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The concept of belief in tawhid is the most fundamental concept that distinguishes Islamic civilization from other religions. It is a concept that expresses the oneness and uniqueness of Allah.

The common feature of all prophets is that they emphasize the belief of oneness. Because our Lord is one. It doesn’t need anything, everything needs it. Tawhid is unity, oneness.

He created everything, the universe, everything that we know and what we don’t know. is God. He is such a creator that He has no equal. It is one and there is no equivalent force. It has no beginning and no end. The opposite of tawhid is shirk. Associating partners with polytheism and saying that there are other gods is to contradict the concept of Tawhid. Shirk is the greatest sin.

What is Tawhid Belief?

Tawhid literally means to unite. Believing that there is no god but Allah means repeating the word la ilaha illallah.

Tawhid means unity. Submitting to the one thing, knowing that he created everything and seeing him as the ruler of everything brings endless blessings to man in this world and in the hereafter.

To follow Tawhid is to be against polytheism. Shirk, which Allahu Teala accepts as the greatest sin, is destroyed only with the understanding of Tawhid, and the human heart is connected to the Creator in its full sense only with Tawhid.

Giving life, killing, giving guidance, giving healing, giving sustenance, everything is from the power of Allah. Almighty Allah is such a creator that He does not need anything. Everything is in need of him, that’s why it is the greatest virtue to be a servant to the one and only God, who is one and only, with the belief in Tawhid.

We came to the world to know and know the sultan, the creator, of this vast universe, and he is such a creator that his greatest feature is Tawhid, that is, being one. That is, Allah Jalla majesty is one and only. This is the origin of the word La ilaha illallah.

Mountains and plains are built on the earth like a seat, plains stretch out in length, fruits on the branches are colorful, everything glorifies its creator in an orderly manner. All his works are proof of his existence, this order is a definitive proof of his uniqueness and unity, a seal.

Action and Scientific Tawhid

Some scholars have divided the subject of tawhid belief into two as practical and scientific. Accordingly, knowing that Allah is one and that all the unity in the universe shows his unity is scientific Tawhid. On the other hand, the belief of tawhid is the reflection of the belief of tawhid on the realm of deeds, and it reigns with complete dominance.

As mentioned in Surah Fatiha, O Allah, we worship only You and we seek help from You alone. In other words, we attribute the mind you have given us to only the things that you consent to, and we put in our hearts only the loves that you will be pleased with.

A servant who surrenders in this way will get rid of the superstitious ones. He does not worry about the future, he knows that the food is only from Allah, do not worry about food, he turns to his Lord with full trust and never gives up on him.

They behave in a just, common sense and characterful manner both for the life of this world and for the life of the hereafter. He is grateful for what Allah has given, becomes contented, and always remembers his existence and unity. As it is a test for what befalls him, he is patient and is freed from slavery to the world, knowing the rewards he will gain in the hereafter.

Belief in tawhid is such an endless treasure that he who knows that his Lord is one, does not turn to anyone else, does not expect anything from anyone else, he expects from Allahu ta’ala alone and alone. He looks with the eyes given by Allahu Teala, talks with the mouth, walks with the feet, holds with the hands, and establishes his order in a way that is free from all kinds of waste and evil, and becomes a servant of Allah in the full sense.

Verses about Belief in Tawhid?

The basis of our holy book, the Qur’an, is tawhid, and there are many verses on this subject. For example;

Surah Baqarah, verse 255: Allah, there is no god but Him. He is alive, he is eternal. Sleepiness and sleep do not keep him. Whatever is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him.

Surah Ra’d, verse 16: Say: “Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?” Say: “It is Allah.” Say: “Then, have you taken some guardians (gods) besides Him, who cannot afford to benefit or harm themselves?

Surat an-Nahl, verse 22: Your God is only one God.

Surat an-Nahl, verse 51: Allah said: “Do not take two gods: He is only one God. So fear me, only me.”

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The first condition of faith is to believe in Allah and his one and that he is one, that he knows everything and his power is infinite. May Allah be entrusted with the prayer of us knowing Allah fully and being a servant to Him.

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