What are the names of Allah? – Prayer Surah Verse


The names of Allah should be known by everyone who says they are Muslim. Because it is our duty to know Allah. We will get to know him so that our ingenuity will increase, we will get to know him so that our love will increase.

When we say the names of Allah, there are 99 names reported in Tirmidhi. However, they said that the names of Allah are actually endless. The names we know and become famous are:

Esma’ul Husna

one- God: It is a name that contains the characteristics of all names. It means that AQllh is one and that there is no other god.

This perseverance name is the unique name of Allah Almighty. This name is such that it includes the meanings and qualities that all names express. While other names have only their own meanings, the name of Allah is cem and contains all the names. This name cannot be given to anyone other than Allah, even metaphorically.

2nd- Ar-Rahman: He shows mercy and compassion to all creatures he has created, without distinction, and is the one who bestows them.

3- Ar-Rahim:To everyone in this world, and in the Hereafter, only the believers are pitying and merciful to them.

4- Al-Malik: He is the owner of all property, his property and reign are permanent.

5- Al-Quddus:He is free from all kinds of deficiencies, he is pure and clean, he alone is worthy of all kinds of blessings and praise.

6- As-Salam: He is the one who saves the creatures from all dangers.

7- Al-Mu’min: It is the one who gives confidence, makes sure, protects and gives the light of faith.

8- Al-Muhaymin: He is the one who sees and watches over everything, the one who is aware of everything that everyone does.

9- Al-Aziz:He has majesty and majesty, he is victorious over everything, he cannot be opposed.

10- Al-Jabbar:His decree is irresistible and has majesty.

11th- Al-Mutakabbir:He is very big, he has no equal.

12- Al-Halik: He is the one who creates everything out of nothing.

13- Al-Bari: He is the One Who created all creatures perfectly and in harmony.

14- Al-Musawwir: He is the one who shapes the creatures he has created and creates them differently from each other.

15- al-Ghaffar: He is the one who covers sins and forgives a lot. And He protects whom He wills from committing sins.

16- Al-Kahhar: He has the power to do whatever he wants. He is the victor and the ruler.

17- Al-Wahhab: He is the one who gives bounties free of charge and bestows a lot.

18- Er-Razzak: He is the one who gives abundant sustenance to every creature and meets all their needs.

19- Al-Fatah:He is the one who removes all kinds of troubles, the one who opens all the doors.

20- Al-Alim: The hidden and the obvious, the past and the future, the one who knows everything perfectly with his eternal knowledge.

21- al-Qabid: It is the one who narrows the sustenance of those he wants and takes their souls.

22- Al-Sim: He is the one who expands the sustenance of those he wants and gives their souls.

23- Al-Hafid: He is the one who humiliates the infidels and sinners.

24- Private Rafi: He is the one who honors and raises whomever he wants.

25- Al-Mu’iz:He is the one who cherishes what he wants.

26- Al-Muzil: He is the one who humiliates what he wants, and despises what he wants.

27- Es-Semi: He is the one who hears everything perfectly and accepts prayers.

28- Al-Basir: He is the one who sees everything known and unknown in the most perfect way.

29- Al-Hakim: He is the absolute judge, separating the right from the wrong, and all his works are with wisdom.

30- al-Adl:He is absolutely just, he is the one who does everything properly.

31- Al-Latif: He is the owner of grace and benevolence.

32- Al-Habir:He is aware of everything, He is aware of everything secret and open.

33- Al-Halim: He is not in a hurry to punish. He is soft and gentle.

34- Al-Azim: It is unmatched in size and grandeur. He is So exalted.

35- al-Ghafur: He is the one who has plenty of forgiveness and forgiveness.

36- Co-Shekur: He is the one who gives a lot of reward even if his deeds are small.

37- Al-Aliyy: He is exalted and exalted.

38- Al-Kebir: It is unmatched in size, its glory is great.

39- Al-Hafiz: He who protects and preserves everything.

40- Al-Mukit: He is the one who creates the sustenance of the creatures.

41- al-Hasib:He is the one who sees the accounts of the servants best.

42- Al-Jalil:Ocelal and has greatness.

43- Al-Karim:Kerem is the one with plenty of grace and benevolence. He gives freely and gives a lot.

44- Private-Rival: He is the one who watches every job and every moment. He is in charge of all affairs.

45- Al-Mujib: He who accepts the prayers and requests of his servants.

46- al-Wasi: It encompasses everything with all its names and adjectives. is besieging.

47- Al-Hakim:Everything he does is wise, he creates everything with wisdom, and he does not work in vain.

48- Al-Wedud: He loves goodness, he is the one who benevolent to those who do good. He is the most worthy of love.

49- Al-Majid: His blessings and benevolence are endless. He is very honorable and worthy of all kinds of praise.

50- Al-Bais: He is the one who resurrects those who died in the Judgment and sends the prophets.

51- Co-Martyr:Time is the one that is present everywhere and at any time without being a place.

52- Al-Haqq: It is the one whose existence is permanent, which exists and reveals the right.

53- Al-Wakil: He is the one who brings the works of those who put their trust in him to the best result.

54- Al-Qaviyy:His power is supreme and his power never diminishes.

55- Hand-Text: He is very powerful in terms of strength and might.

56- al-Waliyy:Muslims are friends of those who love them and always help them.

57- al-Hamid:He is worthy of all kinds of praise, praise and praise.

58- Al-Muhsi: He is the One who knows and encompasses the number of all beings He has created and will be created.

59- al-Mubdi: He is the unique creator from the beginning, without any model or example.

60- al-Muid:He is the one who will resurrect the creatures after they destroy and kill them.

61- Al-Muhyi: Yit is he who gives life to what they seek, who revives them.

62- al-Mumit: He is the one who will make every living creature taste death.

63- Al-Hayy: It is the living one who has eternal life.

64- Al-Qayyum: It is the one who sustains the existence with its existence and essence.

65- Al-Wâcid:Nothing is hidden from him and he is not in need of anything.

66- Al-Majid: He is the one whose power and glory are great, and whose generosity and goodness are plentiful.

67- Al-Wahid: It is unique in its essence, adjective and verbs. He has no partner and he is one.

68- As-Samed: his hHe does not need anything, on the contrary, he is the authority that everyone needs.

69- Al-Qadir: He has the power to create what he wants as he wishes.

70- Al-Mighty: He saves as he pleases and has the power to easily create what he wants.

71- Al-Muqaddim: It raises what it wants, puts it forward and takes it forward.

72- Al-Muahhir: He is the one who lowers what he wants, leaves it to the end, leaves it behind.

73- beforehand:O It is eternal, its existence has no beginning.

74- Al-Ahir:O It is eternal, its existence has no end.

75- Az-Zahir: Its existence is manifest, evident, known with definite proofs.

76- Al-Batin:He cannot be known clearly by reason and external feelings, but he knows the inside of everything. Because we are limited and he is infinite.

77- al-Vali:He is the one who manages everything, he is the one who puts his affairs in order.

78- Al-Mutaali:He is the one who is extremely sublime.

79- al-Barr:His goodness and goodness abound.

80- At-Tawwab: He is the one who accepts the repentance of his servants and forgives sins.

81- Al-Muntakim: He is the one who punishes those who rebel against him and the oppressors.

82- Al-Afuw:His forgiveness is many, he forgives sins a lot.

83- Er-Rauf: He is very merciful and very compassionate.

84- Malik-ul Mulk: He is the sole owner of all property.

85- Zul-Jalali wal Ikram: He is the owner of majesty, majesty, honor, perfection and honour.

86- Al-Muksit: He is the one who takes the rights of the oppressed, the one who rules with justice, the one who does everything in accordance with each other.

87- Al-Jami: It is the one who brings together two opposites, and the one who gathers all creatures together on the Day of Judgment.

88- al-Ghaniyy:He is never in need, he is not in need, everything is in need of Him.

89- Al-Mugni:He is the one who satisfies the needs, he is the one who makes rich what he wants.

90- Al-Mani: He is the one who prevents and prevents what he does not want.

91- Ed-Dârr: He is the one who creates the things that cause pain and harm.

92- En-Nafi:It is he who creates all that is useful.

93- En-Nur: He who illuminates all the worlds, gives light to whom he wills.

94- Al-Hadi: It is He Who guides whom He wills.

95- al-Bedi:The one who creates without any example, without any example.

96- Al-Baqi:His existence has no end, he alone is eternal.

97- Al-Heir: He is the real owner of all things.

98- Er-Rashid:He is the one who shows the right way.

99- As-Sabur: He is not in a hurry to punish.

Yes, these are the names of Allah. There are many benefits of memorizing the names of Allah. Let’s read a lot by heart.

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