What Does It Mean to Believe in God?


To believe in Allah means to believe in his existence and to be one and to know and to know him with his attributes and names. This brings us happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Belief in Allah is the foundation and foundation of all religions. Because this is the first condition of our fundamental religion. In other words, when Allah is mentioned, it is the name of the person whose existence is obligatory and worthy of all praise. The existence of a cause is necessary, since Allah’s non-existence cannot be imagined, because everything needs him while he does not need anything, because he is the sole creator and ruler of the universe.

Besides, Allah is worthy of all the praises that we know and do not know, because he has no deficiencies. All nouns are complete and perfect. If we ask how we know this, the universe is before our eyes and everything is about wisdom and perfection. The language of each creature shows us Allah in its own way.

The word Allah is used as the proper name of the real deity, that is, the being worshiped and the only creator in Islamic literature, and for this reason, it is not given as a name to any entity other than Him. It is almost as if Allah is the roof of everything related to Islam and faith.

Belief in Allah Is Inherent

Also, the need to believe in Allah, to rely on Him and to worship is inherent in human beings. Because there is helplessness and poverty in the nature of man, and he naturally wants someone who does not have weakness and poverty, who can give him what he wants.

In fact, one of the proofs of the existence of Allah is this feeling, which is in human nature. Because nature does not lie. Since there is a need in human nature to believe in, worship, beg and respond to the supreme Creator, then of course that supreme Creator has given these feelings.

Even if there is no other evidence, there are thousands of evidences, this proof of nature and conscience is sufficient proof to find out the existence of Allah and to believe in Allah. In fact, we see this nature with our own eyes. It is the nature of those who deny God to turn to God when they are in trouble (such as the crash of the plane or the sinking of the ship), and they seek help from Him.

How Should Belief In Allah Be?

When we say to believe in Allah, it means to believe that Allah exists and is one, that He has all the superior attributes, that He is far from any deficient attributes and that He is exalted. We will both believe in this and fill in these expressions with Islamic works. In other words, we need to have a faith based on proof and evidence, not a dry faith.

Who Believes in God?

Belief in a single and omnipotent God is the first and foremost responsibility of every sane person who has reached the age of puberty. We should not think that this has to be a Muslim. Every person has potential in terms of faith.

At this point, the Companions are a good example for us. Because neither mother nor father of the Companions were Muslims. faith they did. There are those who are Muslims by researching without any notification. Because human nature is inclined to it. There are many examples that every person can believe in Allah.

Believing in God is actually a great honor. Knowing and knowing him, knowing his names and attributes well, seeing his works in the universe will give us great peace and happiness that this peace and happiness is not exclusive to this place. hereafter I will go to their realms until they reach eternity.

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