What is a lie? Verses and Hadiths


What is the subject of this article? What are the verses and hadiths on this subject? Any kind of behavior, news and discourse that aims to hide or manipulate the truth is called a lie.

Today, we come face to face with the problems caused by fake news, discourses and expressions due to the development of communication resources and the ease of communication between people.

In particular, we are living in a period in which social problems and relations between people begin to deteriorate due to slanders, which means another dimension of the lie. Lying is one of the harams, which is prohibited by the order “Avoid false words” in the 30th verse of the Hajj period and is considered one of the major sins that a believer will never attempt.

What is a lie? Is it tantamount to treason?

It comes from the Arabic word kizb. The opposite is to be right. In other words, it is speaking untrue. In the Qur’an, it is mentioned in approximately 280 places in terms of kizb, that is, lie derivatives. Hz. The Prophet, on the other hand, declared in many hadiths how ugly and despicable a lie is.

Islamic scholars have declared that language separates humans from other living things and has a separate place, so a person who makes a habit of deceiving may lose his human value. as an example “A liar deceives only because he has a low spirit” They said to Ibn Hazm, “Every origin of evil is a lie, and denying God is a form of lying. “

This act is considered a major sin and is prohibited. Lying has both fiqh and legal consequences. For example, if a person takes a false oath, he will face the wrath of Allah because he causes the loss of a right, and he is responsible for this damage even in this world. As a result of perjury, which is one of the major sins, that person is punished with tazir by the court because of the damage suffered by the person.

In a hadith, he said, “A believer can make this mistake, he thinks he can do it, but he never tells a lie when it comes to lies.”

In other words, it is covering up the truth and manipulating it. Being a traitor, on the other hand, means hypocrisy, which is the biggest lie. Therefore, anyone who hides the truth can be both a traitor and a liar. Not saying this despite knowing the truth is like dumb evil. It is obvious that spreading it wrong despite knowing the truth is a greater treason than evil.

Lying for personal gain!

Unfortunately, there is a perception that lying, which has turned into a great disease not only for our own society but also for the nations of the world, can be told for the sake of benefit.

Due to the development of a secular lifestyle, science, unprincipled and life practice, the concept of “post-truht”, which can be translated as “supra-truth or post-truth”, emerged.

In summary, the concept, which is based on the thesis that distorting the truth for your own benefit is a necessity, has nothing to find strange in a positivist and pragmatist social structure. However, it is imperative that a nation or person who wants to be equipped with moral principles and to establish a believing life should avoid all kinds of lies.

It is not worth any worldly wealth to lie for petty benefits, to give up heavenly position for a position to be gained in this world. Because the power to lie is a slander to the divine. We are talking about the creation and existence of something that is not created, which in reality does not exist, Allah did not create it.

The story is told about the share or the young girl goes to ask, the future father-in-law asks. Do you smoke? Never Well, do you drink? Never Gamble What? When you say never, he says you don’t have any bad habits. Then that young man said, “I just lie.” When we say a lie like this, all your case and everything you have told is in vain.

Also, Mr. See the prophet. What is his nickname, Al-Amin. There is nothing that is not right in his life, it is always right. Truth is such a virtue that it is the trait of the prophet. It makes a person a saint. Both here and in the hereafter.

It is permissible to say this verb in only 3 places in the religion of Islam: These are

1) To protect the life, property or honor of someone who has been persecuted and wronged from harm.

2) At the point of reconciling the offended husband and wife or two people, because in a hadith, a person who makes peace between people, therefore speaks good words and conveys good words is not a liar (there is no sin in him)” (Muslim).

c) To defeat the enemy in battle. However, it should be noted that these permissions are not false, but allusive.

Now let’s take a look at the verses and hadiths related to our subject.

Verses and Hadiths About Lies

Verses and Hadiths About Lies
What is a lie? Verses and Hadiths About Lies

There are many verses and hadiths, some of which are as follows.


Surah Baqarah, verse 10: For them is a painful (severe) punishment because they were lying.

Surah Casiya, verse 7: lie (the truth Woe to the sinners who always turn inside out.

Surah Leyl, verses 8, 9, 10: But kIf he is stingy and does not see himself as self-sufficient (in need of Allah), And if he considers the best (tawhid) to be a lie, We will make the most difficult (punishment) easy for him.

Surah as-Saff, verse 2: O believers, why do you say what you will not do?

Surah Mursalat, verse 37: Woe to those who deny the truth on that day.

Surah Jinn, verse 5: Indeed, we thought that humans and jinn would never tell a lie against Allah (blatantly).

Surah Nisa, verse 50: See how they invent a lie against Allah, That is enough (them) as a false and manifest sin.

Surah Ahzab 70: O you who believe! Fear Allah and speak the right word.

Surah Furqan 72: They do not bear false witness, they are the ones who pass away with dignity and tolerance when they encounter something useless.


Be truthful, righteousness draws you to goodness, and goodness to Heaven. Beware of lying, falsehood will lead to fucura (fitna, immorality) and fucur to Hell. (Bukhari)

The deceiver is in Hell. (Taberani)

It is a great (akbar) sin to swear falsely. (Bukhari)

Shame on those people who talk and lie to make people laugh! Shame on him, shame on him! (Abu Dawud)

The biggest mistake in the sight of Allah is to tell lies. said Hazrat Ali

In this article, we talked about the lie that our religion regards as a major sin. I hope we will always be one of those who are right and on the right path. With greetings and prayers.

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