Welcome Ya City What is Ramadan?


Welcome Ya City What is Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, many preparations are made for celebration purposes. Special discounts for Ramadan, items, meals, venues, etc. situations are very common. Almost everyone has seen one of these preparations. The phrase ‘welcome, the city of Ramadan’ hung between the minarets of the mosques caught the eye of everyone.

The meaning of the phrase “Ramadan in the city” means the month of Ramadan. The word shahr in Arabic is used to mean moon. In this case, the meaning of the expression ‘welcome to the city of Ramadan’ is the sentence of ‘welcome to the month of Ramadan’.

Welcome Ya City What Does Ramadan Mean?

The fasting that Muslims keep in order to fulfill their prayers in each Ramadan month of the 12 months is called the Ramadan fast. The coming of this month means the month of blessings for Muslims. For this reason, Muslims make special preparations for this month. One of these preparations is the phrase ‘welcome, the city of Ramadan’, hung between the minarets of mosques. The meaning of this sentence that everyone sees is still wondered by everyone.

There are many words from the Arabic language. We change the roots of some of these words and use them in Turkish. Or we take the word directly from the Arabic language and use it. The equivalent of the expression ‘şehr’, which is one of these words, means ‘ay’ in Turkish. In other words, the meaning of the sentence ‘welcome to the city of Ramadan’, which is hung between the minarets of the mosque every year during Ramadan, is the sentence of ‘welcome to the month of Ramadan’.

Welcome Ya City What is Ramadan?
Welcome Ya City What is Ramadan?

This word, which we hear among the people in close relations, can actually be encountered everywhere. Blessed Ramadan is one of them. Even in a special message for the month of Ramadan, one of our relatives is curious about the words we see, but unfortunately we do not go to the research. This is the meaning of the word, which can be found anywhere.

How Should Iftar Be the Most Important Moment of Ramadan?

Ramadan We do not eat anything for approximately 12-16 hours in a month. During this time, our stomach has difficulties when we eat it all at once in the evening, as some functions in our body work differently. While this situation can have bad effects on people, the question of how to make iftar brings to mind the question of how to make it to people.

After being hungry for a long time, it’s time for iftar. First of all, you can break your fast with a date. Then drink half a glass of water to quench your thirst. Do not drink too much water as this can make you uncomfortable.

After drinking your water, take a ladle of the soup, which will be indispensable for everyone. Drink the soup slowly, within 5 minutes. This will help you feel more comfortable. Take care to eat ingested so as not to eat at once.

If possible, do not eat much for 10-15 minutes after drinking the soup. Make sure the soup settles in your stomach. Then get your main dish. You can consume the main meal a little faster. Eating faster will not upset your stomach, as your stomach will gradually begin to digest better after drinking the soup.

It will be better for you not to go to bed after you have finished eating. If you have dessert, you can make tea and eat it. In addition, making coffee immediately after the meal will not have a negative effect. In this way, you can have your iftar and have an easier evening without straining your stomach.

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