What are the Symptoms of Evil Eye? – Prayer Surah Verse


What are the symptoms of evil eye?

What is the seeing evil eye, also known as negative energy and eye contact in our society? What are the symptoms of evil eye? And what prayers should we read? In this article, we will cover these issues.

Although the nature of the evil eye, that is, the eye contact, and how it occurs is not known, it is known that it comes with negative effects from the gaze of some people and this situation is accepted as valid in our religion. When the evil eye symptoms occur, our general health, work and quality of life are negatively affected.

A person who looks with jealousy, envy, and sometimes with a good eye can have the evil eye, that is, the touch of the eye. This subject is mentioned below in the 51st verse of the Qur’an, as follows. In the hadith, “Eye-touch (i.e. evil eye) is right.” (Bukhari) said.

What are the Symptoms of Evil Eye?

Evil eye on a person (negative There are signs that indicate that there is energy) and we can list them as follows.

  • Sudden silence and introversion
  • Unexplained crying spells for no reason
  • Rapid heartbeat out of nowhere
  • The appearance of dark-colored spots in some parts of the body
  • Formation of blue spots on the inside of the thigh
  • Sudden memory loss, forgetfulness
  • Having problems focusing and inability to concentrate
  • Extreme tiredness, severe loss of energy
  • Occurrence of sleep problems

Some serious physical reactions may also occur, such as feeling dizzy, irregular and fast heartbeat, headaches and nausea.

Many symptoms such as tearing from the eyes and yawning while reading the Qur’an are on the person. evil eye symptoms means it can.

Ways to Avoid Evil Eye

Ways to avoid evil eye It is possible to protect yourself from this negative energy. Reading the suras of Ayet-el Kürsi, Nas and Felak, Fatiha and İhlas at least 3 times a day helps to prevent the formation of the evil eye and prevent the occurrence of evil eye symptoms.

evil eye prayer

As the evil eye prayer, the 51st verse of the chapter of Kalem is read, which we will give below in Arabic and Turkish.

evil eye verse

“Ve in yekâdullezîne keferû leyüzliguneke biebsârihim lemmâ semîuzzikra ve yekûlûne innehu lemecnûn(un). Vema huve illa zikrüllilalemin(e)”

“When the unbelievers heard (hearing) the Qur’an, they would almost tear you down with their eyes.”

Yes, the evil eye is a truth and the signs of the evil eye are also a truth. What we have to do is to pray, to recite the evil eye and to read suras such as Yasin, Ayetel Kursi and Fatiha.

Hz. For the prayer that the Prophet recited against the evil eye here Click here.

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