Verses and Rumors About Thanksgiving


We will deal with the verses and narrations about gratitude. Remembering and thanking the one who gave the blessing both increases the blessing and enriches it.

Not knowing the one who gave the blessing and forgetting the real owner of the blessing regarding gratitude is a disbelief, that is, ingratitude towards the blessing.

What is gratitude? and how is it done?


There is always a reward for those who are grateful for God’s blessings and persevere in adversity. Even as human beings, we reward goodness with our helplessness; indeed, Allah, the generous owner of everything, is certainly much more than us. very much gives.

When we look at the blessings given, we say that there are endless blessings, just as we want, there are more. A feeling of gratitude and appreciation should awaken in the conscience of every person for these blessings we have benefited from. However, simply saying “alhamdulillah” is not enough to thank God for these blessings.

Because this verbal expression and gratitude must also be made in practice. At this point, actual gratitude can be as follows. Thanks to the heart, Believing and knowing that Allah is the real giver of blessings, thanks to your tongue, praising God’s blessings thanks to your body, To lead a life in accordance with Allah’s consent (to perform acts of worship such as prayer and fasting) gratitude and giving alms and alms from the blessings given to us.

If you would like to read or learn about prayers related to gratitude, we have published The Easiest To Memorize Turkish Thanksgiving Prayers You can check our article.

Verses About Thanksgiving

Surah Ibrahim, Verse 7: “If you are grateful, I will certainly give you (my bounty) in abundance. But if you are ungrateful, my punishment is (no doubt) severe!”

Surah Nelm, verse 40: “Whoever gives thanks is only grateful for himself. Whoever is ungrateful (he should know) is the most generous (generous) owner of my Lord who does not need anything.”

Verse 61 of Surat al-Mu’min “However, most people do not give thanks!”

Verse 10 of Surah A’raf “Some give thanks a little (very little)!”

Verse 30 of Surah Fatir “Allah (swt) gives bounties to those who are grateful.”

Verse 3 of Surah Isra About Noah (as); “Indeed, he was a grateful servant”

Hadith About Thanksgiving

“Mr. The Prophet (saas) used to pray (at night) until his feet (or legs) swelled. When he was told something about this situation, he said, ‘Should I not be a grateful servant?’ would say.” (Bukhari)

Our Prophet (saas) said: Whoever does not thank people does not thank Allah either. (Tirmidhi)

According to what is reported from Abu Huraira, Hz. The Prophet (saas) said: “A person who is grateful after eating is like one who fasts with patience.” (Tirmidhi)

A person who says Alhamdulillah after a blessing gets a better one. (T. Gafilin)

If a person eats, drinks and then says Alhamdulillah, he will enter Paradise. (Judge)

Yes, may Allah (swt) grant us the right to apply these things about gratitude to our lives.. May Allah bless us with this article about gratitude.. God bless.. With greetings and prayers.

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