: Do we expect thanks from a person we do good? So, aren’t there any duties and responsibilities that our Creator, who created this universe and gave us endless blessings, expects from us?

If we say yes, if we say there must be, if there is no guide that he revealed, how will we give thanks to him? How do we do our prayer? How do we know how to please Allah with us?

As a result

There is a god who created this universe and he is always intervening. It is a necessity for him to choose one of the people as a prophet to people and to reveal it to him. Because when we look at those prophets, they both guided people and informed the orders and prohibitions of Allah.

Let’s know that deism is a superstitious belief with no basis and no evidence that harms today’s people with fancy words. my dear

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