Types of Angels – Characteristics and Duties


Melek means “messenger, messenger, power and strength” in the dictionary., They are luminous and spiritual beings that fulfill various duties by Allah’s command, that we cannot perceive with our senses, that we cannot see with our eyes, that constantly serve Allah, that do not commit sin.

When we say angels, we think of belief in angels, which is one of the basic principles of our religion. Believing in the existence of angels is one of the most basic characteristics of believers who are sincerely attached to Allah. your faith is a sign.

Moreover, the 136th verse of Surat an-Nur commands us to believe in angels, which verse says, “Whoever denies Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers and the Last Day, he has fallen into a deep error.”

Angels have duties in all created worlds, and only Allah knows their exact number and duties. It is even said that an angel sends down each drop of rain.

Types of Angels and Duties

faith in angels
What is faith in angels

Angels both worship Allah (cc) and perform various duties. Some angels are referred to as great angels, and the most well-known ones are as follows.

1- Gabriel (as): He is the highest of the angels. His duty is to bring revelation to the Prophets and to convey orders and prohibitions.

2- Azrael (as): It is responsible for taking the souls of living beings created with Allah’s permission and discretion.

3- Mikail (as): It is responsible for managing natural events. However, it is among the duties of sending sustenance, abundance, scarcity, expensiveness and moving every item.

4- Israfil (as): He is responsible for blowing the water that will start the Doomsday. Hearing this sound in the first blow, every living thing except Allah will die, and in the second, all living things will be resurrected.

Apart from these great angels, Allah has many other angels whose number we do not know, and belief in angels requires belief in them. Some of them are:

Kiramen Clerk: They are the angels who are on the right and left of people and record all good and evil.

Munker-Nakir: KThen again, it is the angels who will ask people about faith.

Ridvan: He is the guardian of heaven and the leader of the angels in heaven.

The types and numbers of angels are so numerous, it has even been said that the angel who sends a drop of rain comes back in line after he sends it down, but the line does not come until the Day of Judgment.

So when we say Angel, there is no masculine or feminine feature, they don’t eatThey do not drink, do not marry, do not give birth, do not give birth, we cannot see with the normal eye.

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