What Are the Types of Faith? – How Far Is Faith Separated?


When we say types of faith, we are actually talking about degrees of faith. Otherwise, faith is one and does not change. In this article, we will deal with the degree of faith.

Yes, there are degrees of faith. For example, if he sees the smoke from behind a hill, he knows the existence of a fire, if someone else sees the fire with his eyes by going over the hill, he knows it, and if someone else puts his hand into the fire, he knows the fire. Now there are 3 people and 3 information and opinions about fire. In other words, there is a degree of gradation, just as faith is.

What Are the Types of Faith?

Concise and Detailed Faith

When the types of faith are mentioned summary and detailed faith divided into two. Complementary Faith It means believing briefly and generally in what we believe. Concise and concise expressions of faith are mentioned as essence in the words of iman and tawhid.

Complementary Faith

The word Kelim-i Tawhid La ilahe illallah Muhammedun Rasûlullah (There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is His messenger) have a sentence Islamic confession of faith if Eşhedü enla ilahe illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammeden abduhu ve rasuluh (I believe and testify that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His slave and messenger) is the sentence.

The first stage of faith and the first pillar of Islam are expressed in these sentences. A person who says “I have faith” considers Allah the only God and Hz. He is a person who accepts Muhammad as his prophet.

In addition, it means that he accepted the other principles of faith and the religion brought by our Prophet as a whole. Because the other truths of faith are given to us by Hz. It was revealed through the Prophet.

In that case, affirming the Messenger of Allah means approving the decrees he brought. Since the truths we believe in are not told without going into detail as a whole, this belief is called ijmali (general) belief.

Detailed Faith

detailed Faith On the other hand, believing in each of the truths we believe in, clearly and in detail, is called detailed faith. Detailed faith is studied in 3 degrees.

  • First of all, to believe in Allah, Hz. It is a firm belief that Muhammad is his prophet and that the Hereafter. This consensus of belief is broader than belief. Because belief in the hereafter is also included here.
  • Secondly, it is to believe separately in Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets, the Hereafter, the resurrection after death, the existence of Paradise and Hell, the existence of reward and punishment, and destiny and destiny, as expressed in the creed.
  • Thirdly, Mr. What the Prophet Muhammad (saas) brought us from Allah is to believe by affirming all the truths and decrees. In other words, it is believing in all its details, including what Allah and His Messenger have declared and commanded. In this case, it is to learn the prayers, fasting, pilgrimage and other fards, and the halal and haram behaviors and to confirm from the heart that all these are fard, halal and haram.

After sincerely affirming Allah, who says he is a Muslim, and what comes from Him, Hz. Learning, accepting and applying the orders and prohibitions announced by the Prophet (saas) knowing that the fard is fard and the haram is haram is necessary.

Imitation and Confirmation of Faith

When it comes to the types of faith, there are two other terms that come to mind. Belief, which is not based on any evidence, occurs only with the suggestion of the environment, and which emerges as a natural result of the person’s being born and raised in the Islamic society. pretend faith has been called.

According to most of the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah, although this type of faith is valid, a person is responsible for strengthening his faith with mental and religious evidence. Imitation faith may be shaken by the objections of deniers and perverts. It may fall into doubt. For this, it is necessary to strengthen his faith.

A belief based on knowledge, research and understanding with evidence investigative faith is called. In other words, he knows what he believes and why, it is based on evidence and the other is based on rumor. Investigation of every Muslim that should be to faith It is to be conscious of what, why and how to believe.

We Muslims should be conscious of the types of faith, that is, its degrees, and have an authentic faith.

Conditions of faith Click on the link for the topic. Be entrusted to Allah.

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