What do you need to know about slander? What are the verses about slander?


With this article we wrote about slander, we tried to touch on every point of slander. In short, slander is to claim that a person did a bad behavior that he did not do and to try to pin the consequences that may arise from this bad behavior to the accused person.

So much can be said about slander that it is an ugly and despicable act that dynamites social life, ends friendships and ends friendships, prevents starting a family, ends families and even causes family disasters.

People’s jobs, reputations, futures are destroyed, their lives are tarnished, we say about such slander that it is a bad morality. Because of slander, the love and respect between people is satiated, and instead the feeling of grudge and hatred comes, bringing both personal and social problems.

If we want to make a definition about slander, individual and social We call it a disease. When past societies are examined, many prophets and righteous people have been slandered and therefore they have fallen into many troubles.

For example, Since the prophet Yusuf did not accept the illegitimate action against him, he was slandered and eventually thrown into prison. (Surah Yusuf 23-35) Hz. Moses, St. Mary and St. To our mother Ayşe and many more blessed to anyone slander has been thrown

Is slander a major crime?

What is slander?

Islam has both prohibited slander and taken some measures to prevent it. In our great book Don’t look for people’s faults and faults (Hucurat 49/12), Do not spy on houses (Bukhari) Don’t be alone with people of the opposite sex (Bukhari) Do not enter houses without permission He warned us by saying (Nûr 24/27) and took precautions against slandering the personality and dignity of the individual and preventing gossip.

Although all kinds of slander are bad, slandering an honest and chaste woman is the biggest one. Allah (swt) has declared that whoever slanders such a slander will be cursed in this world and in the hereafter, and that their tongues, hands and feet will testify against him on the Day of Judgment. (Nur 24/23-24)

Regarding slander, our Prophet (saas) said that one of the 7 major crimes and sins that will destroy a person is the accusation of adultery against an honest and chaste woman. (Bukhari)

Again, our Prophet (saas) said: “The person who slanders has suffered a great loss” (Ahmed b. Hanbal)

Verses About Slander

In the 112th verse of the chapter of Nisa, “Whoever commits a mistake (fault) or commits a sin deliberately (knowingly) and throws it on an innocent (innocent) person, he commits a great slander (slander) and a manifest sin.”

In Surah Ahzab verse 58, “Those who persecute believing men and believing women for something they did not do (slander) will certainly bear a clear (heinous) sin.”

In the 19th verse of Surat an-Nur, there is a severe (burning) punishment in this world and in the Hereafter for those who like (desire) the spread of ugly (bad) things among the believers. And Allah knows, and you do not know.” It has been revealed how great a sin is slander, and it is stated that there will be a great punishment in the Hereafter for those who commit this sin.

Surah Nur 4. In the verse, “Those who accuse honest (free) women of adultery (slander) and then fail to bring four witnesses (to prove this), strike eighty sticks (sticks) and never (never) accept their testimony. They are utterly sinners”

In the 23rd verse of Surah Nur, “Those who accuse honest, unaware believing women of adultery (those who slander) are cursed in this world and the next. And for them is a (great) torment.”

Surah Nur, Verse 12 “When you hear this slander, the believing men and womenWhat if they had thought well of their affairs and said, “This is nothing but a clear slander”!

Surah Nur, Verse 14: “If God’s grace and mercy were not upon you in this world and in the hereafter, you would certainly have suffered a great punishment for this slander!”

Surah Nur, Verse 15: “When you used to spread that slander from tongue to tongue, and put into your mouth words of which you had no knowledge (about) and thought that it was an insignificant thing. However, this is a great sin in the sight of Allah.”

Damages of Slander

If we are not careful about the slander, we will suffer losses. So, who gets hurt, here’s the answer.

About slander

Patience with Slander

Everyone sin, except the prophets. Allah does not leave the punishment for the sins of His beloved servants to the hereafter. Because sin is crime. The opposite is punishment.

If he is patient about slander with three troubles in the world, there are 3 rewards.

1-It gives disease. If he is patient, he forgives. It is necessary to cling to the causes and to know what comes from Allah. And he should be thankful knowing what he came for.

2- It causes financial distress. The second way for forgiveness of sins is financial hardship. To be in debt. Troubles to pay off debts. This is the cause of forgiveness of sins.

3-Exposed to slander. It is to suffer from people’s lies, gossip and slander. If he shows patience to all these, he will gain great rewards.

The thing that befits a believer about slander is to stay away from such a great sin, to disregard every word spoken and to prevent the spread of slander by reacting to slanderers.

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