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What are the four big books?

The four major books are Torah, Psalms, Bible and Quran. These books are also called divine books. All of these books were revealed to the prophets by Gabriel Aleyhisselam.

Of the four great books, the Torah was revealed to Moses, the Bible to Jesus, the Psalms to David, and the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAV). The Torah, the Psalms and the Bible have expired after the Qur’an.

In other words, the originals of these books have been corrupted, destroyed and changed by people. The third principle of faith is faith in books. Of the 104 books sent by Allahu Teala, 4 are big books and 100 are small books. Small books are also called suhuf.

In other words, among these four great books, unfortunately, the Torah, Psalms and Bible have been corrupted insidiously, but the Qur’an has never been corrupted and will never be corrupted. This issue is guaranteed by the verse.

The Four Great Books

faith in books


It is the holy book that was revealed to Moses. Prophet Musa informed people about the Commands and prohibitions of Allahu Teala in the Torah and called them to goodness and salvation, and fulfilled his duty of conveying.

The book of the Torah was revealed to Prophet Moses on Mount Tur, not for many years, but at once, like the Qur’an. The holy book, which is included in these four great books, was corrupted by changing the actual information in it after the time of Prophet Moses.


It is the holy book that was revealed to Jesus Christ. In the life of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Bible It was not made into a written book. The shortness of the time of the preaching of the Prophet Jesus and the conditions of the period in which he lived did not allow to make it into a book.

The Bible, which is included in the four great books, was destroyed by the people who were written later and its original was spoiled. There are 4 official gospels accepted in the church today. These are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is known that the oldest of these four gospels is the Markosin Gospel. The Gospel of John, on the other hand, is a late written Bible with intense mystical aspects.


Almighty Allah sent down the holy book of Psalms to David Aleyhisselam. The Psalm is one of the 4 great books. The Psalms, which consist of 150 suras, do not contain any provisions in their holy book. The sermons talk about thanking Allahu ta’ala, wisdom and praising Allah.

The book of Psalms was sent down to the Prophet David in Hebrew. It was downloaded in Ramadan. Prophet David is also a prophet sent to the sons of Israel. The holy book, which is included in these four great books, has unfortunately been destroyed by people and its original has been spoiled.

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran its holy book is the last holy book that was sent down to Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) It took 23 years to be downloaded The Quran consists of 114 chapters. It is 6666 verses. Each 20-page section is called juz. The Qur’an consists of 30 juz. The original of the Qur’an has not been corrupted.

Our Almighty Lord has promised to protect him until the Day of Judgment and that his decrees can never be changed. This unique holy book is never superstitious. It tells the truth and the truth. The greatest miracle of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAV) is the Quran.

From past to present, literati, poets and lexicographers have studied the meaning and form of the Qur’an with amazement and helplessness and admiration for Nazım.

It is such a book that if a word is added or removed from it, the beauty in its meaning is destroyed and no other word can ever be replaced, it contains divine messages and stories sent by our Lord for our salvation with a perfect design. Our Almighty Lord’s Esmaül Hüsna is mentioned perfectly in the Qur’an.

These are the four great books revealed by the Qur’an. As believers, we believe and accept them. Trust Allah.

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